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Shadow agitation
  • Aries rising: Can be agitated by people who lack self assertion, who seem to be naturally well liked, those who won't stand their ground
  • Taurus rising: Can be agitated by secretive people, can be agitated by those who say they have satisfaction with 'less'
  • Gemini rising: Can be agitated by more cultivated points of view, by the demand for truthfulness, by a broader perspective
  • Cancer rising: Can be agitated by people with the confidence to go after their dreams, by those who push them into the world
  • Leo rising: Can be agitated by those who have won over ego, who are 'recognised without trying'
  • Virgo rising: Can be agitated by inconsistency or vagueness, by those who embrace the immaterial experience
  • Libra rising: Can be agitated by intimidating, confronting, confident, and phlegmatic types, types who show them the courage of self belief
  • Scorpio rising: Can be agitated by grounded and simple types, those who are satisfied to dwell in the world and deep inside it
  • Sagittarius rising: Can be agitated by frivolity surrounding information and facts, can be agitated by free and wandering minds who refuse to bind to truth
  • Capricorn rising: Can be agitated by emotional or sentimental types, those who remind them of their childhood or mother
  • Aquarius rising: Can be agitated by self assured and over confident types, those who are overly histrionic
  • Pisces rising: Can be agitated by overly critical or logical types, those who confine themselves by pure statistic and not experience
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Skyline {VII}

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Warnings: Language, panic attack

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! This is the last part of Skyline.  Like, for real this time.  I’m so sad to see it end, but I’m also so happy that it’s had such success, and I can’t thank you guys enough for that.  You are all so so wonderful, and you have all my love.  As usual, I want to give a shout out to Zoe and Jen for reading my drafts and helping me edit and brainstorm, as well as encouraging me to write.  As for all of you, I hope you’ll forgive me for all the angst that I’ve hit you guys with (remember when Skyline was self-indulgent fluff lmao), and I really hope this makes up for it a bit.  In other news, tonight is the Spidereyhes Sleepover!!!!!!!!  All the info on the sleepover can be found here, as well as info about the livestream, which will start at 7pm PST.  I’ll post the link on here!! Zoe, Jen, and I will be discussing all kinds of things, answering questions, and talking about Skyline, so be sure to drop by!!! Also, if you have any questions about Skyline or anything else that you want answered, send it in!!!! It’s not too late yall.  Again, thank you so much, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Skyline as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

skyline: a mixtape


{part i} {part ii} {part iii} {part iv} {part v}

Sitting up in your bed, you stared at the window, not sure of how to react to seeing Spider-Man’s masked face through the glass.  Throwing back your covers, you quietly walked over to the window, grabbing a hoodie that Peter had lent you as you passed your desk.  Sliding the glass panel up, you climbed out onto the metal fire escape, slipping on and zipping up Peter’s hoodie to protect you from the cold.

The superhero stood where he had first stood, the night he saved your life and blew up Vizzini’s all those months ago.  And there, to his right, were the flower pots that he had tripped over the first time he came back for you.  Those stairs were where you would sit and draw while he watched your fingers fly across the page, amazed at the pictures you created.  Behind him was the railing that you would lean against as you looked at the Queens skyline together.  This fire escape was your entire relationship condensed, the one location where you were allowed to be with each other.  If you used your imagination, you could almost see every single night playing out in front of your eyes.  Spider-Man, with a bendy straw underneath his mask.  Spider-Man, attempting to draw you in the moonlight.  Spider-Man, his hand on your waist and the other in your hair. Spider-Man.

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#sass #angst #sexy times

Prompts: @whatcould-go-wrong
Author: @queenofthyme

“Move out of my way, Potter.”

Harry stood his ground. “Your way? I didn’t realise your daddy owned the footpaths.”

Malfoy scowled. “Don’t bring my da – my father into this.”

Harry shrugged – he knew it would infuriate Malfoy. “Then don’t claim to own things that aren’t yours.”

“What do you want, Potter?” Malfoy asked, crossing his arms.

“From you?” Harry pretended to think. “Oh nothing. I’m just standing here.” He had been going for a walk of the grounds, but standing put here, irritating Malfoy, was a much better option.

“If you don’t move – “

“You’ll what?” Harry interrupted. “Calmly walk around me and get a bit of grass on your shoe? Sounds terrifying.”

“You – you can’t just stand in the middle of the footpath!” Malfoy yelled, his indignance marred by the ridiculousness of what he was saying.

“Says who?”


Harry smiled. This was too easy. “Ah, well we might have an issue then.”

“What?” Barked Malfoy, his impatience showing.

“I don’t take orders from you.”

Malfoy blinked, and hesitated for just a second too long. “Well, I don’t take orders from you either.”

“That remains to be seen.”

Malfoy huffed. “You expect me to walk around you.”


Harry watched Malfoy eye the grass around them. It was slightly wet from the rain earlier in the morning but nothing to make a fuss about. He let out an exasperated sign and looked back up to Harry, gesturing wildly with his arms. “Why are you standing there?”

“Why are you standing there?” Harry countered.

“Because I’m trying to – merlin, Potter, fine.” Malfoy stomped around Harry and then swivelled around to face him again. “Are you happy now?”

Harry wanted to burst into laughter, but it was much more fun to remain composed – that seemed to be the easiest and most effective way of infuriating Malfoy. “Marginally.”

“And you’re just going to keep standing there now?”

Harry nodded. “For now.”


Harry looked Malfoy up and down, slowly. “I could ask you the same question.”

“What – oh – that’s not – I’m leaving.” Malfoy said without moving.

“Are you?” Harry asked, unable to stop his lip curing upwards. This was just too funny.

“Yes.” Malfoy didn’t move.

“Go on, then,” Harry urged.

“Fine.” He hesitated a moment longer as if waiting for Harry to say something else and then turned on the spot, beginning to stomp away.

“Wait,” Harry called out. “Stay.”

Malfoy turned back to face him immediately. “Yes?”

Harry smirked. This was child’s play. “Nothing. Just wanted to see if you’d do it.”

Malfoy’s face went bright red. “You – you  - urgh.” He threw his arms up in the air in frustration and continued his stomping.

And because Harry couldn’t help himself: “When you realise you do like taking orders, Malfoy, you know where to find me.”

Malfoy didn’t turn but Harry could tell he heard – there was a slight hesitation between stomps, the red flush spreading to the back of his neck, his fists tightening.

Only when Malfoy was out of sight, did Harry continue his own walk in the opposite direction.

“Where have you been?”

Harry looked up from his Potions textbook to find Malfoy standing over him. He’d been trying to get in a bit of quiet study in the common room before retiring for the night but now it looked like that would be impossible.


“I’ve been waiting at your footpath for hours,” Malfoy said, clearly in a sulk over it.

My footpath?” Harry repeated. Surely he didn’t mean…

“You said I’d know where to find you,” Malfoy accused.

Harry closed his textbook with a snap. “I was sassing you, Malfoy, I didn’t actually expect – hours? Really?

Malfoy shrugged, probably realising he’d revealed too much in his anger. “Minutes, I mean. I was exaggerating.”

“Tell the truth,” Harry demanded. Did he imagine the spark of desire in Malfoy’s eyes at the order?

“Just over two hours,” Malfoy answered immediately. Obediently. Harry had mostly been joking when they’d met earlier, just trying to get a rise out of Malfoy. But if Malfoy wanted to play this game, Harry was definitely on board.

“So, you realised a few things, did you?” Harry asked.

Malfoy muttered an answer under his breath. Harry heard it but made him say it again anyway: “Louder.”

“Yes,” Malfoy all but yelled, drawing the attention of a few stragglers around the common room.

Harry kept his voice to a whisper. “What did you realise?”

“I like it when you…” Malfoy trailed off, looking around nervously.

“When I what?” Harry prompted, his eyes glued to Malfoy’s face. There was an adorable pink tint to the sharp edges of Malfoy’s cheekbones.

