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@evakteket fall challenge 

(that I demanded like the brat I am and Kit delivered so awesomely)

1 – Coffee Shop AU    
3 – Cold Snap    
3 – Beanie Hats

Everything looked tinged in gold in this season. He never really knew when it started; was it a certain date? Just a random day? Did it happen gradually? Who knew, it always crept up on Even, one moment everything was green and the next the whole world seemed yellow and cozy and just so nice.

This feeling only grew when the little bell above the door went off and his favorite customer came in. Even couldn’t hide the smile spreading on his face as he spotted the by now familiar golden curls.

“Halla!” he greeted and leaned forward, both hands on the counter. He could never help the movement or, well, he didn’t really register it at first. Not until Elias – who thankfully was in the back and couldn’t see him drool all over the counter – had mentioned that he always swayed toward Isak.


Isak. That was his name. Even had only found that out through what he thought had been a genius stunt: He had taken his order and then said “Name?” with a pen ready at the to go cup in his hand.

The thing was, at Starbucks they always asked the customer’s name. The little coffeeshop Even worked at however? He hadn’t had asked once the past few weeks since Isak had been coming to get his daily coffee fix in the morning. This meant that the question didn’t come across as casual or inconspicuous as Even had hoped for.

“Uuh, Isak,” the boy had responded quietly. Isak then cleared his throat awkwardly, his brows furrowing even more. Even had grinned at him and nodded.

“Isak,” he’d repeated quietly as he wrote the name on the cup (and stopped himself before he drew a heart on it or something) and when he looked up again there had been a red tinge to the boy’s cheeks.

Now, there was a tinge to his cheeks too, and on the tips of his ears, but sadly it was more likely due to the sudden coldsnap that had taken Oslo by surprise than Even’s presence behind the counter. Isak shuddered a bit and lifted his arm, as if to reach for one of his seemingly frozen ears, but lowered it onto the counter instead.

“Hi.” He sounded a bit breathless, a sheepish smile spreading on his face. “Fucking cold.”  

“No hat?” Even asked with a scolding tsk, reaching for the already prepared (read: doodled on) to go cup and began with the usual order before Isak could say anything.

“No,” Isak sighed, “Jonas took mine when he left this morning.” A fond eyeroll followed that. Oh. Jonas. Even felt his smile falter a bit. He saw Isak’s dim a bit, too, after he looked at him. Even forced the brightest smile back on his lips.

“That’s not very gallant of Jonas.” The name tasted bitter. Or maybe he was just being dramatic. Of course, that cute golden boy had someone in his life already and wasn’t waiting for Even to swoop him off his feet, one doodled on coffee at a time.

Isak tilted his head to the side and shrugged. “No, he can be a dick.” He sounded fond as hell as he said it, though. It took all of Even not to pout at that.

He put the finishing touches to Isak’s order and then he slid the finished coffee over the counter towards him.

“Takk.” Isak smiled and looked curiously at the cup because, fuck. Even had begun to doodle random things on them a while ago. Mostly doodles of Isak with his books, or with a huge coffee, or with a red nose the week he fought a cold or sometimes just something that inspired Even in the moment (for example a squirrel that looked suspiciously like a certain boy with curls that escaped a beanie on his head, the huge scarf and a backpack beside it).

Today though, Even had decided to be bold, and had drawn Isak sitting on the ground, face buried in his scarf, hands clasped around his steaming mug of coffee and beside Isak there was a doodled guy - who, with his coif and denim jacket looking very much like himself - an arm draped around Isak’s shoulders.

Isak stared at it.

Was running away something he could play off next time Isak came around? Because it felt pretty tempting now.

He had to come up with something that would spare them both the awkwardness of Isak telling Even this was not ok, since he had a hat-stealing boyfriend to go home to. But all that played on repeat in his mind was fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Isak, eyes on the counter, inhaled deeply and then rushed “CanImaybegetyournumber?” out on an exhale.

Even - needing a second to decipher the mumbled words - stared at Isak, who bit the side of his lips and let his eyes look at everything but Even’s face.

“Uhm,” Isak started but Even’s brain finally kicked to a start again.

“My number?” he asked, sounding so perplex that it made Isak snap his eyes back up to him. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Uhm, uh, yeah but I mean I- you don’t ha-“ Isak stammered out and then seemed to decide that flight was the better option because he suddenly loudly cleared his throat, lifted the hand that wasn’t holding the coffee and did a little awkward wave. “-anyway thank you for the coffee, bye.” And turned on his heels.

“Wha- wait, wait, wait! Isak!” Isak was already in the door when Even called after him. He hesitated for a second and then closed the door again. The bell ringing, again, as Isak turned around in slow motion.

“Jonas.” Even said, because his brain decided it was time for a break once again.

Isak’s eyes widened. “What?” He looked quite shocked to be honest. Then again, Even thought, if you ask for someone’s number and they answer with the name of your boyfriend that could startle a person. Oh, right, his turn to talk.

