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SPREAD THE WORD: Simplisafe, a home security company, has been lying to its workers about a bedbug infestation that has been going on since March- covering it up and endangering the health and safety of their workers.

Workers began signing a petition demanding transparency, and so management tried to fire one of the signers. At this point some workers began to protest this attempted firing, standing up and chanting “Hell no, we won’t go!”

The cops were called and they arrested one of the protesting workers, dragging him out on his face. This started even greater outrage among the workers, and sit-down strike started. This caused management to shut down the office early.

Today (11/9), two of the workers who stood up were suspended without pay and a protest was mounted outside their office in Boston. Any updates will be kept on this post

A Study in Hypocrisy #2.2

Or why the Avengers’ relationship to Tony was unhealthy at best, Steve isn’t fit to be a leader, and why I’m Team Iron Man to the end.


Tony’s relationship with the Avengers has always made me uncomfortable. For the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly, but I’ll try to organize my thoughts in this series.  

This post was getting far too long, so I decided to cut it into parts, one per Avenger.


Steve’s relationship with Tony is bathed in hypocrisy and double standards right off the bat. When Steve meets Bruce, he tells him that he doesn’t care about his reputation and will essentially make up his own mind about what kind of person he is from what he sees as they work together. 

Yet he doesn’t apply that very same standard to Tony, instantly judging and comparing him to Bucky. 

Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, what are you?


I know men with none of that worth ten of you.

Avengers (2012)

Where does Steve get off judging Tony like this? Reading a file doesn’t give him intimate knowledge of who Tony is as a person. And his fortune has nothing to do with who he is inside. Indeed, it sounds like he holds Tony’s fortune (which he worked hard to build—whatever people may think, SI’s products didn’t invent themselves) against him. Which makes no sense? 

In Winter Soldier, we see quickly enough that neither Steve nor Natasha trust Tony. When they show up at Sam’s, they promptly tell him everyone they know wants to kill them, which is so absurdly stupid and wrong I have no words for it. Tony would never ally with HYDRA. Tony designed the freaking helicarriers. Hell, he’s a tech genius. He was the obvious choice in this case! He could have provided them with a safe house, any supplies they needed, backup and unlimited technical help. 

But do you think they went to him? 

Nooo. And why? Apart from “they’re stupid and Marvel didn’t want to pay for RDJ,” because Steve already knew about the Winter Soldier killing Tony’s parents. They could have avoided dumping all of SHIELD’s files on the internet. They could have protected the hundreds of undercover agents who were caught unawares once their legends were blown. They could have protected those agents’ families. They could have protected the agents who weren’t undercover, but still carrying out missions at the time. They could have avoided the crazy damage caused by three giant flying machines shooting each other out of the sky right over Washington DC. There would have been considerably less loss of life had Tony been involved. 

And yet they chose to keep him out of it. 

And here’s where it starts to get very sour, and where I get very, very bitter. 

Around rolls Age of Ultron and Steve is so, so quick in putting the blame on Tony. Like everyone else, he promptly forgets Bruce’s involvement, and makes Tony the sole culprit. After 3 years fighting side by side, he doesn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t pause to think of somebody other than his precious little self and wonder if, maybe, he’s not so special after all and others might have experienced visions, too. 

Nope. No, it’s evil, it’s bad, so it’s gotta be Tony’s fault. 

Then, there’s the culmination of his hypocrisy: “Sometimes, my teammates don’t tell me things.” 

Okay. First, who the fuck do you think you are, asshole? You don’t get to demand that your teammates tell you everything? What the hell! Nobody owes you anything whatsoever. 

Second, who the fuck do you think you are to demand complete transparency after keeping the secret of said teammate’s parents’ death for over a year? 

This pissed me off. so. damn. much. 

Pardon my French. 

The sheer hypocrisy, people. The balls! 

Now then. What about trusting freaking Wanda Maximoff over your teammate? She suddenly realizes that she’s gonna die too if the world ends, switches to your side out of sheer convenience and self interest, and after 30 seconds you take her advice that “Stark is evil” like she’s the Messiah? Wow. It must be nice to be so convinced of your own self-righteousness. 

Finally, Civil War

Let’s forget about the fact that Steve probably didn’t read the Accords. The entire thing has to have taken place over the course of, what… a week at most? Starting with the introduction of the Accords. There is no way in hell Steve—or anyone else on his team, really—would have managed to read and understand a piece of legislation as complex as the Accords in that time. No way. Which means that he heard a vague description of it and said “no” for… what reason again? 