“When you tell me what to do,” Malfoy finished quietly.

Harry gulped. “And what do you want me to tell you to do?”

Malfoy loosened his tie. Harry’s eyes followed the movement. “You know.”

Harry laughed. As if he was going to let Malfoy get away with an answer like that.

“I’m afraid I don’t, Malfoy, so if you’re not willing to share, there’s nothing – “

“Fine,” Malfoy snapped. “I’ll tell you, but - “ he looked around again – “can we go somewhere a bit more private?”

Merlin. Harry took a deep breath, and straightened his posture, looking up at Malfoy intently. “Go to my dormroom. Strip. Leave the door unlocked.”

And now Harry was certain he wasn’t imagining it – Malfoy’s eyes lit up at the order. “But what if – “

“Do you trust me?” Harry interrupted.

Immediately: “Yes.”

Harry reopened his textbook and waved a hand dismissively. “I’ll be up in a minute.”

He watched through his peripheral vision as Malfoy practically sprinted up the stairs to his dormitory. He couldn’t help but think that he’d stumbled across a rather marvellous discovery today.

more like this l @queenofthyme

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.337:

“The image is the cover of volume 33 that will be out in April. The coloring makes it look like Alibaba, but it’s actually Sinbad.

I hope you enjoy Magi this week. It’s a chapter that continues with Judar and Sinbad. Judar is someone who doesn’t seriously speak of his inner conflicts to others no matter how close he is to them. He might spit it out to a corpse or an illusion, but basically, he always ponders over them and deals with them himself. He doesn’t sound like someone who consults others or argues about them. It makes one wonder how he ended up that way. He contrasts with Hakuryuu who demands the naked truth from others or the rational Aladdin.”

anonymous asked:

I went through some of your communism tag, and it is extremely relatable. It is a subject that makes me emotional almost every time that i read about it or think about it for a while and seeing ppl think it's cute or a funny meme or smth makes me wanna vomit and cry. I'm Latvian, so I take these kinds of things almost personally and I can't help it. Thank you for spreading awerness and spilling truth about this, I really appreciate it.

Given the fact that tumblr is extremely communist-friendly site, I sometimes feel like I’m talking to a wall.

But other times, when non-Baltics on tumblr say “You’re making us uncomfortable.” or “You should keep quiet about it.”  when I post about communist crimes committed against citizens of Baltic States, I feel like I’m doing the right thing.

They have no right to say so - this is our history, our countries’ past and no one can erase the truth.

The people who tell us such things have never been in our shoes - the kids in Baltic States learn about genocide of their ethnicity when they are barely in double digits at latest, often earlier.

People who tell us “It wasn’t that bad!” have never looked into eyes of a person who went to hell (Siberian labour camp) and back.

People who tell us “It wasn’t real communism!!” have never heard the fear in their parents voice as they tell about the suitcase under the bed, just in case, should they be deported to Siberia.

You have every right to take this personally - this is your country’s history, your legacy. 

As far as I see it - we the younger generation have to uphold the truth, demand justice for our ancestors, because if we won’t, who will?

“If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.  If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing.  If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.  Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

~ 1 Corinthians 13:1-7 {NLT}

Okay??? But??? Beauty and the Beast???

I just got done watching Beauty and the Beast, the new remake, with @icarus-will-rise and… wow… I think there were times I cut off the circulation in his hand I loved it so much

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
As usual, spoilers. This will be tagged as such tho.

• THE. CHOREOGRAPHY. AT. THE. BEGINNING. As a dancer, this was what made me instantly love the movie, like IT’S HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND BEAUTIFUL AND??? WHY??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
• C O S T U M I N G. I especially loved at the end that some of the servants still had face paint on their faces, like “oh yeah, that’s still there, it’s not like they’ve magically had their human faces cleaned while they’re not human or anything”
• speaking of the end, “Turn back into a clock. TURN BACK INTO A CLOCK.”
• and when the piano turned back he had no teeth? I approve
• also speaking of the end, HOT DAMN, Dan Stevens’ growl when Emma Watson asks him to grow a beard… like… damn… even @icarus-will-rise agrees that was hawt
• THE TRANSITIONS FROM THE HUMANIZED OBJECTS INTO NORMAL OBJECTS MADE ME CRY. Cogsworth not being able to talk, Mrs. Potts’ face disappearing, Chip’s dish shattering (I GOT SO SCARED), Lumiere and Plumette, the dog with his legs up, just, AH
• Okay, unpopular opinion here, I didn’t love the songs all THAT much. The originals are better. Emma and Dan definitely did a great job recreating the songs and all, but I think we can all agree the original “Beauty and the Beast” by Angela Lansbury smashes the new one to pieces, right?
• However, on that note, the new songs were pretty good and fit right into the soundtrack in everything from background music to lyrics. Evermore was good, but the one in the movie was def better than the credits one, I mean, come ON, guys.
• Okay, back to the movie–
• LeFou.
• L E F O U.
• Props to the casting director for ALL of his/her choices (Emma Watson could not have made a better Belle if she spent DECADES preparing for this role), but OH MY GOD JOSH GAD AS LEFOU.
• I don’t know WHO saw Olaf in Frozen and went, “This snowman would make a great gay sidekick for Gaston”, but whoever did, I love them.
• Speaking of LeFou, he went through some GREAT character development. From being completely obsessed with Gaston at the beginning (telling the Bimbettes they didn’t have a chance, talking to an imaginary Gaston in the mirror, calming Gaston down with thoughts of the war <which was HILARIOUS btw>, winking during “Gaston”) to actually having a backbone after they tie Maurice up in the woods (you can see him begin to shift his alignment, and lose his love for Gaston, there) to finally being like “yeah, screw this, Gaston wouldn’t save me from a falling talking piano with key teeth missiles, I'mma help the talking teapot spraying my fellow villagers instead”. I LOVED LeFou.
• You know who else loved LeFou? THE DRAG QUEEN. I know he’s either Tom, Dick, or Stanley, and @icarus-will-rise and I think it would be pretty ironic if he was Dick. I’ll have to check when it comes out on DVD since I wasn’t really paying attention, and by GOD I loved that little hint that they ended up together during the dance at the end.
• Anyway, back to the plot
• Those wolves were TERRIFYING
• Also, I don’t know about you guys, but instantly when I saw the beggar lady I was like “she’s gonna be important”. It was when she rescued Maurice I knew she was the enchantress in disguise, don’t ask me how, I just knew. They wouldn’t put a character in there randomly unless she was essential to the storyline, so I guess that’s why I guessed that.
• …did I mention LeFou was by far my favorite?
• But Emma Watson came in as a close second. By GOD, she was a great Belle. Her reaction to that library was tbh exactly how I would’ve reacted.
• Like I said, casting was spot-on amazing.
• You could FEEL the angst radiating off of Beast.
• Maurice was great, not as kooky as the original but I like him better as a sad artist.
• ^By the way, Belle’s parents’ backstory had me in tears. The plague representation was so accurate and answered SO many questions of mine.
• Also, Gaston was really good
• He actually tried to woo Belle a little instead of being like “I’m so great, you should totally marry me just for my looks and charm and hunting skills and my luxurious hair”
• He gave her flowers, sorta kinda pretended to be interested in her books, and seemed genuinely interested in saving her when the townsfolk were being mean so at the beginning I was sorta like “gee, why’s Belle being so rude and shit”, which was the only reason I didn’t like the change in Gaston’s behavior
• Then he started being a dick to her dad and I was like “whoops never mind”
• Umm,,, the fight against the villagers was really great?? Mrs. Potts seeing her husband (who was the citizen with the most sense, let’s be honest here) and falling from the chandelier, the boiling tea, THE DRAG QUEENS, Chip being a badass smol, Lumiere’s fireworks display, Plumette dusting people’s faces and the piano being heroic by trying to cover the door? It was A+
• Also “GRANDMOTHER?!?!?1?????!!??!!”
• Le Fou… the gay is strong with this one…
• Basically, I loved Beauty and the Beast’s live action remake, 10/10 would watch again.