“Uhm, should you not just have, uhm, Jonas’ number?” It made no sense but he thought it would bring the point across without calling Isak out for cheating and also, hinting that this was a big no no for him.

Isak screwed his face up and it was hands down the most adorable thing Even had ever seen. His nose scrunched up and crinkled, his eyes were almost non-existent with the force he drew his face together with.

“Why would I have only Jonas’ number? Hva faen, Even?” The exasperated and overly dramatic way Isak said his name made butterflies flutter in Even’s stomach.

“He has your hat.” Even explained weakly. At first Isak shook his head in confusion, but then understanding dawned on his face. His mouth dropped open and after a second longer he snorted out a laugh.

“No! Oh my god, no. No no no no no. Jonas is just my best friend. He crashed because we were so high last night he was convinced he’d freeze to death if he left my flat.”

Oh. Ooh.

“Oh.” This was great news. Fantastic news. Even felt his face morph into a relieved smile.

“Yeah.” Isak answered on a chuckle, then he shuffled with his feet nervously. “Yeah, soo…” he began and bit the side of his lips again.

Even’s eyes lit up with the knowledge that he 1. already knew that this was a nervous gesture of Isak’s and 2. that that meant Isak was nervous. Nervous if Even would give him his number. Isak wanted his number. Isak wanted his number and was not taken.

“Yes!” It came out too loud in the small room and they both jumped a bit.

Even grabbed for another to go cup and began scrabbling his number on it. (Of course, he made a mistake and had to scratch through a digit. He hesitated for only a moment before he made the scratched out digit into a heart he had wanted to draw for forever.)

When he held the cup out, Isak came back to the counter and took it, grinning. He looked giddy. He looked adorable! He looked perfect.

“Do you write all your stuff on these?” Isak asked and Even raised his brows before he pursed his lips to the side to try to at least tame his answering grin.

“It was either that or write it on your arm, but I thought the cup would be the more classy choice.” Isak let out a laugh - ok hey there was Even’s new favorite sound alright – and rolled his eyes fondly, after which he looked up at Even through his lashes. There was a crooked smile that lifted one side of his mouth and Even felt his eyes dart down to those Cupid’s bow lips. When his eyes flicked back up, he saw Isak look at his own lips. Hands on the counter again, Even felt himself sway forward.

“Jesus, I swear it’s like you two have connecting magnets inside of you.” Elias’ voice cut through the charged moment. His best friend squeezed past him behind the counter, arms loaded with the newly arrived autumn to go cups.

“Uhm, yeah ok, uh, thanks.” A very red Isak mumbled now, holding his cup up and then added, “again,” with a small chuckle, before he was out the door for real this time.

“Did I interrupt something?” The innocent tone in Elias’ voice was betrayed by the huge smug grin on his face.

“Fuck you.” It lacked heat, though, since Even laughed while he said the words. Elias laughed too, dodging the towel Even threw at him and clapped Even on the back before he moved past him again for more cups. Even was already excited to start on new doodles for Isak on them.

Still grinning Even fished his phone out of his pocket. Damn it, he should’ve asked for Isak’s number back. It itched in his fingers to text him already.

His train of thought was interrupted by a ping from his phone.

unknown number:

Forget the butterflies, Even felt something stomp around in there. Isak fucking answered the heart Even had drawn on the cup. After he saved Isak’s number and before he had time to come up with what to respond with he saw the three dots appear. Shortly after that:

🍂 Isak 🍂
oh it’s isak btw
the heart was because of your heart you gave me
I meant the one you drew on the cup
not anything cheesy

Even laughed out loud and decided to end Isak’s rambled suffering. He fucking loved autumn. 

Cosa Nostra (Pt. 3)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?



Word Count: 3.8k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

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If there was anything that you should have learned in all of your years going to various social scenes, it was that you should never, ever smile at a man you didn’t want the attention of. And yet here you were, the dumbass girl who smiled at a man who was staring at her and was now was on his way to talk to her.

‘Great,’ You thought to yourself, ‘The one thing Yoongi tells me not to do, and here I am initiating interactions from strangers. I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have my head for this…’ You tried to smile politely as the man stood before you, but you could feel the tenseness in your own face, so you knew that your smile looked absolutely fake.

“Now you’re a face I haven’t seen around here before…” The man hummed, his voice smooth as honey. You could tell that this guy was a playboy, whether he meant to be or not. With his boyish smirk, golden brown hair, and a muscular frame that you could see even through his suit, there was no way that most women could resist him, he was just that damn attractive. But you definitely weren’t most women, and even though you were attracted to him to some extent, you knew you had to keep your composure. It wouldn’t be good at all if Min Yoongi’s date was seen flirting with another man.