But I digress. 

Tony offers compromises. He works his ass off to come up with a way to wipe Steve and Sam’s record clean, and to offer Bucky therapy instead of prison. He keeps reaching out, over and over again, only to have his hand slapped away by Rogers. But unlike Rogers, Tony doesn’t dismiss Steve’s claims that there are other Winter Soldiers. He investigates the information and then, because his heart is too big for his own good, he still goes to Siberia to help. 

And there are 5 more super soldiers just like him. I can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. I can’t.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Because where Steve says “I,” Tony says “we.” Because Tony Stark, who “doesn’t play well with others,” is the one who keeps reaching out and trying to move as a team. Because Steve, who keeps preaching about fighting “together” and not having secrets, keeps his tightly under wraps. Again, do you think Sam and Bucky were aware of Tony’s deal? 

Back on topic, Tony goes to Siberia to help Steve, who then proceeds to invalidate his trauma and pain at seeing his parents die in front of his eyes. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, of course Tony’s not stupid and realizes that Steve knew. But instead of confessing, Steve lies to his face all. over. again.

I will not even go into that condescending letter, which could be summarized like follows: “I’m sorry you don’t understand that I was right and you were wrong, and if you’re prepared to beg for forgiveness and freely offer your house, your toys and your money to me again, I might just, after some time, agree to forgive you. P.S.: How is it, being all by yourself in that huge place?”  

Steve is a hypocritical, holier-than-thou asshole and needs a kick where the sun don’t shine. Tony better not forgive anyone until they grovel for at least 10 years. 

ETA: Also, that “I could do this all day” line infuriated me to no end. Implying that Tony’s being a bully when he’s just been stabbed in the back by his teammates while he was trying to do what was right is downright petty, stupid, awful and shitty


Part 1

Part 2.1: Natasha | Part 2.2: Steve | Part 2.3: Thor

Sad news for all of us, most especially Jack Noir

Microsoft somberly announced Monday that Ms. Paint has met her end in 2017. Before her time, she was thoughtlessly replaced by her creator - a cruel twist of fate that few could ever imagine experiencing firsthand. Among those few is her late matesprit Spades Slick, and perhaps we can take comfort in knowing they’re together again at last. 

Her charm, hospitality, kindness, unmatched painting prowess, and unwavering dedication to opacity in a world that demanded transparency will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.


On Saturday, April 29, 2017 at/or about 11:00 PM an unidentified Balch Springs police officer, allegedly responding to a disturbance call, fired multiple rounds into a motor vehicle occupied by five teenage boys. At least one of the rounds struck 15 year old Jordan Edwards in the head killing him. Jordan had attended a community party with dozens of other youth and was leaving the scene at the time he was fatally shot. It’s been reported that as officers arrived, attendees began to disperse, including Edwards and his companions. They hurried into the car and began to maneuver out of the parking space when they heard someone shout profanity at them. The unidentified person shouting at them was holding a flashlight and appeared to be a police officer. Before the driver could respond the unidentified police officer fired multiple shots at the vehicle. The driver sped away from the gun fire only to discover Edwards had been struck in the head. He stopped the car and flagged down the nearest emergency vehicle. Edwards was transported to Baylor Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Jordan Edwards was a straight “A” freshman at Mesquite High School. He was a student athlete who was loved by his family and peers alike. The family is truly devastated by this senseless killing and is calling on a thorough investigation, which should lead to the termination of the officer and criminal charges filed against him for his reckless conduct and disregard for life. Based on witness accounts of the incident, there simply was no justifiable and/or lawful reason for the officer to fire at an occupied vehicle.

As the family struggles to deal with the pointless murder of their child they now have to face false claims of under-age drinking and fabrications about “aggressive" behavior. The Balch Springs PD has offered a familiar narrative in the absence of weapons or any indication of actual danger to the officer and any other person. The claim that the vehicle that Edwards occupied when he was shot “moved in an aggressive way toward an officer” is transparently contrived in order to justify a defenseless act of murder. The facts will bear out the truth and on behalf of the family we demand transparency with all facts and evidence involved. The family is calling on the community to stand with them, resolute in the demand for justice. Civil Rights Attorneys, Lee Merritt, Jasmine Crockett and Daryl Washington, are reviewing the evidence and actively talking to individuals who may have witnessed the incident. They are calling on officials to release the name and identity of the officer involved in the deadly shooting.