• My only problem is her dress, really. My only GIANT problem, that is.
• They didn’t include the dog in “Beauty and the Beast” (the song), but fine, I’ll forgive that
• My major problem is that dress
• Okay, fine, it’s got the appliqués, but WHERE IS THE NECKLINE
• We demand the truth
• (Side note: what is it with Emma Watson’s dresses being inaccurate in movies because this is now the second one???)

Novocaine-Chapter 2

Summary: you try your best to explain your past, and have a little run in with a super soldier

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 998

“Whose Dean?” Bucky asks gruffly. He hadn’t spoken to you in months, doesn’t look at you, eyes trained firmly on the floor. His muscles are tense, a curious look on his face as he worries at his lower lip.  

Your heart sinks as you realize how badly you had destroyed your friendship, how it could never be the same between the two of you. If only you had kept your mouth shut, but you had taken a chance, the one you had not taken with Dean.

Dean had been too good, too pure for you, just as Bucky was.

You destroyed everything you touched, ruined the beauty in the world. You were nothing, merely a shield to be used by those around you, your mutation affording you near invincibility.

“(Y/N)!” Steve snaps, drawing your attention to him.

Groaning out loud at the look on his face, you know there was no getting out of this one.

He wouldn’t let you get away without an explanation, not this time. “Who was that? And who’s Dean?” he asks, His Captain America persona coming out in full swing.

You sigh heavily, not knowing where to begin or how to explain, end up floundering for a second before settling on the truth. “Cas is an angel. Dean is… was a friend,” you reply, not daring to meet his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t believe the vague explanation.

Steve snorts in disbelief. “You don’t react that way to a friend, Shadow. Tell me the truth,” he demands, Bucky nodding vigorously at his side.

Sam offers you a look of sympathy coated in curiosity. “She said Angel? Ain’t anybody gonna comment on that? No?” he says, trying to divert the attention away from what was obviously a touchy subject.

“We fought Aliens,” Steve deadpans.

“I’m a brainwashed ex-assassin,” Bucky adds.

“(Y/N) absorbs the power of others,” Steve continues.

Sam deflates, shrugging his shoulders in a defeated “I tried” motion.

Clenching your jaw and squeezing your eyes shut, you breathe heavily in through your nose, willing away the memories Cas’s unannounced visit had stirred up, the heavy realization you would have to do better than the bare minimum settling uneasily in your stomach. “Cas is an angel and my friend. We hunted together with two brothers. They were my family,” you answer, keeping your voice neutral, masking the pain the memories have conjured.

“And?” Steve prompts.

Annoyance flares at his persistence. “And nothing, Cap. I don’t see how this is any of your business!” you snap.

His eyes go wide briefly, unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of your ire. It softens his demeanor marginally,  seeing how upset this is making you, but when Steve makes to speak Bucky cuts him off.

“He’s an ex?” he asks bitterly, his eyes finally meeting yours. The blue sucks you in, holding you captive.

The familiar butterflies that stir when he looks at you flap in your stomach. Your hands’ bunch in your hoodie as you break his gaze. Confused and angry you rise from your seat. “Again, I don’t see how this is any of your business, Barnes,” you spit angrily, stomping in the direction of the kitchen with the intention of making yourself a cup of tea and retiring to your bedroom for the evening, ignoring the heavy footfalls of a certain soldier behind you.

“What do you want?” you finally ask, turning to face him, hands on your hips, face set in a deep scowl.

Bucky’s face falls, he shakes his head sadly “What happened to us?” he asks quietly, the heartbreak in his voice so tangible, so heart-wrenching, you have to suppress a whimper. “I’m sorry,” he says as he raises his oceanic blue eyes to meet yours. “I’m sorry I hurt ya.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, revulsion at yourself rising steadily in your throat. “Bucky,” you sigh, taking a step toward him cautiously. Abandoning all caution you rise on your tiptoes and wrap your arms around him. “It’s not your fault. You can’t help how you feel. It’s my fault and mine alone,” you reply earnestly as Bucky clutches you firmly to his chest.

His grip is almost crushing, like letting you go would be physically painful. “Can we go back to what we were? I miss you.” His fingers dig into the flesh of your back with bruising force.

You linger in the embrace, knowing this would be the last time you would hold him this way, the last time he would voluntarily embrace you, or look at you. Choking back the sob threatening to spill out, squeezing him tighter, burying your face in his chest and taking a deep breath the ever present smell of snow fills your nose. Clean and fresh, you savor it, ignoring the wetness of your cheeks. “No,” you say quietly.

Bucky stiffens, a mixture of a whimper and a snort leaving his throat “Why?” he asks emotionlessly.

You step away from him, putting much-needed distance between you. “Because I love you,” you state.

He sucks in a harsh breath, his mouth falling slack at your words. “I… you what?” he asks dumbly.

Shaking your head sadly, you smile tearfully at him. “I love you and will not drag you down with me. I’m no good for you, friend or something more. Stay away from me, Bucky. You deserve better.” Turning away from him, you march toward the gym hoping to find Wanda or Vision, anyone, to spar with to help you forget, to numb you against him, to erase the look on his face from your memory because you knew how much damage you had just caused.

You knew the implications of your words, you knew how badly Bucky would react to you pulling further away from him. At this point, you could only hope Steve would forgive you for doing more damage to his friend. But, better to cut it off now, at the knees, before you broke Bucky permanently.  

Tags: Under the cut (I hope I got everyone if not please send me an ask and ill add you)

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Soulmate AU: Soulmates Get Reincarnated with Their Memories Usually Intact

P/N = Previous Life’s Name

The images were usually very fragmented and fuzzy for you but if you focused hard enough and just long enough, you could make them out.

It was the 70s, you were in a hospital bed, and you could see his silhouette. He was tall yet the furthest thing from intimidating, even as he stood over you, saying something. You could never really make out exactly what the words were, but judging by the tone of concern that surrounded them, you could tell that they were words of worry. Maybe even a light scolding. You felt his hands cup your face and his lips pressed to your forehead. If you looked down, you’d see that your leg was in a large cast.

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Our Bubble

Fic Request: 
“Hey Scribbles! I was wondering if you’d be able to do a fic where Fem!reader and Tyler are dating and they want to keep it from Teamiplier, YouTube and the internet for as long as possible. So there’s a lot of sneaking around and Mark finds out last and when he realizes that he flips out.” 

Originally posted by dork-iplier

Keeping secrets wasn’t easy with Teamiplier. 
Everyone was around each other almost all the time. You didn’t have much time to be alone or spend quality time with a specific person. 
And it wasn’t that Tyler and you didn’t want them to know. It was just you both weren’t sure where or how this little fling was going. 
But on the sixth date, which turned into a few months of being together, you both agreed it was more than just a small fling. 
After Kathryn introduced you to the team, meaning to only see them once as a fleeting introduction when you dropped her off, they all almost instantly adored you. 
You found yourself going around there almost as frequently as Kathryn. After awhile, you and Tyler just seemed to gravitate to one another. And then after dancing around each other, he asked you out to dinner. 
You liked your bubble. The little warm space where it was just you and Tyler. 
No internet. No shipping or artworks. No “awws” from your friends. 
Just you and Tyler. 

