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Bath Time (Boombox Fluff)

I wrote a little Boombox drabble for @soldmysoultofandoms, I think it’s cute so I’m putting it here.

It was common knowledge to most people that Jamison Fawkes was not a fan of bathing. Not even Roadhog, it seemed, could convince the filthy Aussie to wash himself. In general, Junkrat was content to occasionally cannonball into the pool and allow the chlorinated water to remove the topmost layer of soot, gunpowder, and dirt from his lithe frame, despite the protests of the other Overwatch members who had to clean the pool filters meticulously each time he did that. That, or sometimes the blond would go outside and play in the rain – this was a 50/50 situation, however. Sometimes Junkrat would return, wet and cold but happy and somewhat cleaner, but other times he would find his way into the puddles and grass fields and come back inside with soaked, squishy boots, and what looked like his own version of Roadhog’s Pigpen costume, coated head to toe in mud. He would only settle for the bigger Aussie wiping him down with a towel. No baths. The last time Roadhog had attempted to trick him into using a bar of soap, the pyromaniac had refused to talk to him for a good hour – he did eventually break his cold shoulder when Roadhog suggested they go out for boba.

Now, that being said, Lúcio was never one to back down from a challenge.  He considered himself more than capable of finding some way to get Junkrat to wash up, and he planned on it.

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