– Lee Merrit


The MICA Adjunct faculty is trying to start a union, and students are organizing to show their support as the administration continues unethical union busting tactic. 

If you attend MICA or are in the Baltimore area, please come to Cafe Doris, 1470 Mt. Royal Avenue at 5pm this Friday to learn more about what we can do. 

Why should you care about supporting the adjunct union as a student?
As our tuition rises every year administrators keep accepting yearly pay raises. The last raise for our adjunct professors was back in the 90’s. MICA is an educational institution, created to serve us, the students. If the people directly facilitating our education aren’t being treated fairly we should not stand by idly, especially when a projected career path for many of us is to become college professors.

Demand transparency, it is our right.

in the mean time, PLEASE sign this petition to show your support, a print out with direct testimonials will be hand delivered to Fred Lazarus tomorrow afternoon. 


by popular demand, the whole transparent title. i finally had something to do today after a whole week of doing nothing. There’s two versions; one with the reflection and one without. enjoy, my little ducklings

(can use for anything, don’t have to credit, etc. etc. blah blah blah)
Honduras troops shoot dead teenage girl amid election crisis protests
Kimberly Dayana Fonseca, 19, shot dead in Tegucigalpa early on Saturday as government imposes 10-day curfew as protesters claim election fraud
By Nina Lakhani

A teenage girl was killed as troops opened fire on unarmed protesters in the Honduran capital on Saturday, after the government declared a 10-day curfew and suspended constitutional rights in an attempt to contain an escalating political crisis fuelled by evidence of electoral fraud.

According to witnesses, Kimberly Dayana Fonseca, 19, was shot dead in Tegucigalpa in the early hours of Saturday morning by military police – members of a huge force loyal to the rightwing government of Juan Orlando Hernández, who is accused of meddling in the vote count after last Sunday’s election in an attempt to cling to power.

There were reports of mass detentions and serious injuries overnight after the government deployed troops across the country in what many fear is a return to autocratic rule. At least four people were confirmed dead.

Six days after the election, the winner of the presidential race has still not been declared by the beleaguered electoral commission (TSE), which is controlled by Hernández’s National party.

The opposition Alliance leader, Salvador Nasralla, was five points ahead until a spate of irregularities including mysterious delays in rural votes and computer glitches saw his seemingly insurmountable lead overturned.

The fraud can no longer just be called fraud,” Eugenio Sosa, a sociologist and political analyst, told the Guardian. “This is a type of electoral coup against the president-elect, Salvador Nasralla.”

The election debacle has plunged the Central American country of 8.5 million people into its worst political crisis since a 2009 military-backed coup which unleashed a violent crackdown against social and political activists.

The current crisis is closely linked to the consolidation of power by Hernández and his allies since the coup, which has given the National party control over Congress, the judiciary and the armed forces. Hernández used a controversial ruling by friendly judges in the supreme court to justify his bid for a second term in power, despite the constitution prohibiting re-election of sitting or former leaders.

Military police units were patrolling the streets of Tegucigalpa, where no unrest had been reported by Saturday afternoon. The curfew, which began on Friday at 11pm local time with very little warning, suspends the right to free movement from 6pm to 6am and allows security forces to detain anyone breaking the curfew or who is “in some way suspected of causing damage to people or their property”.

Honduras received $17.3m in security aid from the US this year.

The opposition Alliance claimed looting and violence seen in some cities was prompted by government-aligned provocateurs tasked with generating chaos in order to justify state repression.

Human rights groups fear that a new terror law, approved weeks before the election, will be used to quell dissent. Thousands are expected to demonstrate across the country on Sunday morning, after opposition leaders issued a call for peaceful mobilizations in public parks and squares.

Meanwhile, cracks appear to be growing within the electoral commission. TSE magistrate Marco Ramiro Lobo told the Guardian the delayed rural votes and computer failures – the main system and backup both allegedly failed – must be investigated as “the tribunal president on Monday gave the order to stop counting for 10 to 12 hours”.

Alliance leaders are locked in negotiations with the TSE over an 11-point list of demands.

“The Alliance’s demands for a transparent recount should be met … otherwise this will go on for days and call into question the legitimacy of the process,” said Lobo.

Your friendly reminder to not pre-order games this E3. They will do whatever it takes to get your money, and they can, have, and will lie and hide things to make you give your money to a game you know very little about.