But that all changed when Kathryn trapped you both and demanded the truth. 
“You two need to spill or I’m going to straight to Mark,” She hissed at you one morning. 
You caught on quickly and dragged her away, “Wait, how did you know?” 
“I’m your best friend, (Y/N)!” Kathryn replied with a wide smile. “So you two are a thing?” 
Kathryn was practically bouncing with excitement,. You hushed her and smiled, “Yes, alright we are. But we’re not ready to share with the world yet.” 
“What why?” Kathryn asked, confused. But you shrugged and your friend sighed. “Alright fine. But, everyone is going to freak when they find out.” 
Tyler grinned at Kathryn as she marched towards him, “Also, if you hurt her, I’m going to skin you.” 
Tyler dropped his smile, becoming serious as he nodded. “I don’t intend too.” 

Amy was next. But Tyler had guessed she had the two of you already figured out and she was just waiting for a reason to confirm it. 
She had her chance when she walked in on you leaning up to peck Tyler’s cheek. 
“Ah ha!” She squealed. “I knew it!” 
Tyler dragged her into the room and shut the door. “Yeah ok, you caught us. Do us a favor and don’t tell anyone.” 
“You’re keeping this from Mark?” Amy asked with a chuckle. “Oh my, he’s going to flip when he finds out.” 
“That won’t be for a while,” You said. Your eyes wide and pleading. “Amy, we’re still not ready to-”
“What do you mean ‘still’?” Amy asked. “Does someone else know? How long have you two been dating?” 
“Kathryn made us talk, and around six months,” Tyler said and Amy clapped her hands. Almost as excited as Kathryn was. 
“Alright. In respect for you two, I won’t tell. But I’m not responsible for what Mark does to you two when he discovers this!” 

Ethan found out from Amy and Kathryn. The two gossiping about the two of you and the blue-boy walked past at the right time to hear.
He ran to you, almost knocking you off your feet in a hug. “I’m so glad!”
You had to calm him down a bit to get the fumbling words into order.
“You and Tyler!” He hissed gleefully. “I heard the girls talking. I’m so happy for you two!”
You sighed, a small smile stretching your lips. “Ahh, so that only leaves Mark that doesn’t know.”
Ethan chuckled, “You can’t tell him until all of us are in the room or nearby. I want to see his reaction!”
You shook your head as Ethan ran off to find Tyler. 

 As the day came to the charity live-stream; you and Tyler came to an agreement that it was time to let the rest of the world know. 
“Once Mark knows, the internet will know.” Tyler said while you two were cuddling in bed. “Two birds one stone.” 
So, the day came and while you were sitting on the couch with Mark and Ethan, you and Tyler shared a look. 
“Ok, so the counter is up and we’re already at twenty thousand!” Mark announced proudly. “Thank you so much everyone!” 
You whooped along with everyone else. “We need to go higher though!” You said. “Donate what you can!”
Then Tyler spoke up. 
“I have a compromise.” He said, leaning on the back of the couch. “If we get to fifty thousand dollars, I’ll share a really big secret with everyone.” 
“A secret?” Mark asked, “Is it a interesting secret?” 
Amy as ever, was smart enough to catch the shared glance between you and Tyler. 
“Oh, I think it’s pretty good.” She said with a smile. 
“How do you know Tyler’s secret?” Mark asked, looking back at her. 
“Girl talk,” You replied for Amy. Smiling innocently when Mark whirled on you. 
“Am I missing out on something?” Mark asked, furrowing his eyebrows and looking between you and Amy. “Are you two dating?” 
Tyler laughed and you winked at Amy, “He caught on quick, sweetheart. I owe you ten dollars.” 
Amy puckered her lips in a kiss in your direction. Mark glared at you. 
“Alright, I’m going to donate one thousand dollars towards the fifty thousand. Because I want to know what’s going on!” 
You and Tyler smiled at each other. Throughout the live-stream, you watched the counter climb quickly to fifty thousand. Becoming closer and closer until Mark hollered happily and spun on Tyler. 
“Fifty thousand! So, what’s your secret! Spill!” 
Ethan giggled beside you as Tyler sighed. “What do you say, babe? Should we tell him?” 
You pretended to ponder on the suggestion as Mark turned to you. His eyes widened. 
“Did he just call you, ‘babe’?” He asked and you looked up at Tyler. 
“I think he’s smart enough to figure it out himself, sweetie.” You replied. Amy and Kathryn were laughing at Mark’s shocked expression. 
“W-What!? How long….When did..? Tyler! When did you start dating (Y/N)?” 
Tyler spun slightly on his chair, counting the months on his fingers. “Close to seven months now.” 
“WHAT!?” Mark screamed and you erupted with laughter. “How did I not notice? 
“They were very sneaky,” Kathryn said with a shrug. “I had to drag it out of them.” 
“I was lucky enough to walk in on them kissing,” Amy said. 
“I over-heard Amy and Kathryn talking about it.” Ethan giggled. 
Mark groaned. Collapsing against the couch, his eyes closed in frustration. 
“So, everyone knew but me?” Mark calculated slowly. You hid behind Ethan, moving him in front of you as Mark slowly opened his eyes. 
“Tyler….you and I need to have a looong conversation about this!” He hissed and you laughed when Tyler laughed. 

Decans Series! Episode 9🗽🛥🚢🛬


* Sagittarius moon(stage 1 Sagittarius)- 🏜. full blooded Sagittarius moons are a force of nature! They tend to be the most emotionally cool of the bunch and aren’t easily provoked or entertained for that matter. They have a very old time spirit about them rooted in a time not there own. They’re emotionally driven to experience all they can in the world and love the idea of living carefree. They’re both honest and blunt and have a hard time “faking” feelings especially if it’s something they just don’t agree with. They’re strong Willed and very fast moving people. Romantically they’re very fun loving and spontaneous but that being said there is a pronounced seriousness to their romantic nature that demands loyalty and truth. The mother could’ve been spacey and out there. She was a wild heart and often took the family out and about! She hated just staying in.

* Sagittarius moon(stage 2 Aries)- 🌋these natives are the cockiest and most emotionally dominate and self assured of the bunch! They have a strong admiration for power and an even higher admiration for those who have a strong personality. They can be intense and black or white from time to time-seemingly driven by their passions and their various interest. They hate being in a rut and dealing with situation or people that seem to lack movement or ambition. These natives be hard to keep up with and even harder to develop a rapor with due to their ever changing nature. Romantically they’re all in! They crave a very passionate and overwhelming love full of growth and progress. Anything that lacks that is “boring” to them. Mother could’ve been impulsive and overbearing. The mother taught the child to be the sole decider of their own destiny

* Sagittarius moon( stage 3 Leo)- 🕌this decan of sag is actually a bit more sly and savvy out of the group. Not only are they emotionally mature but they’re extremely aware both their emotions and able to gauge the emotional integrity of those around them. They’re powerful and have a very consuming aura about them. They hate slow situations and or people who can’t keep up with their pace. They run emotionally hot and cold and despite Leo’s influence here attention isn’t there soul purpose in this life! The love being adored but only if it’s genuine. Ass kissing is an easy way to get crossed of their list. Romantically their forever lovers and tend to really believe in a happily ever after! That being said they demand passionate lovers and those of whom aren’t afraid to be themselves

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Sagittarius moon v1( the vibe that they give off)

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Sagittarius moon v2 (the vibe that they give off)

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Sagittarius moon v3(the vibe that they give off)

The In-Between Part 3

Summary:  This is a college!AU where Sam and the reader attend the same university.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (oral, female receiving, unprotected sex), Angst, swearing

Word Count:  2795

A/N:  This is Part Three, you can find Part One HERE and Part Two HERE.  I loved going back to college so much that this became a trilogy.

Thank you to my lovely pal @wheresthekillswitch for being my MastaBeta on this one.

Italics are the end of Part Two.

The gifs in the body of the story are from Google Search, credit goes to their owners.

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The next day you make your way through campus sipping your coffee.  It’s still warm and between the caffeine in your system and the sun on your skin, you’re tentatively excited about the fresh possibilities of a new semester.  You’re not over what happened, you’re not sure you ever will be, but you’re determined to keep positive.  You’re feeling pretty good about everything given the circumstances when you walk into the lecture room.  You scan the room looking for a good seat when your eyes catch view of a head above the rest.  Dimples are assaulting you from across the room, and they are not adorable.