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The Prom

Not sure if this is amusing, but it is memorable. My cousin was born with a lung disease known as Cystic Fibrosis, it is pretty serious disease and not many people live very long if they have it. She had a lung transplant at a young age but by the time she was a senior her body was rejecting the lung, scary I know. Needless to say when your body is going through that you miss a lot of school. My school has this policy that you must pass all your classes, and have a 90% attendance rate to go to any of the school dance, including prom. Now you think when a student is LITERALLY DYING you would make an exception. However, this public school does not care and told my cousin she could not go to prom? The solution? She had her own prom in the parking lot of the prom she could not attend. I was only in eighth grade at the time but I was being a brat and demanded to be invited. So I went and it was amazing. My cousin even brought a Johnny Depp life sized cut out as her date and did the gangnam style dance with it. This was way back when that song was really popular. Some of the kids who were attending the original prom came outside and partied with us. My uncle was the DJ and brought his phone and speaker, the music was kind of terrible but we were having too much fun to care. The teachers tried to stop us but you know us crazy kids just ignored them. I heard a lot of the kids were in trouble when they went back but I was in middle school so I was safe. We ended the night with our middle fingers raised high and left. It was one of the last times I saw my cousin happy before she died. I will always remember that night and the teachers faces as we gathered around in a parking lot in prom attire defying the system.

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oh gosh, you're accepting requests and now i can't think of any! i'm finishing off nobunaga's act two and i'm feeling a lot, so something nobunaga, like sfw cuddly headcanons? ❤️

i saw this in my inbox and i.. my husband? yes. im making this modern day bc if u just finished the modern day epilogue this is 3x better bc we know the fate of them in act 2 already >:(

  • sometimes when he’s desperate he just plucks them up from whatever mc’s doing and just falls on the bed because he’s a Brat and demands attention and affection immediately
  • on occasion mc tries to throw sugar stars into nobu’s mouth when she’s bored and nobu is all for it but he’s really??? good at it? 
  • obviously everyone and their mom knew this but he loves it when your fingers are in his hair like yes let him lay on your lap and he can just puppy eyes you while you run your fingers through his soft ass hair 
  • who could say no to him too he could get away with murder if he confessed it with those puppy eyes
  • when he comes home from work sometimes he just walks up to mc and like. holds them by the cheeks. no context. just holds their face. looks into their eyes lovingly. 
  • what he’s really thinking as he does this
  • he blushes whenever mc unexpectedly kisses him like one day she just passes him and tiptoes to give him a lil kiss he just dies and has to hold it in because i’m oda nobunaga and i’m a badass
  • because he is high maintenance he only has fluffy blankets in his house. and when mc comes over he likes it when she sits between his legs with a blanket over them so he can just wrap his arms around her and be all fluffy
  • sometimes he idly kisses mc’s neck when this happens and he just rests his head on her shoulder and smiles
  • listen if u thought nobunaga needed validation enough back then u haven’t seen shit now because now they have 39 more ways of communicating so he’s gonna be saying shit like “you’re mine” over text and every social media caption ever 
  • he tries to jokingly make mc swear her allegiance to him again and she punches him in the shoulder but does it anyways because he makes the puppy face
  • he gives the greatest hugs from behind because it’s soft and kinda slow and he gives a light squeeze and kisses mc’s hair and is just like really softly “hi” 
  • nobu is the big spoon obvi ous l y but sometimes he falls asleep and mc is the big spoon and just latches onto him 
  • jokes on her he will never admit he wants to be the little spoon so he just pretends to be asleep 
  • they!!! hold hands!! always. even when he drives he has one hand holding mc’s and sometimes he holds it up and kisses her hand while driving and it’s really cute
  • cuddling in bed is always cute because he always nuzzles his face into mc’s hair or neck or collarbone and mc is kind of surprised this is the same man that got dragged out of a room kicking and yelling once on national tv
  • always brushes hair out of mc’s face absentmindedly or fixes her clothes when he talks to her before leaving just because it’s cute and that’s his queen 
  • he deserves so much love and cuddles please give it to this man
The Joker x Reader - “Dirty Details”

Frost is finally going on vacation for 2 weeks with his wife and you agreed to take care of his two boys. Mister J was hard to convince, but you always have your way in the end. You can be very…persuasive.

Best friends saga:

You love Jonny’s sons, they are absolutely adorable: Kaden is 6 years old and Zane is 5. They will stay with you at your hideout in the woods because it will feel like a vacation for you also. The same can’t be said about the Joker; he was completely against you two babysitting for so long.

“Uncle J, can we watch a movie?” Kaden asks, slowly heading towards the bedroom where him and his brother will sleep.

“Don’t call me that, I’m not your uncle!” he bitterly replies, putting his guns away. He is extra grouchy because you told him to stash away everything a kid shouldn’t be around.

“Auntie Y/N, can we watch a movie, please?” Zane shyly tries his luck, knowing you probably won’t say no.

“She’s not your aunt,” J mumbles in the corner of the living room, locking away the guns and the knives in the seif.

“Yes, of course, you guys go to your room and put away your things, then come back,” you smile, ignoring the Joker’s shitty attitude.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” he scoffs as he closes the seif.

You choose not to answer, digging around for a movie in your collection.

After the shower, J comes back to the living room to find the boys cuddled to you, half asleep.