Don’t let them have your money based solely on promises. Demand transparency, demand demos, and do. Not. Pre-order.

TSAMU 2017

Ngayon lang ako nakapunta ng TSAMU tapos naging facilitator agad. Ghad, it was so amazing like I thought lalamunin ako ng pagka-introvert ko pero ayun I was so happy that I had new friends. Na-let go ko na siguro lahat ng hinanakit sa semester na nagdaan dahil sa TSAMU chz. Bawi kami next year sa games, kulelat ang Group 3 and we demand transparency HAHAHA jk. I hope next year maka-attend ulit at sana makasama na kayo Duty Squad HAHA labyuol.

I am real fuckin’ wary of f/annibalfest and I beg y'all to be careful before spending between $160 and $400 on such a small con. It’s one thing to be new at scheduling conventions. I have no problem with people ironing out bumps along the way. But their attitude towards people who ask for transparency before they contribute A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY makes me nervous.

Like. If I wanted a bottom tier ticket I’d be spending $320 for my wife and I. If we spend the weekend in Toronto that’s $60 there and $60 back, a hotel at a cheap price would run about $150 for the weekend. At the very cheapest. To feed ourselves we’re looking at $55 a day if we eat only fast food.

That’s over $600 for a small, startup convention for two people who live pretty close to Toronto. And that makes me super nervous.

I’m not saying the planners are bad or wrong, or that you shouldn’t go. I’m just saying you need to think about where your money is going, and demand transparency when people admit they’re new at something while asking for your money. I’d like to see an itemized list of where money is going. I’d like to know exactly who is planning the con - the full team. I’d like them to pick a PR person to answer inquiries who doesn’t make people feel like assholes for wanting to know where their money is going. I worked in management for years y'all, no matter how annoyed someone is? As a customer service rep you don’t get to be annoyed right back. It gives a bad rep to the brand that will turn potential buyers away.

So. Just think about it. Be careful. I don’t have room to put up everyone that flies from England is this falls through. And the last thing I need is to be stuck in Dash Fyre Fannibal Con fighting Scott Thompson for a cheese sandwich.

Ultimately, the mounting class conflict [after the population collapse of the Black Plague] brought about a new alliance between the bourgeoisie and the nobility, without which proletarian revolts may not have been defeated. It is difficult, in fact, to accept the claim, often made by historians, according to which these struggles had no chance of success due to the narrowness of their political horizons and the “confused nature of their demands.” In reality, the objectives of the peasants and artisans were quite transparent. They demanded that “every man should have as much as another” and, in order to achieve this goal, they joined with all those “who had nothing to lose,” acting in concert, in different regions, not afraid to confront the well-trained armies of the nobility, despite their lack of military skills.

If they were defeated, it was because all the forces of feudal power–the nobility, thee Church, and the bourgeoisie–moved against them united, despite their traditional divisions, by their fear of proletarian rebellion. Indeed, the image, that has been handed down to us, of a bourgeoisie perennially at war with the nobility, and carrying on its banners the call for equality and democracy, is a distortion. By the late Middle Ages, wherever we turn, from Tuscany to England and the Low Countries, we find the bourgeoisie already allied with the nobility in the suppression of the lower classes. For in the peasants and the democratic weavers and cobblers of its cities, the bourgeoisie recognized an enemy far more dangerous than the nobility - one that made it worthwhile for the burghers even to sacrifice their cherished political autonomy.Thus, it was the urban bourgeoisie, after two centuries of struggles waged in order to gain full sovereignty within the walls of its communes, who reinstituted the power of the nobility, by voluntarily submitting to the rule of the Prince, the first step on the road to the absolute state.

Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch

oh my god listen to me. listen to me. with rose-poe roleswap in mind, med ship blows up, and someone who sees that last transmission gets emotional because They Knew That Guy. this person leaves the room to take a moment to be emotional, the camera follows them out, and they run into rose. rose comforts them, relates because of her sister, and when she finds out more of the story - maybe have this person confide that they feel like they’re all dying for nothing - she confronts holdo and demands answers. Hold Authority Accountable. Demand Transparency. It Doesn’t Matter How High They Are On The Hierarchy, All Members Of The Resistance Deserve To Have Their Voices Heard. Riam You Coward.