You look away immediately, your hopeful mood now murderous.  You find the seat closest to the door and sit down, keeping your gaze to the front.  You’re sure the professor spoke, but you can recall nothing, the only evidence you were there is the syllabus in your hands.  As soon as class is released you dash for the door.  You’re hoping to make it through the quad before he can reach you.  Today is not your day however and when you’re halfway across you hear him call your name.

“Y/N!  Hey, Y/N, wait up.”

His large hand gently catches your arm just under one of the leafy trees dotting the grassy expanse.  Damn him and his long legs, you grumble to yourself.  You spin on him, your eyes shooting daggers, and he leans away from you taken aback.

“What do you want, Sam?”

“I just wanted to say hi and see how you are?”

“Hi and how am I?  Hmm, I don’t know?  Shitty.  I’m feeling pretty shitty, Sam.  How are you?” you ask, your voice dripping sarcasm.

Sam opens his mouth to speak then closes it again.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see you, the way we left things…” he trails off.

“Which time Sam?  The time we slept together while you conveniently forgot you had a girlfriend?  Or the time that you guilted my boyfriend into dumping me?”

His face flicks from ashamed to indignant and he pulls you nearer to the tree.

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Inquisition companions react to the Inquisitor having luxurious hair, and i mean RIDICULOUSLY luxurious hair. It's like their hair is from a L'Oréal commercial all the time, even when it's raining, it's that ridiculous.

Cassandra: It takes her some time to see it, and so it’s not until they have been camped for several days in the Storm Coast that she begins to notice. No matter what they go through, what they crawl through, the Inquisitors hear is flawless. And Cassandra is not a vain person, not exactly, but…well, even the most down to earth person can feel the prick of jealousy when placed against perfection. When she finds out that it just naturally does that she’s a little miffed but otherwise just accepts it.

Solas: It’s a curiosity and no mistake, but once the mage realizes it is biology rather that some enchantment that keeps their hair  in that state he loses all interest. It’s not as though they have any tips to help him alone after all.

Vivienne: Her reactions are similar to Solas’s, but rather than losing interest she encourages them to flaunt it at ‘an appropriate level, darling. Nobility will envy you for what they cannot have, and you ought to make the most of your gift.”

Sera: Hair is hair, and only nobs or prissy nobles care about it. Except…except Inqy’s hair is perfect all the time, like all the time, and it’s starting to bother the Red Jenny. She suspects magic until they find out it just grows like that, and then she suspects a prank. Finally Sera spends two weeks straight trying to startle them or find them with even a single hair out o place before giving up in a huff. 

That is not normal.

Blackwall: It’s quite obvious to anyone with eyes that the resident Warden cares little for the appearance of his hair or beard, but the state of both is exacerbated when he is next to the Herald and their flawless coiffure. If he is a regular in the Inquisition party he may well start upping his grooming practices, but if not than he simply ignores it and goes about his business. There are bigger things to worry about.

Varric: This shit is golden. A hero character saving the world with flawless hair? Nothing says stereotypical character more than that, and nothing sells more than a stereotypical character doing the unexpected. This is going to make him a mint.

Dorian: It takes less than a single day of trudging through the twisted red lyrium future and then the attack on Haven for Tevinter’s most fashionable pariah to notice something odd about the Herald. But once it clicks he can never unsee it. The mage spends long hours perfecting his own carefully groomed appearance, and yet he has seen Orlesian nobles spend hours in salons and not look as good as the herald doing rolling out of their bedroll. It haunts him day and night as he hunts for the answer, finally culminating in him storming their quarters while the Inquisitor bathes and demanding to know the truth. When he finds out it simply happens he is heart broken, and slinks away to spend all his days in despair.

Iron Bull: The Qun doesn’t care about the herald’s particular style, and so there was nothing in the reports about the phenomenon. If it’s almost any color under the sun he gives it no more than a raised eyebrow and a good way to tease the ‘Vint. But if it’s red he can’t keep his eyes off of it, and will eventually give in to the urge to touch it– with the Herald’s full permission.

Cole: “Tie it back, push it away, its just hair. They always look but I don’t know how to tell them looking doesn’t make it work. Seeing your hair makes them happy. And sad, and jealous and sometimes they smile. I tried to thank it, but your hair won’t talk to me– it’s afraid of my hat.”


(A/N): I’m so sorry this is so short but I really couldn’t come up with anything for it :(

Request: Could you write an Avengers/X-men ficlet where the reader assembles the team and confesses to being a mutant? Like, he/she always explained their abilities away as technology or something?

Warnings: none

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   You pace up and down the exterior of the Helicarrier, ringing your hands together as you awaited all the other superbeings to arrive. You knew Nat, she’d been your partner since day one and the two of you were unbelievably close but you didn’t know anyone else in the group. Sure, you’d heard all the stories, the great god of thunder, the two smartest men alive, and the hero who seemed to survive it all. You were more than nervous to meet them, after all, they were these great amazing people and you were- well, you were you. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat places a gentle hand on your shoulder, steadying your nerves only slightly. “It’s okay, they’re gonna love you,” You chuckle dryly, your entire being going taut at the sight of the infamous Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers. Nat smiles just a bit as the two men board the ship, keeping her authoritative demeanor up even when she was trying to be kind. 

   “Mr. Rogers, Mr. Banner,” She greets the two, giving them a firm handshake. “I’m Natasha Romanoff and this is (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” You give the two a polite smile, hoping you didn’t look to nervous. “They’ll be joining our little team of ours,” The two men smile back, Bruce a bit more nervously but Steve’s a bit more confidently. 

   “You work for shield then?” Steve asks, cocking a brow at you. You nod your head, smiling only a bit proudly. 

   “Yes I do,” 

   “You’re an agent?” 

   “Of sorts,” You reply, gently shrugging your shoulders. Steve smiles a bit brighter, nodding his head. “And you miss Romanoff?”

   “I’m an expert in espionage, weapons, and more than a few forms of mixed martial arts,” She smiles sweetly before turning on her heel, a spring in her step as she walked towards the entrance of the helicarrier. “You two might want to follow me, I think Fury would like to speak with all of us,” 

   “All of us?” Bruce asks, his tone holding more nerves than before. 

   “We’ve got two other players in this game; Tony Stark and Thor,” 

   “Thor? Like the god of thunder?” Nat smiles, humming a bit. 

   “Yep,” Bruce gives you a nervous look but you give him a reassuring smile, hoping that it didn’t look too painful. 

   “What about you?” Steve asks, cocking his head at you. “What do you specialize in?” You share a look at Nat, an almost nervous one but you pocket it away, bound and determined to lie to Steve’s face and to make it sound good too. 

   “I specialize in weapons, I’m working on some pretty big stuff right now,” You smile at him, still hoping that the two men couldn’t see through your lie. “And why are you here Mr. Rogers?” Steve chuckles, shaking his head just a bit. 

   ‘I really don’t know, apparently Shield thinks I’m good enough to join your little team,” 

   “Well,” You size him up, giving him a little lopsided smirk, “You aren’t wrong,” 

    How had everything gone downhill so fast? One minute all of you were friends and the next everyone was screaming at each other, demanding the truth and whatnot. 

   “Did you know shield’s been making weapons?” Tony asks, pulling up a secret file. 

  “How did you-” Fury begins but Tony cuts him off once again. 

  “Weapons using the very item we’re hunting, now I don’t know about you guys but this seems just a tiny bit fishy to me,” 

   “Shield’s been storing weapons too,” Steve mutters, throwing an old hydra gun onto a table. Tony hums, staring at the weapon with pursed lips. 

   “Is there anything you’d like to tell us?” Tony asks Fury, squinting his eyes in distaste. 