“Move, brats!” he demands, stretching his back.

The young one gets watery eyes, his lower lip quivering:

“Auntie Y/N is mine…” he manages to utter, clenching to your arm.

“You wish! Move!”

“J, seriously?!” you sigh, exasperated.

“You’re so mean Uncle J,” Kaden pouts, sniffling.

“I’m not your uncle!” J growls, narrowing his eyes.

Kaden starts crying:

“Uncle J is so mean all the timeeee…” The boys crawl in your lap, upset someone is trying to take you away from them. You try to comfort both, kissing their foreheads and squeezing them tight to your chest.

The Joker takes a deep breath and sits down by you, resting his head on your shoulder. You elbow him, irritated he made the kids cry.

“But you’re mine,” he whispers in your ear, frowning. “Tell them to move.”

“What are you, three years old?!” you mutter through your clenched teeth. “Stop your crap!”

** *After you avoided catastrophe and put Kaden and Zane to bed, you started fooling around with J because he wanted to apologize for being a jerk the best way he knows how. Not that you mind at all.

Suddenly, a knock on the door.

“Auntie Y/N,” Kaden calls out, “my little brother had a bad dream.”

You can hear Zane whimpering.

“Go back to bed, you’re fine!” J yells, pulling you back on top of him when you try to leave.

“Baby, he had a nightmare,” you try to reason with him while he continues to kiss you.

“Don’t care. They ARE the nightmare!”

“Come on, J, don’t be like that!” you sigh, fully aware he’s dead serious.

“But I’m already naked, we have to finish what we started!” he complains, slapping your thigh.

“Uncleee Jaayyy, I’m scared,” Zane bawls his eyes out outside the door now.

“Dammit!!!” the Joker closes his eyes, deliberating on what he should do while you take advantage of the situation and get off him, starting to put your nightgown on. “This is so not cool, doll ” he shakes his head and finally gets out of bed, grabbing his shorts and getting dressed, unamused at the ordeal he has to go through.

He goes and opens the door, Zane immediately rushing in to hug his legs, crying. J rolls his eyes, resigned. Kaden just stands there and you signal him to come in.

The Joker picks up the young boy and he wraps his arms around J’s neck, weeping on his shoulder.

“Stop crying, you pest, it’s fine.”    He’s a natural with kids.

Mister J turns around:

”Hey, what are you doing?” he grumbles seeing Kaden cuddled to your body.

“Come here, my little baby, did you have a bad dream?” you gesture for J to bring Zane over.

“Y-Y-yes,” he stammers, reaching his hands for you.

“Really, Princess? They’re not our children, they shouldn’t be in our bed,” he states the evident fact like it’s some kind of news flash.

“Give it a rest, will you? Let them be!”

He talks to himself in a low voice, saying not very nice things for sure, but gets in bed nevertheless.

“Scoot over, kid, I wanna sleep by my girl. Can I do that at least?” J sarcastically asks but of course Kaden doesn’t get the tone in his voice. He crosses over to the other side of your body, this way you two are in the middle like the Joker wanted.

“I hate kids,” he whispers in your ear.

“No you don’t, baby. We will have some too.” You keep on caressing Zane’s head, reaching over J’s chest.

“Oh, hell no, no way that’s gonna happen.”

“We are so having some, at least two.”

“Shut up and rinse your mouth with holy water, Kitten.”

You start laughing softly.

“I might be pregnant right now, you never know,” you wink, teasing him while the boys are quietly dosing off.

“Jesus, Pumpkin, don’t give me a heart attack, I’m too young,” he huffs, unhappy at your little joke.

*** “I’m going to marry Auntie Y/N!” Kaden decides after finishing breakfast.

“Sorry, brat, she’s already taken,” the Joker spoils the fun like he usually does.

“No, I’m gonna marry her!” Zane screams, ignoring J.

“No, I’m older, she’s mine!”

“No, Auntie Y/N is mine!”

They start fighting and you watch, entertained.

“Aww, how cute. Hey, boys,” you get in between them, ”you can both marry me, ok?”

“Really?” the young one looks full of hope.

“Definitely!” you reassure them as they hold your hands in theirs.

“That’s bullshit!” J puckers his lips, aggravated.    He’s so mature.

You glare his way, really wanting to kick him:

“Looks like I have three kids: a 39 year old, a 6 year old and a 5 year old. How did I manage that?!”

“Shut up, Princess.”

“Don’t tell my wife to shut up!” Kaden snaps, stepping in front of you. You lift your eyebrows, satisfied.

“Exactly, baby, be careful or my boys will tear you to pieces.”

“Yeah, right,” he taunts them, taking a sit on the couch.

“Kill the enemy, he’s being mean to our wife!!!!!” Kaden shouts, yanking Zane away and charging towards the Joker, jumping on him and yelling as loud as they can. And wow, the Joker cracks a smile while tickling them and trying to slam them on the couch. Holy shit on a stick, that’s absolutely insane.

