I have decided give Silent Hill one more try. For those who don’t know, it’s a small and amazing world made by Evincryg.

I had never played with supernatural things until I meet Silent Hill last year. That world captures the kind of supernatural stuffs I like. So I downloaded it, edited the lots, builded others and made all the families. I never had the intention of adapting the story of Silent Hill to The Sims 3. For me, this world is just an interesting place to play with supernatural sims. 

Everything was fine until EA release the Pets patch that added a glitch to ghosts. I was so upset that I stopped playing with ghosts and consequentely in Silent Hill that is full of them.

Now, I wanna see how the Supernatural EP works in Silent Hill. So I’m updating the world and making the new supernatural sims. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting some pícs of the existing families.