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I headcanon that blackhat is only an asshole to Flug when he feels like someone is watching (like Dementia and 5.0.5) or the cameras are rolling to keep up the villain facade but as soon as they're alone together he coddles Flug and apologizes endlessly telling him he loves him and giving him little smooches and words of praise for how good a scientist he is and he just all around makes Flug feel like he's on top of the world as an apology for being an asshat (heh pun)

I l ove it??? yes good yes

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Oh my goD but imagine black hat during April fool's day. Trying to "prank" everyone but having the "prank" be way more dangerous than it was supposed to be. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES

  • “There is ONE extremely powerful and deadly bomb in this room. There are also 99 completely fake bombs! You have, hmm, three minutes? seems about right.”
  • Dr. Flug starts crying when Dementia suggests they figure out which bombs are fake by biting them.
  • Flug eventually finds and disarms the correct one (he made it after all.) honestly most of them arent surprised by his normal April Fools Day “pranks” (read: life-threatening traps) anymore.
  • What none of them expect is the Opposite Day prank.
  • BH acts nice for a day and it’s fucking terrifying. He’s smiling and chill and doesn’t even care when Flug’s latest project breaks, or Dementia chases 5.0.5 around the house. Hell, he even hugs 5.0.5. Everyone is thoroughly creeped out. (BH considers it a huge success.)
  • there’s also the time when BH turned the entire fucking house upside down, or when he walked around with his head literally on backwards, or when he hid 5.0.5 in a parallel dimension for a day as a “prank”


In the short of 5.0.5 being big, that scenario appears ( first photo )

In the short of 5.0.5 and Dementia fighting for put like they want the picture of BH this scenario appears ( second photo ) it’s the same than the other


In the short of Dr Flug and BH with the invent for protect your house, THIS SCENARIO APPEARS, IS DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS
Terms (And Conditions) of Endearment - JadeTigress - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
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Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug (Villainous)
Characters: Dr. Flug (Villainous), Black Hat (Villainous), Dementia (Villainous), 5.0.5. (Villainous)
Additional Tags: One Shot, Fluff, fluff central, this is just blatant indulgent fluff, FLAGRANT abuse of pet names, Also Flug is just RIDICULOUSLY tired, Also Black Hat doesn’t know how to process emotions

When Flug gets tired, his verbal filter tends to fall through.
This can lead to many problems from snapping back when he’s not supposed to, to forgetting to elaborate and explain his thoughts.
Oh, and also he tends to call people pet names.

(He regrets that last one.)

Dr. Flug, dementia, and 5.0.5 once dragged black hat to Disneyland. He hated the thought of such a “magical place” but In the one day they were there BH managed to break the teacup ride, set fire to the gift shop, stole 48 churros, and had a full on fist-fight with Mikey mouse. Needless to say he not only had a good time he was also banned for life.

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How do you think Black Hat would handle an existential crisis if he ever has one.

Oh man #relateable. Let’s see. Tbh I don’t think BH would have a whole crisis about “who am i as a person, what’s my purpose, what happens when we die, etc.” He already knows, he’s a smug, edgy villain and he’s here to get $$$$$$$

but if one of his sidekicks died. well. that would be more interesting. bUT IM TOO WEAK TO KILL OFF ANY OF THEM SO LETS GO WITH GRIEVOUSLY INJURED INSTEAD.

Black Hat doesn’t really worry about his own death anymore, and he’s completely not used to worrying about other people in general. So if Flug, Dementia, and/or 5.0.5 got hurt, Black Hat would be stunned. He’s so used to being untouchable; this isn’t what’s supposed to happen.

then he gets angry. not his normal violent, explosive rage. but a cold anger that quietly electrifies his veins and spawns mouths and teeth and tentacles from the fabric of his coat, as his shit-eating grin slowly vanishes.

Neither him nor the heroes that hurt his friends employees are smiling by the time he’s done.

You break it, you buy it. And you pay for it in blood.

Much later, he’d probably be waiting at their bedsides until they woke up. So that he could yell at them for being stupid. Yeah. That’s why.