*** J is walking around shirtless because he doesn’t really like to wear too much around the house.

The boys keep on staring at his tattoos, they sure look more interesting every time they see them.

“Uncle J, are you really God’s only child?” Kaden asks, curious the hear the answer.

You giggle, lifting your eyes from the book you’re reading. I guess J gave up on asking them not to call him uncle because they don’t care anyway.

“Hmmm, it’s quite possible, brat.”

“Wowww, did you ever see God?” Zane inquires, both of them with their mouth opened, anticipating his reply.

“A lot of times.”

The boys gasp.

“So many times, about 10 to 12 times a week with your Auntie Y/N,” he grins, watching your eyes getting as big as plates.

“ J, what the hell?! ” you throw your pen at him and he dodges it, so pleased of his clever answer.

“Wow, Auntie Y/N, you saw God too?!” the boys turn towards you, amazed.

“Oh, yes, she did, I always make sure of that,” the Joker laughs, talking for you and biting his lips while you squirm in your armchair.

“Zip it, J !!!” you throw your book at him and miss. He keeps on laughing.

“How does God look like, Auntie? Is he big?”

You give J an evil glance and then you have the perfect comeback:
“Average,” you smirk at your little revenge.

J’s smile freezes on his face.     Ha! Serves you right!

“I’ll show you average, you little smart ass!!!” the Joker heads towards you as you start running away with the boys chasing the two of you, screaming up a storm because they think you are playing around.

*** J took a shower and now he’s parading around the cabin with only a towel around his waist. You urged him to go put some clothes on because you have kids around and he had a temper tantrum so you decided to go and fix the problem.

“Here, boys, you can play video games on TV, OK? I have to go and talk to J and we’ll be back. Will you be good for me?”
“Yes, Auntie Y/N,” they both answer in the same time, pushing each other on the way to the couch, snickering.

You go in your master bedroom and you watch him for a few seconds as he slams stuff around, looking for something to wear, still mad. It makes you smile, he’s so dramatic sometimes. You lock the door, then sneak behind him and pull his towel away.

“I’m not in the mood for games,” he sulks, watching you throw the towel on the floor.

“I know why you’re grumpy, baby. You are sexually frustrated because we got interrupted last night.”
He squints his eyes, trying to say something but you don’t let him.

“I know exactly what you need, you have about 30 minutes before the boys get bored and come looking for us.”

You violently push him on the bed and his green hair gets all over his face.

“Jesus, woman, what the…” he lifts his head and watches you take your clothes off as fast as you can.

“Shut up! Like I said: about 30 minutes.”

“Wh-what am I supposed to do in only 30 minutes?!”

“Your best. Come on, let’s get it out of your system.”

“I’ll let you know, Kitten, this is not cool at all!… Ohhhh, come to Daddy,” he smirks when he sees you completely naked, forgetting his other speech.

“Try to be quiet,” you whisper, crawling on top of him and pressing your lips on his.

“I don’t wanna be quiet!” he gropes you, snarling.

“Jeez, stop being so feisty, you’re wasting time.”

*** You get your face out of the laptop, realizing it’s very quiet around the house. Where’s everybody? You walk around the cabin, then get outside. You circle around and finally see the Joker and the boys.

“See? You hold it like this and then you aim…”
“Baby, what are you doing?”

“I’m teaching them how to handle a gun,” he nonchalantly replies like it is the most normal thing in the world.

“Really?! Can you please put the gun away in the seif?! Seriously now!”

“But Uncle J is showing us his cool gun, we wanna see some moreeeee,” Kaden whines, causing Zane to do the same.

“Yes, we are doing some male bonding,” J yawns, kind of bored.

“Male bonding, male bonding!!!!!” the kids start jumping up and down, not understanding what he’s really referring to, but it sounds cool.

Maybe these brats have something going for themselves, the Joker thinks, watching you go back inside as you shake your head in disapproval.

*** Frost picked up his kids and now he’s driving back to Gotham, drinking his coffee and chatting with his wife while the boys are having fun in the back sit.

“Daddy, guess what?” Kaden gets his attention.

“What is it?”

“Did you know Uncle J saw God?”

Jonny smiles and the wife sighs.   Ahhhh, kids

“Did you know Auntie Y/N saw him too?”

“You don’t say, boys, that’s really something” he winks at the wife, sipping on the coffee.

“Yes, he said he sees God 10 to 12 times a week and he makes sure every time that Auntie sees him too.”
Frost spits out his coffee and slams the breaks in the middle of the road. He starts coughing, still chocking while laughing with all his heart.

“I’ll be damned, we need to catch up, darling,” he says turning towards his wife while she chuckles, entertained at the revelation. He wipes his mouth beginning to drive again. And then he decides:

“We need to let them babysit more often, this way we can find out all the dirty details.”

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Jerome Valeska x Reader (breaking you out jail)

“Who is behind all of this” detective Gordon demanded. Harvey had just captured Y/N from a corner. Galavan had sent Y/N to watch over the guys while they did there first mission. Harvey had sneak attacked her and brought her into the station.

