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I think Dembe is gonna lock Red and Liz up somewhere and force them to talk. Dembe is us right now. He can't take this bs anymore. LOL

I wish he would! Neither Red nor Liz is willing to broach this right now. I am anticipating a pretty painful conversation so neither of them will initiate it. 

As far as Dembe is concerned, he must think he is back in high school again watching these two.  Maybe he should pass them a note or something. 

Hargrave AU Drabbles: Questions with Few Answers

She had barely slept. Susan Hargrave’s words wouldn’t let her, and Liz had jumped in and barely surfaced since. It wasn’t like Hargrave would give her any further information, but if anyone could follow the digital footprint of what had happened it was Chris’ man Dumont. He and Aram had a working relationship after the various combined assignments that the task force and Grey Matters had worked and it had not taken lot to convince the man to help find who was responsible for killing the Grey Matters team and put both Christopher Hargrave and Nez Rowan in the hospital with dangerous injuries. What he had turned up confirmed Liz’s suspicions after what Hargrave had said.

Now her only question was why, and she’d be damned if she didn’t make him give her a real answer just this once.

Reddington looked up from the table he was sitting at in an empty restaurant. “Elizabeth, Dembe indicated that you said this was urgent? I wasn’t aware you were currently on a case.”

“I’m not, because my boyfriend is in the hospital after being gutted on an assignment, but you knew that, didn’t you?”

He quirked an eyebrow at her. “I had heard that an operation went poorly for Christopher’s Grey Matters team and he was injured. Perhaps that’s the reason his mother hounds him to stay out of the field, though I’m sure she’d find some other aspect of his life she would have an undeniable urge to control if he were to abide by her wishes on that.”

Raymond Reddington thought someone was controlling. Well, that was ironic, Liz thought as she felt her temper reach a boiling point and all but threw the file she was carrying down. It slid across the table and she watched him pick it up, thumbing through it with a blank expression. “I know that you’ve had people watching Grey Matters’ movements, and not just when they’re working with us. I know that payments were made to the men that took Chris and Nez Rowan alive that were traced back to one of your offshore accounts. I even have evidence that the intel that Grey Matters was following down came - albeit indirectly - from your organization. I know that you were the leak that nearly killed him.” She watched his expression carefully, waiting for any change and finding none as he looked over the damning evidence that she had sworn both Aram and Dumont to secrecy over until she’d gotten to the bottom of it. “What I need to know - and listen to me very carefully, Red, because I expect the decency of a straight answer - is why you’re targeting Christopher Hargrave and his team?”

The Concierge of Crime set the file down and looked at her. “It was a warning. Christopher Hargrave was never in any real danger, Elizabeth.”

“He nearly bled out after being stabbed twice,” she dead panned, narrowing her eyes as she leaned forward, palms against the table. “He almost didn’t make it through the surgery and then he almost didn’t wake up after the surgery. He’s been on a ventilator for days, put into a medically induced coma because his injuries were so severe. Tell me again, Red, how the man that I love was never in any danger! Susan Hargrave thinks you did it because of me. What the hell were you-?”

“You love him?” Reddington managed, his mask cracking for the briefest of moments and Liz didn’t dare let her own anger fade with the accidental confession that she had barely been willing to admit to herself.

“Yes,” she bit out, “and you nearly took him from me.”

Reddington frowned. “Christopher Hargrave is dangerous to you, Lizzie-”

“I’ve told you not to call me that.” She straightened, pulling the file from his hands. “To you, I’m Agent Scott. You and I are not friends. You just proved that. Unless it’s about work, I don’t want to hear from you again, am I clear? I can’t trust you near the people I care about. Stay out of my personal life.”

She turned, ready to storm out, but his voice stopped her. “And do you think you can trust him? I’ve known him since he was a child, Agent Scott, and I can assure you that you do not know Christopher Hargrave as I do. He is a talented operative, a talented liar. When he refused to see reason when I spoke to him about the dangers - when his own father spoke to him about the dangers that he brings into your life - he ignored it. He’s reckless, and I sent him the only warning a man like that is able to hear in the end. I will never apologize for doing what I must to protect you.”

“And what danger does Chris pose, huh, Red?” she growled.

He paused, tilting his head a little. “Many.”

“What did I say about straight answers?” she growled before turning, nearly running straight over Dembe in her exit.