He’s not getting soft. No way. That’s ridiculous. So what if they die? They’re just humans. Well, and a bear. Still, they’re all the same, replaceable.

…Fuck. Has being around humans this long made him sentimental? Disgusting.


“..Boss are you giving us a vaca–”

“̸͚̘̠̭̝͍͐͒́͗͝͝D̵̛̹̲͈̪͂̅͊̓̎͜ͅÓ̴̼̠̝̬̪̈́́͊̔̕͜ ̶̢̠͎̖͓͍̿̊̓͗̒̐Y̶̻̠̞̻̯͕̽̈́̂͂̒͘O̸̢͕͕̗͔̭̓́̋̚͝͝Ű̸͓͍͎̼̦̼̑͛̈͒̾ ̷̨̨̛̻̭̲̏̓͒͋͝ͅȖ̵̡̞̻̭̙̱͊͐̾͒͝Ň̵̢̲̘̻̰͉̃͒́̚͠D̸̛͖̱̣̟̺̤̐͑̀͐̕Ḛ̶̡̢̨̟̜́̿́́͋͋R̵̢̠̜͎̮͔̍̀̓̔̒̓S̵̛͇̟͚̺̯͊̽̊͑̕ͅT̸̟̝̬͍̭̝̈̌͗͛̔̕A̸̼̱̮̯͎̰̿̈̂̽̑̈́Ṇ̸̡̛̘͇̦̺̑̄̇̈́̆Ḑ̶̰̙̼̠̝̇͆̾́̀́ ̸̡̢̛͔͔̜͊͗̇̄͝ͅỜ̵̧̱͎̹̣͌̄͂̋͜R̴̙̘͕̘̗̤͂͐̽̀͑̽ ̴̨̖̰̠̬̗͗̄͒̐͂̕N̷̖͎̩̬͎͂̑̐̌̌͘ͅȎ̴̻̲̬͖͚̒͊̓̊͜͠T̸͚̫̱̻̟͙͑͋͒̂̑̐?̷͍̤̝̖̬̺̄͑̈́̍̓͆!̶̰͖̳̻̝̳͌̾̀̎̋̔”̵̡̝̘͚͖̣̐̀̂̿̚͝

“Y-yes boss!!”

None of them are dumb enough to say anything further on it. And no one sees Black Hat wipe the corner of his eye as he angrily stomps out of the room.

Are you scared?

Where it all begins. My first Villainous fic! Black hat is evil, after all. I will suffocate you all in Villainous mwahaha! Also, I kinda skipped the Woy fic because I just had so many ideas for this,, aaah, I should rly finish it. Anyway, hope you likey! ~Bun

Prompt: Black hat does his usual cruel round of scaring the others, but when Dr. Flug acts odd he demands to know why.

Black hat slithered around a corner in silence, a malicious, pointy toothed smile on his face. He crept into the laboratory unnoticed. He’d just scared the living hell out of 5.0.5, and Dementia had been attack beforehand. Now all Black hat needed for a perfect scaring streak was the anxious Dr. Flug. This should be easy.

He slipped under desks, pinning his sights on the scientist. He crawled forward, coming close as Flug sighed and reached up to grab a box full of scrap. Black hat rose in silence, hands shaped into claws, ready to strike.


Black hat would have laughed at the overly dramatic squeal had it not taken him by surprise. He knew he was terrifying, but a simple “Boo” couldn’t have been enough to summon such a fright.
Black hat took a step back, watching the scientist. He was clutching his ribcage is if he’d just had broken it. He slowly turned, and Black hat couldn’t help but note the slightly pinker hue in Flug’s neck.

“S-Sir! Oh, um, I’m sorry I screamed so loud- y-you… scared me…”

Black hat also noticed the hesitation to state what he’d done. Flug was never a good liar.