“Your so funny jimbo what makes you think your that important to know this information” laughing in there faces making Jim and Harvey even more angry. They started pacing around banging on walls while Y/N just laughed at them and played with her nails.

“Listen up you brat don’t test me” Harvey had grabbed Y/N from the collar of her shirt. Jerome wouldn’t like this one bit. Jerome was protective over his kitten, he would kill all of these people.

“Your breath stinks by the way” laughing Y/N had no fear especially from these fools of cops. She wasn’t going to speak she’s no snitch.

“Unbelievable TELL US WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW” Jim screamed in her face. Once again she laughed these cops were a bunch of fools. She looked down and started biting her nails. “Tell us information and we will lower you sentence at Arkham” trying to butter her up Y/N giggled. She wasn’t going to crack.

“No can do jimbo” she laughed in there faces once again they rolled there eyes and huffed and luff gave up it was no use. They had no other choice Y/N wasn’t going to spill.

“Cuff her” Harvey was pissed he hates feeling helpless. Jim grabbed Y/N and put the cuffs around her small wrist and walked her to the cell at the police station.

“We have to go get the brat I DEMAND A PRISON BREAK” Jerome screamed at Galavan while he sat on his chair smoking a cigar.

“Your right we must, take Aaron Greenwood and Barbra” he wasn’t too interested Jerome left to the living room where everybody was.

“Well fellow brothers and sister we must go save the little slutty brat I’m demanding a prison break as your leader and you as my slaves” he stood in the living room smiling like a pure dictator.

“Jerome there’s guards everywhere” Barbra panicked as Jerome pulled into the alley way. “We’re going to get killed” she bit her nails in nervousness.

“Listen to me Barbra Y/N may be a blonde brat but it gets lonely, your not the one going in there so be quite and do as I say ” Jerome was out for blood he was pissed. Barbra nodded scared Jerome had never talked to her like that. But Jerome was determined he needed the smart manic back home safe with the rest of the maniax family.

“Good luck I’ll be in the back run there once you have her” Greenwood was in the driving seat Jerome nodded while they drove off. While Jerome and Aaron walked into the station.

“Ladies and Gentlemen it is I” laughing standing up on the railing while the cops all put up there guns. “Hahaha no need for that” he pointed at them laughing. Soon everybody was firing at him and Aaron he jumped off the railing and started firing him self. Left and right police men were dropping like flies. Jerome started crawling to the cells while Aaron continued to fire.

“Your really pretty” the guy next to Y/N was playing with her hair she gave him a disgusting look. “Get your disgusting hands off me or I’ll make you eat your asshole” Y/N felt disgusted only Jerome was aloud to touch her.

Y/N looked up at her ginger he was a complete manic she just smiled her heart stared racing. But the moment was ruined when they started to fire. He ducked and he was managing to kill almost everybody.

“Y/N doll face” he shot at the lock he opened the cell and Y/N ran into his arms he hugged her taking in her sent of blood mixed with perfume while she did the same. They felt gun shots and they both ducked. “Let’s go” grabbing her hand they both crawled around to the back door while gun shots were still being fired. Once at the back the ran out.

“Where’s Aaron” Barbra panicked that is her best friend she cares for him allot.

“In the front let’s go” Jerome pointed with his gun Greenwood started driving. Sure enough Aaron was walking out still firing with his machine gun. Jerome opened the door for him and he climbed in. Greenwood started driving the fastest this big SUV could go.

“Puddin” Y/N caressed Jerome soft skin while he stared at her examining her face. He leaned for a kiss and kissed her roughly.

“Your safe now you little scamp” Jerome said while he looked over face. “Plus a couple of bastards are dead it’s a win win” he laughed like the manic he is.

OSF AU - All the Little Children (12/?)

There is a bit more if you were wondering. It’ll be up relatively soon, and once everything is assembled, I will post everything on The B-Plot.

Sometimes, they trained.

(Keisuke’s voice would say, “Punch from the hip, everyone!”

Luffy’s would respond in a deafening shout of, “BUT MY PUNCH IS LIKE A PISTOL!”

“I don’t care if it’s a cannon! Learn how to throw one in case you can’t use your powers!” And Gaara never learned exactly how Keisuke expected Luffy to fight without his Gomu Gomu no Mi past that, because Naruto and Ace got into a brawl again.)

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Anybody in the mood for more fox spirit Nureyev? Because I got a scene stuck in my head, so I went ahead and wrote it. Just pretend that I wrote something to lead up to this, please.

It’s (more or less) a follow-up to this other ficlet.

Beware of blood and medical squickiness in this one, though it shouldn’t be super intense.

Also my apologies if I’ve messed up the lore at all. Like I’ve said before, I’m not super familiar with this monster.

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Of cats and muses

This is my a little fic made as a gift for @anoverwhelmingquestion for the ”Shadowhunters Summertime Fest” exchange.