   “I assure you-” You begin, only to have Tony cut you off as well. 

  “Oh no, don’t you even get started, you can’t talk when it comes to secrets (Y/N).” You look at Tony strangely, a brow cocked in confusion. “I read your file, I know what you are, what you can do-” Your mouth runs dry, your tongue becoming a slab of sandpaper at his words. “Mind manipulation? Interesting sort of weapon is it not?” Steve turns to look at you, a look of distaste upon his face. “Is it even considered a weapon?” Tony continues, tapping his chin in thought. “Or are you?” 

   “Fine,” You mutter, folding your arms over your chest. “Yeah, I’ve got- I’ve got some freaky talents but never once have I ever used them for anything other than the greater good-” 

   “Really? What about this team, this other team you were on- the x-men or whatever they’re called,” 

   “It’s a team of people like me, people with abilities,” 

   “Mutants. You mean Mutants,” Tony mutters, clicking his tongue in disappointment. You hang your head, biting your lip as guilt and shame consumed you. Even with his words you knew what he meant- Freak. You were a Freak. 

I was listening to School of Movies discussion of Jessica Jones and it occurred to me while listening that the first season of Jessica Jones arc was very similar to the OMAC Project arc except in Jessica Jones we see the fallout of Kilgrave’s mind control while in the OMAC Project, we never actually see the fallout.

To backtrack a bit: Max Lord (yeah that guy) went on a crusade against superheroes, killing Blue Beetle and then mind-controlling Superman into attacking and almost killing Batman and then ordering Superman to kill Wonder Woman. 

Diana tries to talk Lord down but nothing could shake him.

Then after battling with Clark and realizing it was futile, Diana returned to Lord, wrapped him in the Lasso of Truth and demanded how to free Superman from his control:

And he answered, “Kill me.”

So she did.

I remember what a furor that caused back then but then as now (and I wasn’t even following the Wonder Woman comic back then), I thought she did the right thing especially with the clear and present danger where he’s using Superman as a weapon. 

And I thought Bruce and Clark were annoyingly too self-righteous during the whole thing. 

In Jessica Jones we have Jessica doing the same thing with a man capable of exerting the same total mind control powers as Max Lord except Kilgrave inflicted it on a lot of regular people and we as the audience were allowed to see the aftermath. 

And when it became clear that the law won’t be able to help and nothing  Jessica did to subdue him put a stop to Kilgrave, she killed him.

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Diana and Jessica did what they had to do especially when all other avenues were explored and they realized there was no way through but killing Lord and Kilgrave. 

It really is interesting to me how it seemed like both women had a similar antagonist and resolution, because really, how else would anyone face an unrepentent person with mind control powers, who went on record they will commit the same crime again? 

Unfortunately, for Diana that was just the beginning of her problems because Lord’s Big Brother AI system broadcasted Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord without any sort of context, destroying Diana’s reputation.

(And her two best friends started acting self-righteous at her. It was annoying then and its still annoying now). 

Truth or Dare

howdy. I don’t really know what to say, as I know most likely nobody will be reading. BUT! that’s okay because writing makes me happy and spencer makes me happy so therefore it’s okay. I didn’t really expect to drag this out for so long, but it just kinda happened so pls don’t get too bored. thank u for coming to my ted talk.

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Summary: The team goes out for a night of drinks and laughter after a tough case that affected everyone. A very drunk Garcia suggests playing truth or dare.

Warnings: None that I can think of
You felt a weight slowly being lifted off of your shoulders as you sipped your wine, watching your teammates laugh at crappy jokes they’d tell each other. It was quite obvious that your team members were drunk on this warm Saturday evening, but seeing them with glowing cheeks and bright, goofy smiles smothered on their faces made the hangover they’d all have the next day worth it. You were only on your second glass of wine, so there wasn’t much fuzziness in your head. You, Hotch, and Spencer were the only people who didn’t seem drunk out of your senses. Hotch had hardly touched his bottle of beer, and Spencer had a glass of whiskey that he hadn’t drank from once. But on the other hand, Emily, Garcia, JJ, Morgan, and Rossi were all woozy from their multitude of drinks. You were pretty sure Garcia was going to need to get her stomach pumped, considering she was on her sixth margarita and had downed three shots.

“I think we should play a good ‘ole game of Truth or Dare,” Garcia slurred loudly, holding her index finger in the air as if she was speaking to a crowd. She could’ve been, with how much noise your team’s table had been making. You were pretty sure half the bar hated you guys at that point.

“I agree,” Morgan added, the stench of vodka reeking from his breath. You could smell him from across the table; you had to feel bad for poor Hotch and Rossi, who were sitting closest to him. Spencer and JJ sat on either side of you, you and Spencer sharing discreet looks throughout the night. They weren’t looks of trying to sneakily glance at each other, but looks of disbelief and humor for your team.

“Okay! Truth or dare…” Garcia began, squinting at everyone on the team, before landing on Emily. “Emily!” Emily giggled, something you’d rarely ever heard before. Usually she laughed fully and proudly.

“Dare!” she answered valiantly. You cringed at what Garcia might think of to dare her. Or any of you, for that matter. You didn’t know if truth was better than dare or if dare was better than truth in this game, especially considering you had a strong affection for the man sitting next to you. You knew that Emily, JJ, Garcia, and Morgan would give you both truths and dares pertaining to each other and you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. You knew that he didn’t have the same feelings you had for him. He was a genius; he couldn’t fall in love with a normal human like you. He’d fall in love with another genius. The thought was crushing at first, almost literally cutting off your respiratory system when the realization dawned on you. Unrequited love hurt like a bitch, and the only people who knew about your love for him was Emily, JJ, Garcia, and Morgan.

“I dare you… to chug all of Spencer’s whisky at once!” Garcia shouted, pointing a polished finger at Spencer’s untouched glass. Emily followed her pointing to Spencer, who pushed his drink towards her encouragingly. He really didn’t want to drink it. While most everyone was too drunk to notice, something seemed odd about Spencer. He had barely spoken, and he was crouching into himself. Emily grabbed his glass with force and peered at the alcohol. While she pondered her dare, you turned toward Spencer, concerned.

“Spence, are you alright?” you asked quietly, looking him in the eye. He could barely return the gaze. Something was up.

“I’m alright,” he answered anyways, giving you a watery smile and resting his chin on his palm. You shook you head at him, not believing his answer.

“Spence, I’m a profiler. I know you’re not alright. If you don’t wanna talk, that’s fine,” you said, trying to make it clear that you cared about his wellbeing. “But if you want to talk, I’m all ears.” He sighed, knowing that he should probably tell you, but still felt uncomfortable sharing. Without thinking, you gently grabbed his hand and looked him in the eye. “It’s okay. You can tell me, but only if you want to.” He smiled at you, grateful that you respected his boundaries. For some reason, that compelled him to tell you. He knew he could trust you.

“It’s… kind of stupid, but-” he began slowly, before being cut off by Morgan. The conversation you two’d had apparently lasted through Emily and Morgan’s turns.

“Pretty boy, truth or dare?” Morgan asked with a grin. Spencer swallowed, not knowing what drunk Morgan would demand for either truth or dare. While he was deciding, he looked down and saw that you still had you hand in his, and you were unconsciously tracing shapes into his palm. He didn’t pull away.

“Well, truth, I guess,” he answered. He decided that truth would be less harmful, but boy was he wrong. He knew he had chosen the wrong answer when he spotted his friend’s sly smirk through his glass of rum.

“I dare you to tell us all what Y/N’s hair smells like,” he said with a hiccup. Spencer felt his cheeks heat up as he turned to you with wide eyes. You were already looking at him, equally as shell shocked. A blush had crept its way onto your cheeks as well, and you internally cursed yourself for wearing your feelings so blatantly on your face, but Spencer didn’t seem to notice. He looked back to Morgan, who was rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist. There were hoots of agreement all across the table.