“You aren’t the only one, Flug, I’m a master at scaring all.” He leaned closer, taking delight in how Flug leaned back in fear. “Striking fear into the hearts of everyone that gazes upon me is my favourite thing to do~”

Flug gulped. He seemed less tense then before, though. Just after Black hat startled him his frame was as unmoving as a statue. Now, he seemed to be breathing again. Ugh. Flug rubbed his arm awkwardly, then turned, motioning how he still needed that box. Black hat pouted in thought. As Flug reached up to grab the box once more, Black hat’s hand went for the ribs. Dr. Flug squealed once more, less loud but still there.


He turned, seeming to shrink as Black hat adressed him.

“Did I really scare you?”


“Or is it something else?”

“I-I don’t know w-what you’re talking about S-sir… W-what else could it b-be…?”

Doesn’t he realise how high his voice has gone? Is he trying to make it that cripplingly obvious?!

“Flug, are you ticklish?”

Ah, there it is. Black hat didn’t even need an answer, he’d already seen it- that delicious shine of dread that reflects off his eyes, how his body tenses in defence, the deepening redness in his neck.

“Are you?”

“I-I don’t think s-”

“I think you’re lying.”

“W-w-well let’s not b-be so quick t-to judge-”

“If you won’t answer, I’ll answer myself.”


But it was too late. Black hat moved forward with intense speed, his hand latching onto Flug’s side. A quick squeeze sent Flug spiralling into nervous, muffled giggling. He tried moving backwards, away from the grinning, amused monster looming above him, but he collided with the wall. Black hat ducked so as not to hit his head on the shelf, and to get closer to Flug.

“I dislike liars. They deserve to be tormented.”

Flug let out a small yelp as Black hat placed his hands on their sides, already squirming. He shivered as one hand curled into a claw, tense as he felt the somewhat foreign, tingling sensations ripple through him. Black hat reveled in the anticipation, how the wait was making Flug so much more anxious.

“AH! Hehehmhmhmhm-”

It was a good thing he wore the paper bag, if he’d not then Black hat would have been able to see the entirety of his already bright red face, alongside the smile spreading across it. At least he couldn’t get bullied about his smile; He knew Black hat would find some way to use it against him, even if it is just to fluster.
Black hat started by circling his fingers over Flug’s sides. Flug resisted by trying to keep his mouth shut, hands grabbing on and weakly pushing back Black hat’s arms. Black hat put a little more pressure, hoping to bring forth the laughter. No luck. Black hat shot his hands up to the ribs, and with one quick sweep Flug had burst out laughing.

“Whoa. I think someone misplaced your “funny bone”, Flug. I’ve never met someone with such sssentsssitive ribsss~“

He murmured near Flug’s bright red neck, elongating S’s for emphasis and for his breath to tickle gently. It worked, as Flug flinched away from his breath, giggling hysterically. ‘He’s kinda cute- wait no! No gross, kind thoughts.’ Black hat thought. He growled, irritated at how Flug’s sweet giggling was like music. He dug in harder, Flug yelping and giggles turning to cackling.

“How are you so cute?!”
Black hat growled. Flug made a small, gasping sound, hiding his goggles behind his eyes. Whoops. Didn’t mean to say that out loud. It seemed to have an excellent embarrassing effect on Flug, though, so why not go deeper.

“We’ll have to fix that, we’re villains after all. Can’t have someone as unbearably adorable as you in our group.”

“W-whahahat abohohohout 5.0.5?”

“Eh? Ugh…”

Black hat huffed, that hadn’t embarrassed him, that distracted him. He noticed him flinch again and smirked.

“I’m not talking about 5.0.5, I’m talk about the giggling mess infront of me.”

Bingo. Black hat chuckled softly as Flug whined and hid his eyes and a hand, making sure he breath made contact with the sensitive neck. He was getting bored of the ribs, however, and it seemed Flug was becoming numb there, from the slowly calming tone in his laughter. He slipped his hands down, experimentally poking Flug’s tummy. He squeaked and covered it with his arms, pushing himself into the wall. Black hat’s smirk grew.
With a small motion, Black hat had Flug’s arm’s pinned above his head and a hand poised above. He wiggled his fingers, smiling cruelly as he watched Flug squirm and stare warily at his hand. He made a move to attack, but moved back before contact, laughing at the squeal Flug made.

