dementia 5

Wren = Charles

I’m pretty convinced at this point, despite the shadiness of all the other characters, Wren is Charles.

1. He’s the right age.

2. Charles was in Radley until the night Alison disappeared. This means Toby, Ezra, Jason, Melissa, CeCe, Jenna, Ian, Wilden, Noel Kahn and Lucas are all off the hook.
Wren didn’t show up in Rosewood until a year after Ali disappeared

3. We see an A ending where A is watching film noir about an imposter who used plastic surgery to disguise his identity. So that’s how he could return to Radley without being recognized.

4. Let’s explain the accent. If Wren/Charles has been in Radley since childhood, and pretty much disowned by Kenneth, enter the relevance of Dr Palmer. If he was Wren/Charles doctor, Wren could’ve easily picked up his accent there, and even identified Palmer as a father figure. Which would also explain Wren talking about his “father” slipping into dementia. BOOM!

5. Wren being missing for Season 5 doesn’t make him irrelevant! It makes him more relevant! As this dollhouse situation and framing Ali for Mona’s murder, plus kidnapping 4 girls from police custody must’ve taken quite a bit of plotting and secrecy.

6. Charles is the son of Kenneth and Jessica as far as we know. Melissa and Spencer are the daughters of Peter and Veronica. So if Wren is Charles it is not incest to be intimate with Spencer or Melissa. It would only be incest if Wren was intimate with Jason or Alison, as they share parents. We’ve never seen a scene with Wren and Alison or Wren and Jason.

Of course there’s a million clues that can’t be explained, and ALL of the characters are sketchy, but…

At this point I can’t find any reason why Wren couldn’t be A/Charles.
If you can think of any reason Wren is NOT Charles, put a message in my ask, and I will either explain why it implicates Wren, or you will disprove Wren and help me move on to a different suspect.

A is for Answers
Wrens A = Answer