“And if I don’t?” he asked nervously, already having an idea of what he would need to do.

“You need to take a shot of the hardest stuff they’ve got,” Morgan answered, the grin evident in his intoxicated voice. Spencer turned to you, a sorrowful look in his puppy eyes.

“It’s fine, Spence,” you said, feeling horrible for him. You knew that he was a gentleman who didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. What he didn’t know is that you secretly wanted him to do it, as long as he was okay with it. A concerned look dawned on his beautiful face.

“Are you sure?” he asked, glad that you were willing to comply with Morgan’s stupid truth that was more like a dare. You nodded, smiling lightly to assure him. He noticed the faint rosy color that flushed your cheeks and held back a smile. He loved it when you blushed.

Slowly, Spencer moved towards your shining Y/H/C hair. You heard and felt him inhale deeply, and you had never been more glad that you washed your hair before joining your team’s outing. Warmth from him radiated onto the soft skin of your neck, the neck that Spencer had dreamt of kissing many times. He knew he had fallen in love with you about five months after you joined the BAU, when he saw you comforting a child who’s parents had been murdered, holding him tightly to your chest as you whispered to him.

He pulled away slowly and you could barely contain the butterflies jumbling in your stomach. That was the closest you’ve ever been to him, and you had enjoyed the hell out of it. He felt the exact same way, relishing in the scent of you. He would always catch whiffs of your perfume or of your shampoo as you talked to him or passed by him, but never did he have the chance to really appreciate your lovely scent.

“Her hair smells like…” he began, looking nervously at you. You squeezed his hand, which you were still holding onto, letting him know that it was okay to continue. You yourself were slightly curious as to what your scent was. “Her hair smells like roses and honey,” he finished, and you felt your face warm up even more than before. Roses and honey, huh? Morgan laughed along with almost everyone else at the table.

“My man,” Morgan laughed at Spencer’s flushed cheeks. He had known about his friend’s affection for you, and decided to use it to help him make a move. He also knew about your feelings for him, and he knew that you would enjoy that dare disguised as a truth just as much as Spencer did. Spencer cleared his throat awkwardly as Emily took over for him, truth or daring Rossi.

Eventually, after quite a few giggle filled rounds composed of Morgan kissing Garcia, JJ downing a shot, and Rossi sitting on Emily’s lap, the attention had been turned to you. Garcia smirked at you as she asked mischievously, “Y/N, truth or dare?”

You swallowed a sip of your wine as you thought of what Garcia would ask for truth or want you to do for dare. Most of your conclusions had something to do with the handsome man sitting next to you, who was also gazing at you along with everyone else at the table. Everyone waited for you to answer, even Hotch. Suddenly, without you thinking your answer through, your mouth opened and answered for you as you looked Garcia right in her eyes.


Morgan hooted at your answer while Emily and JJ just glanced knowingly at each other. You instantly regretted choosing dare, but you couldn’t go back now. Not unless you wanted to choke down a shot of legalized moonshine. Garcia wiggled her eyebrows as she looked in between you and Spencer, and you were fairly certain of what her dare would be.

“I dare you to tell us who you like.”

While you had expected it, the dare had almost made you choke on your Pinot Grigio. Garcia giggled as she watched you, holding your hand to your chest, stare icily at her. You shook your head, already trying to find a way to deny her dare. Morgan and Emily laughed at you as you tried to defend yourself.

“That’s not fair, that’s more of a truth, not a dare. You can’t twist the rules like that,” you argued, your forehead creasing in desperation. Garcia simply shrugged, her curled blonde hair bouncing off of her shoulders.

“You’re already one foot in, admitting that you like someone,” she shot back, JJ nodding with her.

“She’s got a point,” Rossi added, raising his glass slightly in agreement. You turned to him, shocked that he was pinning you against a wall with the rest of the team. Rossi, of all people! You sighed, knowing that they were right. You didn’t deny that you liked someone.

Spencer’s heart jumped into his throat when it hit him that you hadn’t denied that you liked someone. For a split second, he thought that maybe you liked him. You had been inviting him for coffee every so often lately, and he noticed you wearing his favorite shade of lipstick ever since he told you that it complimented your eyes. He would always remember the glowing blush that rose to your cheeks when he had said that.

You gulped down some more of your wine, leaving residue of Spencer’s favorite lipstick on the rim of your glass in the shape of your lips. Maybe tonight would be the night that you admitted your secret to him. You had been keeping the feelings from slipping from your mouth, but it took serious effort to keep your lips sealed. There had been a few times where you almost let it out, but you had been waiting for the perfect time to admit that you were in love with Spencer Reid.

Maybe now was that time.

Everyone watched you intently as you swallowed, cracking your left hand’s knuckles loudly, considering you and Spencer still had your fingers intertwined under the table. You pushed your hair over your shoulder, and Spencer got another heavenly whiff of your hair. This time he could pick up the gentle smell of the perfume you had spritzed on the base of your throat as well, the same spot Spencer had daydreamed about leaving love bites on. He would get the urge to mark you at work when you wore your hair up, loose strands dangling in your face, and he felt the same irresistible urge to mark you then.

At first, you mumbled the answer into the palm of your hand. You were scared- no, horrified of what Spencer’s reaction would be. The incoherent mumbling ended up sounding like ‘fenced slur’, to which Morgan shook his head disappointedly, expressing what everyone was feeling.

“Speak up, baby, or I’ll say it for you,” he said in an amused tone. You sucked in a deep breath, feeling the pressure to answer then more than ever. How cowardly would it be for one of your best friends to admit your love for you. You swallowed hard, ignoring all of the stares shifting between you and Morgan.

Fuck it.

“Spencer,” you blurted, staring at your wineglass. You could feel your arms practically go numb as Garcia squealed, Morgan shouted a Yes!, and Emily gave a cheer. But the worst of all, the stare you thought you’d never dislike, was feeling Spencer’s blown wide eyes burning into the side of your head. You stared straight ahead as your drunk friends laughed and high-fived, finally getting you to spill.

But all of the noise, all of the excited feelings, and all of the smiles faded into dullness as you felt cold air fall upon the palm of your hand; the hand Spencer’s had rested in just moments before.

The metal stake of rejection plummeted deeply and excruciatingly into your heart. The small act had caused so much pain. Damn it, damn it, damn it! You just ruined a perfectly good friendship over your stupid feelings! You idiot! You felt your heart scramble as a white hot feeling crawled its way into your throat, constricting your breathing. You didn’t even dare to look up at Spencer as you muttered a weak sorry. The only thing you could clearly hear was your own short breaths entering and escaping your parted lips, everything else faded into gray noise.

Hotch eyed Spencer with disdain. He had watched Spencer rip his hand away from yours like it was poisonous. He didn’t talk about the subject as much as his team did, but he knew that you loved Spencer. He knew what heartbreak was like, and he felt a pang of sympathy for you. The rest of the team remained oblivious to your pain, the alcohol in their bodies making their thoughts slip and slide. They all were still ecstatic that you had finally admitted who you liked, and Morgan was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to get Spencer to spill.

For what seemed like forever, you remained in your colorless void. You answered dumb truths and completed dumb dares, but your mind couldn’t get over the feeling of Spencer’s hand leaving yours. He didn’t even care to look at you. You didn’t feel brave enough to look at him. When before you felt warmth and comfort radiating from Spencer’s body, all you felt then was icy stiffness. You wondered if Spencer was feeling the same.

“Y/N! Truth or dare?” Emily asked. The attention of the table was brought to you.

“Dare,” you answered, not caring how bad it would be. In that moment, you didn’t really care about anything. You had let your biggest secret go, exist in the world, what else was there to lose? Emily giggled, thinking that you were finally going to try to live a little, but in reality, it was quite the opposite.

