Me: *makes a sound like my soul is escaping as I read a fanfic*
Mom: um..?
Me: I’m practicing to be a dementor.
Mom: *is even more disturbed*
Me: Let me feed off your happiness. *waggles eyebrows*
Mom: *walks off, but does a double take*
Me: *waggles eyebrows, then makes a ‘dementor’ sound effect*
Mom: Jesus christ, and I thought you were done with this Hogwarts shit.
Me: Dobby is never done with the Wizarding world of Master Potter!

This dementor thing started for me about a year ago. I started falling for black stuff, weird sweaters, zips and oversized clothes.. I love how deep, simple and cold black looks. My personality I think is almost the opposite of how I dress, and show myself as I walk through a square. A contrast between my inner and outer self? Caring affection and careless attraction.