This’ll be good.

“NAHAHAH! S-SIHIHIR-! P-p-plehehease-!”

“What’s wrong, Flug? Tum too ticklish~?”

He yawned, as if he weren’t driving the sensitive man to madness below him. Flug just shook his head, laughing loud and squeakily. He tugged hopelessly at his arms, deciding to just give in to the torment and hope for mercy soon. At least this wasn’t his worst spot. He wouldn’t be able to stand it if Black hat found his worst s-


“Don’t tell me what to do.”

He replied, squeezing Flug’s hip. Flug’s legs gave way and he slid down the wall to the floor, Black hat following him down. He continued cruelly pinching and squeezing Flug’s hips, Flug laughing hysterically and rocking left and right in desperation. Black hat cackled, finding his dramatic reactions amusing to no end. Pulling down his arms, Flug gave a sudden push at Black hat, who fell onto their bum, having crouched solely on their ankles. Flug wrapped his arms around himself protectively eyes squinted shut and back hunched as they recovered.

”… You pushed me.“


Dr. Flug peeked up with one open eye, giggles still flowing out their mouth. He gulped when he came into eye contact with his boss, whose expression wore rage.

“O-ohoh- oh no- uh, I-I’m sorry S-Sir! I-I didn’t k-know what I w-was doing, it j-just h-happened-”

Black hat raised a hand to put a stop to Dr. Flug’s worried babbling, and stood up. Flug remained on the floor, unsure if he should get up, when Black hat offered a hand. Flug carefully took it watching Black hat’s face, which showed no expression. Then he was yanked up, face thrown against Black hat’s chest, strong, evil arms wrapping around his waist.
Black hat hissed in his ear, Flug shivering and whimpering.

“You should know by now not to trust me, Idiot. ESPECIALLY if you’ve just pushed me!”

And Flug fell into a sequence of begs, squeals and apologies as Black hat dug his fingers into the hollows of his hips once more, tracing up his spine every now and again. Looks like mercy doesn’t exist here.

Upstairs, Dementia peeked around the door leading down, listening to the mingled laughter of a tortured scientist and sadistic boss. She grinned, knowing that she was probably the cause as she thought of the last thing she said to Black hat.

“Scare me like that again and I’ll tell Flug and 5.0.5 your secret! Or better, I’ll show them~!”
Accompanied by wiggling fingers, it was enough for the mortified monster to blush and recoil, grumbling and snarling. He must of went to take it out on Dr. Flug by “finding out” he was ticklish. Ah well, Flug will find out too, eventually. It’ll be fun seeing him go revenge crazy, if he hopefully does! Dementia giggled, closing the door, leaving the two to their own, laugh stricken devices. There’ll be plenty of time to bully either of them later~

Submitted by @swggity-switty-gimme-that-kitty

“Dinner time” (Villainous drabbles)

“Dinner time” Drabble 3

There are rules to be followed in the Hat Manor. One of them being to never leave the toilet seat up. The other is when it’s time to eat, everyone has to come and sit at the dinner table. It does not matter what anyone is doing, Black Hat demands it and even he follows his own rules. Anyone who does not comply is sent to the basement to face the “Beast”. So far, Dr. Flug, Dementia and 5.0.5 have never seen the “Beast” but they remembered a time when Black Hat kicked a party clown down there. The poor entertainer knocked on his door and gave him a balloon animal, which made the demon grab him and toss him down the stairs. They never saw him come out.

One ring of the bell, ranged by Black Hat made the trio quickly rush to the dining table. Dr. Flug is the cook in the home and he was the one to pass out each plate of food. In a hierarchy, like in Black Hat’s home, Black Hat is the one who gets served first. The demon could eat anything that appears tasteful to him but his favorite will always be a rare steak, with a dash of salt and a glass of apple cider.

Dr. Flug, wearing a frilly apron, placed the bloody food down in front of Black Hat and nervously served his champagne glass with apple cider.

