I cannot process the Hannibal finale. It’s so beautiful. It’s the aesthetic, the macabre mixed with the bittersweet and the romantic that I adore. And they are canon. They are so freaking canon it hurts. I am in love with the two of them, I love Bryan Fuller, I love this show. And they are NOT dead. Come on. Bedelia was terrified of them, and angry that she knew they would come for her. She wouldn’t cut off her own leg in their memory or whatever. She wouldn’t be sitting there shaking and terrified. With two places set. They survived and like the frightening murder husbands they are, they finally came for her. We were told to wait until the very end…that sting explains it all. Also? I’m ok with this ending. It’s a demented, disturbing ‘happily ever after’. Will gave into his dark side, and I am sure they are off in Europe or South America or something being murder husbands. And in a strange way…someone DID help Will Graham. As I do think in the weird, demented world of this show, he’s happy. Also I’m at this beautiful vineyard restaurant in Portugal and they brought out an ‘amuse bouche’ and I almost started crying…I love this show too much.

Siempre quedo cómo demente al decir las cosas que siento a esas personas que soy según importante, estoy pensando seriamente en callarme todo cómo antes y simplemente sonreír.

What’s Your Name?

by reddit user Bnotafraid

Rumpelstiltskin I shout.

She screams in my ear “No, you sick demented fuck. Does it feel like you are in a fairy tale?” I take a look around the place and notice the blood, fecal matter, and upended furniture all over the room.

I twist my head so I can face my tormentor. “Yes, if Disney decided to go into S&M. Now go away.” For that I get slapped, but since it’s not the first time, I don’t even flinch.

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Beeb’s Playing Outlast and Scopin’ (Recap):

  • He’s very very scared. Yikes.
  • I’ve played this game and it’s creepy and I know exactly where he is I’m cackling.
  • He’s in a good mood. He’s really enjoying himself and it’s adorable
  • HAHAHHAH startled Beeb is basically triple-chin Beeb.
  • He just made the funniest face. Please.
  • “Who the fuck came up with this shit? This is some demented shit man.” - everyone ever while playing horror games
  • He literally recedes into his chins whenever he gets scared.
  • “Imagine playing this with an oculus? Yeah, no way, man. Fuck that. No way.” Sounds about right.
  • “Should I figure out twitch?? Is that a thing I should do?” BRENDON LIVE STREAMING HORROR GAMES. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in my life.
  • This is basically the New Politics video.
  • He was looking at scope and then the game made a sound and he’s just repeatedly yelling, “YO. YO. OH SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIT,” and doing that little laugh he does.
  • He died in the game and he took his glasses off in real life instinctively.
  • He turned the scope around to face the screen and everyone on periscope is LOSING THEIR SHIT.
  • This is the most entertaining gameplay I’ve ever seen and at least 60% of my day is spent watching gaming channels.
  • He just popped into the screen and asked periscope of help I’m crying from laughter he’s so precious.
  • He got an achievement. Nice. I wonder what his gamerscore is.
  • All he’s doing is going, “What the fuck is that? What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you? What the fuck?”
  • This is the sweetest thing. Less than 2k people are still watching but he’s being so nice and excited about us wanting to see his scary game. He was gonna take a break because he was freaked out but he saw someone’s message on scope and kept played awhhh.
  • He just accidentally zoomed in on himself. ICONIC.
  • I guess he had to go do adult stuff because someone walked in the door, but wow. What a fantastic scope.
First of all, Bedelia and Will finally make canon what we’ve all been thinking: Hannibal is in love with Will. Yes, they have the most demented relationship on the planet, but Hannibal does have a bizarre love for him. It’s amazing to think that a show about a cannibalistic serial killer is more progressive than half of the other network shows but there it is. The lead villain and lead protagonist (hard to call Will a hero, considering) have sexual tension and it’s obvious to everyone who watched.
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