8Bit Test

I think you’ll get a better result when you actually compose something suitable for 8Bit instead of replacing samples of an existing project with samples.

This one’s basically a demastered version of a remastered version of an already “demastered” (8Bit) soundtrack. Read twice to understand what I just wrote, oh my fucking god.

Nevertheless, for my first try it sounds… decent..?!
Scientists clash over lifespan of captive killer whales
Two conflicting studies are at centre of row.

I had been interested DeMaster’s input on this conflict. It apparently is:

“DeMaster notes that the comparison that Robeck and his colleagues made between captive killer whales and a disturbed wild population is not useful. He adds that it is also difficult to compare the approaches taken by the two teams, because they analyse different animals over different periods.
The only way to resolve the dispute over the longevity of captive killer whales is for different teams to analyse the same data in the same manner, says DeMaster.”

The whole thing is definitely worth a read.