I’ve decided to post it here (instead of reblogging from the exchange site) because I want all of my fics to originate from this blog. And I came up with a small graphic that I didn’t submit there, so here’s hoping my giftee will like it.

I am… disappointed by the way the exchange worked. There was a lot of misinformation, miscommunication and overall confusion. I think someone more experienced should take over if there are plans for 2017 edition. I know I won’t take part in it, at least - I’ve been successfully discouraged by the whole ‘you didn’t submit your entry’ affair when I’ve done it before deadline.

PS: This is my 100th post on this blog. Yay?

Beta-read by @brizzbee



Chairman Meow liked his life.

It was good. He had his routines and rituals, which dictated the pace of his existence. He usually started his day not long after dawn, stretched out in his bed in the corner of the living room, hidden partially - for privacy reasons - behind a statue of a naked lady with cut-off arms. Then a quick visit to the bathroom to do his business. By that time his water bowl was already refreshed and his food dish was filled; Magnus liked to get up early and make sure to take care of the priorities first. After breakfast Chairman was ready to start his day and pursue the activities worthy of a great feline.

Sleeping. Bird watching. Sleeping. Playing with Magnus’ ingredient collection. More sleeping.

Preferably in that order.

And maybe a little bit of interdimensional time traveling too, if that tiny portal underneath Magnus’ dresser was still open. He missed his friends on the other side, especially good old Erwin Schrödinger, always so lost in thought but always prepared with snacks on hand for his “muse.”

This day, however, his morning routine was ruined by the most unimaginable, atrocious and breath-taking scandal that Chairman could think of.

His food bowl was empty.

And that was not okay.

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anonymous asked:

While I'm not sure one can see The Penguin as childish (more as someone who desperately wants to be a Gentleman Bandit - with all its associated Romance - but is obliged to be a "Legitimate Businessman" by his financial & physical limitations) I genuinely loved your thoughts on The Riddler and would still enjoying hearing your ideas for The Penguin himself.

That’s definitely the modern interpretation, but the modern Penguin is not only generally a C-lister but seems deliberately presented as such - not that Cobblepot as a ‘legitimate businessman’ doesn’t have its moments, but it’s always felt to me like an abdication, a none-too-subtle way of admitting that no one can quite figure out how to make Penguin work as a straight-up supervillain and therefore no one’s even going to try anymore. I used to be (somewhat reluctantly) in the same boat, but the mindlessones’ Rogues Review entry on him pretty much flipped me 180 degrees on the subject. I don’t want to just rehash what they said wholesale, so in short: if the Riddler is a dark mirror to the potential immaturity of what Batman’s setting out to do, Penguin is if Bruce never grew up period, the worst possibility for what he might have become if he hadn’t been born again hard in Crime Alley. A ridiculous, posturing Little Lord Fauntleroy grown up soiled and perverted and cruel, a cooing momma’s boy whose tantrums behind her back rock the Gotham underworld. Obsessed with his pet birds and clutching to his umbrella like Linus does his blanket - adapting along with him to the criminal world he so loves with buzzsaws and flamethrowers and helicopter blades - he’s a naked coward under the slightest pressure even as he wak-wak-waaaks to himself over his superiority whenever he seemingly has Batman backed in a corner and Doomed, Doomed I Tell You!, craving the world’s fawning acceptance before his sophistication and charm even as he leers at the help and dresses like a 4-year old’s idea of how rich people look. Him putting up a front as a nightclub owner and running for Mayor I think works just fine in that context, but always deep down is the idea that he’s the childishness at the heart of Batman’s world curdled into id run wild; a brat demanding love and attention and respect, with the force of old money and tank-sized rubber ducks of doom backing up said demands.


Summary: Young!Pirate!Spain switches places with Older!Settled!Spain. And Mature!SouthItaly is left to pick up the pieces


Spain took a sigh as he curled into his bed, yet for some reason he didn’t feel the rock of the ship lulling him back to rest. It was oddly still if he had to make assumptions. His brain went straight to the drink he had last night, or maybe add a S to drink. He had a lot. Maybe he snuck off the ship and was in some whore house and he was gonna wake up next to some diseased slut he banged so hard they forgot his name.

Pumping himself up he flung open his eyes and came face to face with Lovino. A screeched ripped through his throat as he pushed himself off the bed and backed himself into the wall. Did he have accidental sex with Lovino!! Not his poor baby Romano!

The screech Spain made aroused Lovino from his rest, he sat up and rubbed at his eye, only one of those fiery yellow eyes open as he stared at him with no shame. “What the hell,” he spat, “I was sleeping, if you wanna have a PTSD attack go sleep in the guest room.”

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Arme and Sia are fighting over Mochi. Like... Who deserve Mochi more? (Bonus if Mochi heard their bantering and feel embarassed at their words~ thank you and I love your blog <3)

Arme looked at Sia’s bouquet of flowers on the table with a squint. Sia eyed Arme’s own gift as well, a small raspberry cake. Written on a ribbon around the flowers and in icing on top of the cake was Mochi’s name.

