“Where is the girl called Esmeralda?

Her flames grow tall and sharp as Fleur-de-Lis!

All Paris burns for Esmeralda,

And still it all comes down to her and me!

These are the flames of Esmeralda,

The flames are singing of Esmeralda,

Just like the Bells of Notre Dame!”

Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (live-action film)

Quasimodo: Iwan Rheon

Dom Claude Frollo: Benedict Cumberbatch

Captain Phoebus deMartin: Toby Regbo

Esmeralda: Cher Lloyd

I Remain By Your Side

(requested by Anonymous)

“Where is my apprentice?” Kylo’s voice echoed through the halls. The troopers shrugged. They had no idea where you were. Truth is, you were running late. Well, you weren’t even awake. You kind of overslept.

“Get an apprentice they said. It’d be easy they said.” Kylo said to himself as he made his way to your room. The doors slid open and there you were, still fast asleep.

With the roll of his eyes and an extended hand, the covers blew off you and you tumbled on the floor.

“I’m okay!” You shouted.

“(f/n). You’re late.”

“Well I wouldn’t be late if you didn’t keep me up all night training.” You mumbled.

“What was that?”

“I said, I’m so sorry! I overslept. I was tired is all.”

“Put your clothes on and meet me outside when you’re finished. And (f/n), don’t be late again.”

“Yes, Master.” You said. In a flash, he was gone. It wasn’t your choice to join the Dark Side. It was his.

About six years ago, the Imperials came to your home, killing your family and everyone else. You were protecting a little boy, 13 years of age, as stormtroopers invaded his mother’s cottage. You killed many of them off. In the end, you felt like a hero…but you were so wrong.

In result of you killing them, Kylo killed the little boy right in front of your eyes. It was your fault, that’s how you’ve always felt. If only you would’ve been more careful. Now you would remain by his side for the rest of your days.

After getting dressed, you headed out of your room only to be stopped by General Hux.

“What do you want?” You asked him.

“There’s been a slight change in your plans. We will be landing on the nearest planet, Tatooine. Filop Demartin is residing there.”

“Who and why?”

“Filop Demartin, a trickster. He was planning on hiding out there for the rest of his years, but one of our spies has finally tracked him.”

“And what do I have to do with this?”

“YOU need to accompany Kylo on his mission to kill him. He’s a liar and a traitor to us all.”

“Me? Help him? He’s has years of experience in murdering people to get his way. I’m sure he can handle this one on his own.”

“He could, but the Supreme Leader wants you to go with him. So unless you want to die young, I suggest you get to it, Miss (f/n).” General Hux smiled at you smugly, before walking away.


You both walked into an underground cave, where Filop was said to have been. Kylo was angry. You could tell it in the way he walked and the way he breathed.

“Master, wait!” You shouted.

“What?” He turned to you.

A knife stopped dead in front of his face, but it wasn’t him who stopped it. It was you. He was too blinded by his own anger to see it. They were hanging from the ceiling to stop intruders you believed.

“You could’ve died, just now. If I hadn’t stopped it. You’re welcome by the way.” You walked pass him, knowing you weren’t ever going to get a thank you no matter what you did.

Some minutes went by before you two got to his hideout. It was guarded by heavily armored men.

You knelt down behind a corner where you could see a clear plan to attack them from behind.

“Alright, if we go around the-”

“That would take up more time. Time we don’t have.” Kylo killed the guards in a matter of seconds and then forced his way into Demartin’s new home.

“Wai-” Two guards took hold of you. “Let me go! Master! It’s a tr-” One of the guards knocked you unconscious and left your lifeless body on the cold ground.

“Kylo Ren? Is that-achk…ahckkk” He began choking Filop, staring deep into his eyes.

“You’re a traitor and I believe you have something of mine.”

“Y-y-yes I-I do. L-let me give it to you.” Filop tool Kylo by his arm and pulled it off of his neck. “You see, old friend. I too have become stronger over the years.” He laughed, kicking Kylo into the wall.

“But it is you who will die today!” Kylo shouted, forcing his lightsaber forward, but Filop only countered it and it blew Kylo into the air.

“No! It is you! For you are blinded by anger and revenge. Only death follows in your footsteps. Not only yours, but also the ones you care about. End this here and you may just have a chance to live.”

“Not until you pay for what you have done!” Kylo got back up. He held his waist, as the faint pain grew into something more.

“You are killing yourself.” Filop said. Kylo began to strike him once again, but failed.

“Wake my child or fall into a sleep. This is where you choose your destiny.” A voice echoed in your head.

“Who are you? I…don’t understand.” You thought.

“It matters not who I am, nor who you are, but what you make yourself to become.”

“Does that even make any sense?”

“Listen and listen quick. You have an injury and you will not survive it unless you choose to wake, but if you wake my dear, you will choose a course you will regret taking in the future. However, if you choose to sleep, you will fade away peacefully. You will join your family and you will not have to suffer anymore.”

“What course? What does this mean? Who are you?! Tell me, please?!”

“The choice is up to you, my dear. Whatever you decide, I will never be angry with you. Please remember that. May the force be with you…my loving daughter.”

“Daughter? Mom? Mom?! MOM WAIT! DON’T LEAVE ME!” A thud woke you and you sat up, breathing heavily, sweating.

Kylo’s screams brought your attention to the room. “Oh, no.” You said, running in.

There he was laying on the ground, beaten and bruised. Filop was standing over him.

“You must be his apprentice. I’ve felt what he’s done to you, child. Help me finish what he started. Not only will you be a hero, but you can live the rest of your days without being afraid. Join me.”

Kylo looked at you, pressed against the wall, no remorse for anything he’s done written all over his face. You remembered everything he did to you, to those innocent people, to that kid. He killed him right in front of you. You could finally be free of him. You would save people all over the world.

“I’m sorry.” You said, looking at Kylo. “This isn’t how I wanted things to go.”

With a turn of your lightsaber, you stabbed Filop in the chest, anger and energy now coursing through your veins.

Kylo took a sigh of relief as Filop’s body fell to the ground. You found some bandages to cover Kylo’s wounds.

“You saved me?” He said, but it came out more like a question.

“Of course I did. You’re all I have left. The closet thing to a real family.” You continued wrapping his cuts, not looking at him in the face.

“Thank you.” He placed his hand on your shoulder.

“You’re welcome.” You smiled. “You know, it’s about time you said it. I saved your life for the second time today.” You laughed.



“Don’t ruin it.”

“Right. Come on.” You helped him off the floor. “We have to report to the Supreme Leader.”

You blinked and everything went black for a second. It felt like you were falling into your deepest thoughts. You could see something, but you couldn’t make out what it was.

“Are you alright?” Kylo asked, bringing you back.

“I’m fine. Now keep it moving. We don’t have time. More guards will be here soon.” Truth was, you weren’t fine. Something was going on inside your body. You paid it no attention and kept going about your day.

Little did you know, the darkest shadow was beginning to overcome your pure heart.