“I dare you to…” she trailed off, thinking and tapping her index finger to her chin. After a few moments of thought, her whole face brightened and a mischievous glint shined in her eyes. “I dare you to kiss Morgan. Really kiss him, not just a peck.” Immediately you glanced at Garcia, who’s jaw had dropped. A smirk was plastered on Morgan’s handsome face. He knew that Emily was doing this to get on Spencer’s nerves. He also knew that you would step up to the dare. You were just that kind of girl.

You felt a small smile arise to your face as you scooted your chair back and stood. Your heels clacked against the dark wood floor of the bar, and you felt everyone’s eyes, including Spencer’s, watch you as you strode over to Morgan with a sudden boost of confidence. “I-I’m not sure that this is a good idea,” Penelope stuttered. Morgan chuckled, a low noise, as his eyes glued to you walking seductively towards him. He knew that you were hot, but damn. He had never seen you in this nature.

“It’s okay babygirl, it’s just a dare. It doesn’t mean anything,” he assured his friend. You hummed in agreement, slowly straddling Morgan’s lap. You leaned into him, your hands trailing down his chest. Your face was very close to his, within centimeters of his, staring him right in the eye. You didn’t feel any attraction for Morgan, but you wanted Spencer to see what he was missing.

Just as you were about to touch your lips to Morgan’s, the squeak of a chair being pushed out aggressively startled the both of you. “Wait!” You turned to the source of the voice, your concentration on Morgan broken, and you felt a certain type of electricity spread through your body when your gaze landed on a flush-faced Spencer. His usually gentle hands were clenched into fists at his sides, squeezing so tightly his knuckles were turning white. He was breathing heavily and angrily, his chest raising and falling quickly. His breathes could be heard. He was clenching his jaw, something you found extremely attractive. Everything about his stance was extremely attractive. You had never seen him like this, but boy did you love it. Your eyes were stuck on his figure as he paced over to you and Morgan. Everyone’s eyes were on Spencer as he grabbed your hand roughly and pulled you off of his friend. He was blinded by jealousy, and in his mind, in that moment, there was nothing else he could do.

“Spence, what are you-” you began, but got cut off by his lips crashing into yours forcefully. You stood there, shocked. It was as if he had pulled you out from the deep end of the pool. Everything in you was screaming to pull at his hair, push him against the wall, and much, much more, but all you could do was slowly begin to kiss him back. Your lips moved in harmony as he placed one large, warm hand on your cheek and another in your hair. His lips were soft and tasted of coffee and vanilla lip balm, and they were everything and more than what you thought they would be like. He was a little unstable from inexperience, but it was him, and that was all that mattered. He was actually kissing you, after all of those years of sneaky glances and trying to get his attention. You found your hands running though his hair, relishing in the feeling of his soft locks between your fingers. His heart was pounding against your chest rapidly, as yours was against his as well. You breathed in his scent, books and sandalwood and his musky cologne. While neither of you wanted to, you both had to pull away to breathe. He rested his forehead against yours, his eyes blown wide. You felt a pleasant electrical hum flowing through your limbs, something you had never felt for anyone else before. All the feelings of jealousy and anger had left Spencer in that kiss, and he began to see reality again.

“I-I’m sorry,” he mumbled, pulling away from you. He did force a kiss onto you, and he did pull you away from Morgan rather aggressively. “Did I hurt you?” He continued, worry laced in his voice. The whole table was quiet, waiting impatiently on your response.

You shook your head, stepping towards him. Not in the way you had strutted towards Morgan, which was simply to catch Spencer’s attention, but rather in a caring way. You placed a warm hand on Spencer’s shoulder. You knew he was referring not only to pulling you away from Morgan, but from when he took away his hand from yours, and ignoring you after that. It was all forgiven. “You don’t need to be sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong,” you replied lovingly. In that moment you had forgiven him, and decide to not worry about why he had pulled away. That would be a later conversation.

The team, who didn’t seem surprised by what was happening, appeared to have gone back to their game of truth or dare without you two. You were grateful, you wanted to spend this moment with him alone. “But I-” Spencer began again, guilt overcoming him. You cut him off by placing a finger on his plump lips.

“Spence. It’s alright. More then alright.” Spencer’s worried expression slowly faded from his beautiful features as he pulled you against him tightly, never wanting to let go.

“So what was wrong earlier?” you asked quietly, your chin resting on his shoulder. Your voice vibrated onto the skin of his neck, the warmth making him smile, as did your concern.

“Well, it’s fine now, but…” he trailed off before sighing and starting again. “After the case, with you and Morgan having to pretend to be, well, together, I thought you really did… y'know, like him,” he answered truthfully. You pulled away from his comforting embrace, meeting his eyes. A few second later, you bursted out laughing. Spencer watched you, watched as your nose crinkled, watched your eyes squeeze shut, watched you as you laughed. Slowly, he began to laugh with you, building up to laughing as hard as you. The sight and sound of him in a state of such joy was heavenly. You pulled him into a hug once again.

“Oh Spence,” you began, your laughter dying down. “I don’t like Morgan. Not like that. Clearly I don’t,” you said, referring to your current state. “It’s you, Spence. It’s always been you.”
Raiding TATFS’s Sub List- Fic Recs Beginning with ‘A’

     A Brief Equinox                by dustoftheancients   
In saving Rey, Kylo Ren has been captured by the resistance. She tells herself that it doesn’t matter. should stay away from him. She wants to stay away from him. And yet - she finds herself drawn down the steps, down to his cell. It’s like being drawn towards a hurricane.

     A Collision of Stars                by dustoftheancients   
Rey gets in over her head in an attempt to save her friend. Kylo Ren can do little else but get swept up along with her, because his trajectory has become tied with hers.

     A Dream in Twofold                by TearoomSaloon   
She didn’t want to be his apprentice, she didn’t want to be here, but everything kept going haywire.If only she’d fought better in the snow. If only she stopped dreaming of a lost, star-eyed boy. If only she could hate him with the fury he deserved. Oh, gods, if only he’d never made that first mistake.

     a hunger never satisfied                by t0bemadeofglass   
Pompous doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word to describe Kylo Ren, but he pays well, and really–that’s all Rey really needs at the moment to keep her small tattoo shop up and running.

     A Matter of Size                by bitterbones   
Kylo Ren has a massive prick. Of this one thing Rey is entirely certain. 

     A Notch In Her Bedpost                by FoxesDance   
Kylo can’t stop the visions of the scavenger from plaguing him. They’re disturbing. He shouldn’t like them so much.

     A Proposal by Any Other Name                by Lucidlucy   
Rey and Finn have been A Thing for a long time now. Since she was eighteen, to be exact. When Finn leaves on a trip to Europe for six months for work, Rey finally chases after him to Dublin to do what he seems to be putting off: propose.
She wants a family, after all.The universe has different ideas. Her flights are delayed, storms hit, she loses her tickets and everything seems to be going horribly. To top it off, she ends up stranded around a rather irritating man by the name of Kylo Ren. It goes about as well as you’d expect. A Leap Year AU.

     A Thing Most Wanted                by caisha   
It was always going to be the two of them, in the end.

     all that glitters is not gold                by WildConcerto   
She would have confronted Luke, fought him, demanded to know the truth. But against the last Jedi, she can do nothing, and there is nothing she hates more than being helpless. Her only hope lies in the hands of someone who, a few days ago, she regarded as a mortal foe.

     and all my walls came falling down                by cazzy   
Dealing with years of unrequited love is much more difficult when the object of your affections insists on moving in with you. [Roommates AU.]

     And judgment taught us that our hearts were wrong (but they’re the ones that we’ll look down upon)                by ElixirBB   
Rey falls in love with Kylo Ren. Not Ben Solo. Kylo Ren.

     Ask                by PoorQueequeg   
Hate me if you cannot love me. Punish me if you cannot forgive me. (Dark Reylo. Not for the faint of heart).