“E-enjoy, S-Sir.” Dr. Flug stuttered before going around him to serve Dementia next. Black Hat sat silently with a bored look as Dr. Flug slowly made his way around the table. Dementia’s taste buds usually consists of sugary candy and drinks. It is a hassle for Dr. Flug, who has to make baked goods along with what is called “a healthy meal”. Dementia was bouncing with excitement as Flug presented her with cupcakes, with green and pink frosting, drawn to look like her face.

“Wow, Flug, this is cute!” Dementia smiled widely while poking her finger into one of the cupcakes that had her eye drawn on it.

“Oh, uh thanks Dementia-” Dr. Flug said as he looped around to 5.0.5. “It took me all afternoon to make it just right.”

“Oh, really?” Dementia gave him a grin and slammed her hand onto the cupcakes. Dr. Flug’s shoulders slouched forward as he gave her an unimpressed gaze. He placed a bowl of salad in front of 5.0.5, who shook his head in disappointment towards Dementia, who batted her eyes innocently. Dr. Flug finally sat down in his own chair besides 5.0.5, with only a glass of water and a straw in front of him.

“Finally.” Black Hat muttered before picking up a fork and knife. “Now, everyone eat and everything better be off your plate before you even dream of leaving this table!” Black Hat growled, his sharp teeth protruding. He stabbed his steak viciously before tearing off a piece and placing it in his mouth.

Dr. Flug quickly picked up his drink and sipped quietly. Dementia is the loud eater in the house, devouring her meal with vigor, like a starving animal. 5.0.5 is more neat when it comes to his food. The loveable bear enjoyed each bite of his food and savoured it. Suddenly as they began, Dementia’s face quickly turned sour and a shade of green before spitting out her food.

“Oh yuk!”

Black Hat slammed his fists on the table, lifting from his seat. “Dementia! What have I said about your disgusting spit?!”

Dementia ducked in her seat, her tongue still out of her mouth. “B-but, Black Hat!” She whined. “My cupcakes taste gross!”

Dr. Flug blinked. “Oh, it must be the asparagus frosting.”

“Asparagus?!” Dementia shrieked.

“Yeah, I thought it will be a little bit more healthy for you.”

“Ew!” Dementia pushed her plate away and crossed her arms. “I’m not eatin’ it!”

Black Hat let out a snarl. “You will eat it Dementia, or did your forget about my warning?” His voice changed, making everyone at the table shake in their seat. When he switches into his intimidating voice, they all know when he is deathly serious. “No one leaves until everything is finished from their plate.”

Dementia whimpered. “B-but-”

“No buts! If you want to leave, you have to clean the litter box for my little pet downstairs…” Black Hat gave her a large grin when she shuddered. “Your choice.”

Dementia pouted and turned back at her plate. She shot a glare at Dr. Flug, who pretended to be looking off to the side to avoid her eyes. She sighed and wiped her finger on her plate. She stared at the dab of green frosting and with her stomach turning she put it in her mouth. She reeled and kicked but she forced herself to eat it.

Black Hat, feeling satisfied sat down in his chair and began to eat his own meal. Dr. Flug, having finished his drink, slowly turned to Black Hat who was quietly chewing. The young doctor slowly lifted up a shaking finger.

“Um Mister Black Hat, S-sir?”

“Hmm?” Black Hat muttered giving Flug an annoyed glare for having been disturbed.

“M-May I go and eat my meal in the lab now?”

Black Hat swallowed and scoffed. He lifted up his gloved hand and shooed him away. Dr. Flug immediately removed himself from the dinner table and ran out of the room towards the safety of his lab. Dementia pouted and grumbled.

“No fair…”She said, giving her food a glance. She wasn’t even halfway done. She was jealous that Dr. Flug didn’t need to actually “eat” with them, due to his “condition”. His paper bag mask hid his real face and he refused to lift it up and eat in front of them. Black Hat showed him mercy and recommended to sip his drink at the table before leaving to eat his own meal, in private.

