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request by @havannasajotnap “what the future Uchiha clan would look like thanks to Sakura’s pink hair“ -> I could not resist to add green eyes and black hair, sorry :P

Someday Konoha will be full of Uchihas who will win every beauty contest thanks to Sasuke’s and Sakura’s genes <3 I demand more sassy brats! ;v;

hope you like it :)

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The Prom

Not sure if this is amusing, but it is memorable. My cousin was born with a lung disease known as Cystic Fibrosis, it is pretty serious disease and not many people live very long if they have it. She had a lung transplant at a young age but by the time she was a senior her body was rejecting the lung, scary I know. Needless to say when your body is going through that you miss a lot of school. My school has this policy that you must pass all your classes, and have a 90% attendance rate to go to any of the school dance, including prom. Now you think when a student is LITERALLY DYING you would make an exception. However, this public school does not care and told my cousin she could not go to prom? The solution? She had her own prom in the parking lot of the prom she could not attend. I was only in eighth grade at the time but I was being a brat and demanded to be invited. So I went and it was amazing. My cousin even brought a Johnny Depp life sized cut out as her date and did the gangnam style dance with it. This was way back when that song was really popular. Some of the kids who were attending the original prom came outside and partied with us. My uncle was the DJ and brought his phone and speaker, the music was kind of terrible but we were having too much fun to care. The teachers tried to stop us but you know us crazy kids just ignored them. I heard a lot of the kids were in trouble when they went back but I was in middle school so I was safe. We ended the night with our middle fingers raised high and left. It was one of the last times I saw my cousin happy before she died. I will always remember that night and the teachers faces as we gathered around in a parking lot in prom attire defying the system.

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What has Emma Watson done thats so bad?

She’s a nutty selfish brat who demands that men take care of all her problems. She got backing from the UN to make a program to claim she’s oppressed and that men owe her.

She completely took over the Beauty and the Beast movie, forced changes onto Belle because she thought that Belle wasn’t feminist enough. She even forced changes onto the wardrobe department because she threw a hissy fit over the dresses they had.

She’s in general a crappy person and you can look up online reasons why she’s awful.

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“Get me that.” She demanded, tapping a hand against the glass – pointing out the Jack Frost doll lying still in the center of the machine. “I’ll get you the tokens but you have to get that for me.”

And because she needed just a hint of sweetness - “Pretty please? With diamonds on top?” A flutter of lashes and she was sure Kazuo would not break.

You guys, my mentions are in an uproar because I demanded someone compensation for labor.


Charge these entitled brats who DEMAND intellectual labor because 9 times out of 10, they’re just going to gaslight you once you respond.

Stay pressed.

It just hurts my soul when I see ppl hating Boruto or Sarada because of this dick measuring shit between NH and SS.
And DONT TELL ME it’s just a few people because IT’S NOT. Some people do it loudly and others do it quietly but A LOT OF PEOPLE DO IT.

Actually, there’s just a few folks here that actually can answers asks and do posts without bringing Boruto or Sarada down.

Boruto is not a carbon copy of his father. Damn, we know nothing about who he is so far. All we know is that he should probably be a happy kid, kinda cocky and a prodigy that love his family and friends - but he misses his father and he gets angry because Naruto don’t have time to him, to Himawari and Hinata. What a fucking crime.

Sarada is a sweet precious cupcake that miss her father, just like Boruto, but in a different way. Shes NOT a brat for demanding answers, shes just a child. She don’t deserve to be hatted for no reason.

One is not better than other. Boruto have his father, but dont at the same time. Sarada don’t know hers at all, like she never had one. It’s the same with Naruto, that never had a family, and Sasuke, that had one but lost them.
We can’t say who suffered the most, and we can’t judge Boruto or Sarada for being the way they are or acting like they act.

We are all better than this, I believe. We dont need to shit on Boruto and Sarada to make Naruhina or Sasusaku looks better.

I’m sorry for this, but it just makes me sad. If I unfollow everyone that do this, I’ll end up following, like, 50 people…