demented smile

30 Days Facial Expressions Challenge

Day 29: Crying Face

The poor prince… And just one more to go!!

Day 28: Pissed Off Face

Day 27: Demented Face

Day 26: Grinch Smile Face

Day 25: Arrogant Face

Day 24: Confused Face

Day 23: Excited Face

Day 22: Gazing Face

Day 21: Concerned Face

Day 20: Dismissive Face

Day19: Pensive Face

Day 18: Shy Face

Day 17: Peering Face

Day16: Laughing Face

Day 15: Sleepy Face

Day 14: Surprised Face

Day 13: Scared Face

Day 12: Goofy Face

Day 11: Crinkle Face

Day 10: Proud Face

Day 9: Cute Face

Day 8: Serious Face

Day 7: Hot Face

Day 6: In love Face

Day 5: Determined Face

Day 4: Shocked Face

Day 3: Sad Face

Day 2: Evil Face

Day 1: Smiley Face

Hilarity ensues!

Many of us seem to have conceptualised Balem as a rather serious dude, which is a foul misrepresentation of our sparkling space overlord. To rehabilitate him, I thought I’d list what seems to amuse him/make a smile appear on his adorable freckly face:

1. Mocking Titus’s money problems  

2, Jupiter quipping that his mother should have tried giving toilet cleaning a shot (he sort of half laughs!)

3. Explaining space capitalism to Jupiter (he displays what I can only describe as a demented smile upon finishing up)

4. Watching Jupiter look on in agony as her mother is almost killed at his orders

See? He’s practically skipping in meadows and throwing flowers from a basket.

On this topic, what do you imagine the Abrasax sibs doing for fun? Say that they all have to go on a space holiday together for a contrived reason - what would they all get up to? Go to the karaoke? Find an unsuspecting schmuck to rant to at the bar? Create intricate murder plots for each other?

We may not know Charles but...

don’t you still feel bad for him? In a sad puppy kind of way? Like look at him. He never got to have his prom, so he thought he had to kidnap people in order to have someone plan it for him (cause let’s be honest, he’s right, no one would do it otherwise). And he didn’t hurt the girls! And when the announced him prom king I know we couldn’t see his face but I felt like he was smiling which demented but still kinda sappy at the same time. And then when Spenecr found his memorabilia room, with all those old photos of the DiLaurentis family, you trains and dolls, and the ONE video he keeps watching is a video of his family all together! Charles still has a mental issue no doubt, but it’s like he’s just a big child. He didn’t even try to hurt her when he found her in there, he just let her watch with him. Then the girls ran away from him, and obviously I was like praying for them to make it out cause trust blue I don’t want the girls trapped. BUT after re watching the episode I kinda felt a little bit bad for Charles because the only 5 people that acted like the cared, or at least enough to plan his prom, in YEARS ran away from him. Like he probably feels so abandoned! I dunno it’s just so pathetic and twisted that it actually makes me sad.