Black Hat dabbed his mouth with a black napkin before tossing it aside. He lifted himself up and placed his hands behind his back.

“5.0.5, don’t forget to do the dishes.” Black Hat sternly said. 5.0.5 nodded, since he does not mind doing household chores. Black Hat shot a glare at Dementia, who chuckled nervously before glancing back at her food. “Don’t even think about throwing away your meal, Dementia, if there is one thing that irks me more than heroes, is people treating their meal like inedible garbage!”


“I-I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dementia forcefully smile, Black Hat shot her one last look, narrowing his eyes in suspicion before walking out of the room. Dementia sighed heavily and poked at her food. There was no getting around it, she would have to eat it. With a breath, she opened her mouth wide like a fish and gobble up the cupcakes. She chewed and gagged, and chewed again before finally she defeated her adversary.

5.0.5 happily clapped his paws for her accomplishment, which made her feel a little bit better. She got up and did a dramatic bow. Now, all there was left to do was distract Dr. Flug and ruin his inventions in revenge of what he put her through.


I hope you all enjoyed! ^_^
Seven Days Of Misery - Chapter 1 - Snowy818 - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/8
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
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Relationships: Dr. Flug/Black Hat
Characters: Dr. Flug, Black Hat, Dementia - Character, 5.0.5
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Fluff

Slowly, Dr Flug turned around to look at his boss’ body lying on the ground. Unconscious. His blood turned to ice and he trembled.

If he was going to kill him before that, he couldn’t imagine what he was going to do to him after this.

Someone had to do it and I’m not sorry

Horror video games are banned in the black hat mansion because when dementia, flug, and 5.0.5. played five nights at Freddy’s, black hat thought it’d be funny to shape-shift into Freddy. After scaring his employees absolutely shitless, they completely destroyed at least 4 rooms and the hallway of black hat Manor…and attacked black hat.
Switching Places - Chapter 1 - Clueingforlooks221B - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: ½
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
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Relationships: Dr. Flug/ Black Hat, Flug/ Black Hat, PaperHat, flughat
Characters: Black Hat, Dr. Flug, flug, 5.0.5, Demencia, Dementia - Character
Additional Tags: Crossdressing, Flug wears Demencia’s clothes and Demencia wears his, Clothes switch, Humor, Fluff, Paperhat - Freeform, flughat - Freeform

Quick summary: Demencia “asks” (blackmails) Flug into switching clothes with her so that she can have more of a chance to talk to Black Hat.


His saliva sticks to his esophagus, making him almost choke as he struggles to shove it all down. “O-Okay, what is it?”

“I need your clothes.” Her eyes are unmoving, boring so intensely into Flug’s bag he feels like she can see his face.

Flug blinks, puzzlement burning his nerves. He knows Demencia is strange, she has definitely requested much weirder, but this is a whole new level of bizarre.

He crosses his arms, shoulders and neck loosening. The feeling is always a bit foreign, the aches of the previous apprehensive tension is stained into the crevices of his skin. “And why would I do that?”
Eternity - JadeTigress - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
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Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug (Villainous)
Characters: Black Hat (Villainous), Dr. Flug (Villainous), Dementia (Villainous), 5.0.5. (Villainous)
Additional Tags: One Shot, Angst, Drabble, Oh boy friends i hope you like angst, do you ever think about how if black hat is immortal he’ll outlive everyone?, :)

“Black Hat sat alone at his desk staring out the wide window that overlooked the neighborhood. It had become his pastime, staring as the leaves fall off the dying trees and watching as the wind sweeps them away and off into the evening sky.”
Irresistible - Chapter 1 - drforrester - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
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Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug
Characters: Black Hat, Dr. Flug, Dementia - Character, 5. 0. 5
Additional Tags: yeah it’s one of Those Fics, Buckle up

After losing a bet, Dr. Flug must make a love potion for Dementia which she intends to use on Black Hat. But naturally, things don’t go according to plan. Will Dementia’s daydream become Dr. Flug’s worst nightmare?