“Well, seems like we have a dilemma,” Arme was the first to break the heavy silence. “But if you were going to confess to him you can forget about it now. I deserve him much more.”

Sia took hold of his flowers and squeezed them, as if defending them from Arme. “I’ve been friends with him longer. The last thing he needs is a demanding, entitled brat of a Celestial.”

Arme’s hand hit the table, and his voice was rising in volume. “And what makes you think you can have him? Look at you, you can hardly take care of yourself, much less another being.”

He’d been calmer than Arme the whole time but he couldn’t help his voice quiver just a little from anger. “He likes me. I like him back. That’s all that matters.”

“But what if he likes me more?“

“Then I like him more than he likes you.”

“Well, then I love him!“

"Then give up, because I love him more!“ Sia’s voice was a lot louder without him even realizing it, to match Arme’s. Both unaware that upstairs, through the thin wooden boards, Mochi could hear everything. He felt too awkward to stop them right now, and listened to their banter with a red face and an embarrassed grin. At least before he heard things breaking.

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How would the boys act if they want to kiss you but you're sick

thanks for requesting! -Admin KT


He would respect you not wanting to get him sick, but he will offer to take care of you while you recovered.

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He would pout that you won’t kiss him and feel bad that you’re sick, so he would sing to you and tease you to make you laugh and feel better.

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This puppy will do anything to get a kiss, but you still refuse to kiss him because you don’t want him to miss out on anything with the group.

Originally posted by wonhontology


He will also sing to you and go into full mom mode. He would make you food to help with your sickness and fluff your pillow, etc.

Originally posted by kihqun


He will be such a little brat and demand that you give him kisses, but when you refuse he’ll cuddle you and beg for a kiss. You give in eventually and kiss his cheek.

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He will rap for you and do a lot aegyo to get a kiss, but when he sees you immune to it, he will sit next to you and just sing quietly, making sure you’re all bundled up.

Originally posted by michingorillah


I feel like he would be nervous to ask you for a kiss when you’re sick, so he would just kiss your hand and tuck you in, and read you your favorite book.

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Hero Time: The Hero’s Reward

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence, Alien-MPREG
[Vigilante AU] Tucker’s life has been weird for a while. Weird enough that finding a brightly clad jackass bleeding out in the restaurant’s dumpster isn’t probably the weirdest thing that’s going to happen to him that day. Shenanigans ensued pretty readily.

A/N: So a few months ago, I saw this amazing picture by @ashleystlawrence based on a vigilante-esque RvB AU she and @goodluckdetective were talking about, and in my enthusiasm and a reblog, I got involved and was given the free range to develop a story behind the picture. And from that awesome moment, and many other exciting storyboarding conversations, I was able to build an entire AU that I just fell in love with writing for.

What I wasn’t expecting at any point of this journey was to make so many amazing friends in the fandom nor garner the enormous support I have felt over the duration of publishing this fic. 

When I say that pumping out this story was a blast, I absolutely mean that it was a BLAST. I have met so many of you, gotten fanart and prompts and just excitement and comments from so many of you – I have honestly had no idea what to do with myself for a good portion of the time I’ve been publishing because honestly words fail to really capture how absolutely grateful I am to this fandom for making me feel at home and for making this story so monumentously fun to write.

It has been a lot of silly fun, but more than that it’s really felt like it’s had a heart of its own. And it’s because of that, even though our journey here in Hero Time is coming to an end, I can very excitedly let you know that the prequel – Texas Time – and the sequel – Double Time – will be coming out very soon. And due to some awesome support from people like @texelations, I will also be putting up an Hero Time playlist tomorrow.

Thank you all very much, and I hope this ending is as much a reward for you as it is our favorite heroes <3

And special thanks for the feedback to @secretlystephaniebrown, @ashleystlawrence, @tresa-cho, @the-anonymous-fangirl, @analiarvb, @freshzombiewriter, staininspace, Firelight_and_Rain, skyhawk424, NutellaoMutt, Yin, and HappyFunBallXD on  AO3 and tumblr!

He hated being asked a hundred questions. 

Tucker had a lot of things he didn’t like, honestly.

There was the stagnant smell that reminded him all too much of mop water in the back of the diner. There was the constant murmuring of hospital staff simultaneously aware and not aware at all of what the newest patients had gone through. And there was that one detective who was really barking up the wrong tree until Tex’s relative credibility saved Tucker from further annoyance by him.

Mostly there was the fact that a halfway reconstructed Church was babysitting Junior in what was left of Tucker’s apartment. That really annoyed the hell out of him.

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some doodles I did during overachieversloth’s stream

Sage in a barrel is a joke from the stream

The one with Blake asking “does this bother u” while drinking from the “Human Tears” mug is from THIS QUALITY POST


Freezerburn with Weiss is being a brat and demanding a free ride from Yang

anonymous asked:


okay can wee talk about this for a second……….. how does a lazy ass demanding lil brat had such a godly arm ?…………….. how?