I’m lookin to do some marker colored commissions like the examples above! I could rlly use some extra cash to feed my family, pay bills, and it’ll help me not have to go into my physically demanding job.
One character + color + transparent or photoshopped in solid color background is $10. Extra characters will be an additional $2.
I mostly draw people and fashion, but may be open to other things! Please message me here for inquiries.

This song guys is all I’ve been listening to the past few hours since @smokesontheroof pointed out  this post and gave my a little prompt so here we go .Writing from Andrew’s perspective is new and a challenge so hope it turned out ok D: also I can’t remember the bed situation in the dorm but lets go with this if I’m wrong ‘)

A moment like this

It was still dark when Andrew slipped out of the dorm.

He had woken up suddenly, his eyes wild, panicked and limbs thrashing. And even though his heart raced, time slowed enough for him to realize that he was alone.

The only weight crushing him was that nightmare that was his own memory. He kicked the already strewn sheets aside and sat up from his pillow, damp with sweat.

It took a minute longer for him to loosen his grip on the knife he’d grabbed on instinct.

It took him two minutes before he slid it back into place. He listened to the sound of Neil’s own uneasy sleep in the bunk below and when it was quiet, Andrew swallowed the last of his fear and climbed down from his bunk.

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1.21 // 2.06   (requested by @keanus-croptop)

Hux fiery hair headcanons

A little thing demanded *cough* *cough* requested by @poefinnrey

I bet that:

  • No touching allowed. Hux doesn’t want to waste time with unnecessary actions, like adjusting hair every five minutes. In the work time, you are absolutely forbidden to touch them. Even if there’s noone else around.
  • During the day, Hux himself touches his hair only once. In the morning. General licks them down in a way he finds perfect, and expects to remain perfect until the evening.
  • They stop being untouchable with the end of the day. When coming back to his quarters or visiting yours, he lays down on your lap and transparently demands his hair to get ruffled, with snuggling his head into your hand.
  • Hux loves the feeling of your fingers messing with his hair, although he can allow himself that pleasure only at the end of the day, when there’s no need for him to look perfect anymore.
  • The only situation when you can tug his hair is during sex. It makes him crazy; provokes to go faster, harder; sometimes, to growl and sink his teeth in your skin.
  • When you decide to ruffle his hair despite the day rules, he gives you an angry look and depending on your behaviour for the rest of the day and his mood, he punishes you either against his office desk in late night hours or with a silent treatment. It’s 50-50 and your call whether this pleasure is worth the risk.
  • One of Hux’s favourite form of spending time together is sharing a bath, with you washing his hair.
  • He doesn’t use a hair dryer but lets his hair get dry with time. Even if that means real messy head in the morning. Especially after a night with you.
  • Hux is secretly envious about Kylo’s hair. Seeing you looking at that dark storm of curls makes him want to set Ren’s head on fire.

stopbarrystop  asked:

Might we be blessed with some commentary from you on this WM quote from facebook?: "What I like most about him, I think, is that Leonard Snart is Leonard Snart 24-7. He's always himself. Always in alignment. Unlike some other characters who spend their days running around in a mask (cough, cough), Snart's not keeping secrets. He's not wrestling with identity issues or a divided self. If you ask him who he is, he'll tell you. And in that respect, despite his evil deeds, I think he's heroic."

Hey! Love that you write this like “might we be blessed” haha, sitting here blushing. Tbh, I’d love to talk about this.

I’ve actually seen your post on this and it’s been percolating in my head in the past few days since then, not to mention that it’s been rolling around up there for about a year now, because Wentworth has talked about Cold “not being a divided self” both in that mailbag quote you mention and in other places

I’ve talked about it once before, and brought it back up for more analysis in my discussion on how Len acts as a foil to Barry, but I think I have a better understanding of it now than I did before and there’s so much more we know about the character, so I’m glad to have this brought up again.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart too, because it’s so fundamental to understanding Len, and understanding how Wentworth is portraying him, so I’ll dig in with where my thinking is at on the matter.

I think Wentworth’s comment is best understood if we look not just at the mailbag quote but also his quote from the May 2015 PKO Off film festival:

“[Leonard] is totally in alignment, and by alignment I mean: what I think it’s what I say it’s what I do. So, you ask Captain Cold who he is, and he is going to tell you “I’m Captain Cold”. He is never not Captain Cold. And in that way I think he is heroic, because he is speaking his truth…”

So to me, in conjunction with the quote you posted, this indicates that Wentworth sees Len as a person who knows himself and is honest with himself, and honest about who he is and what he’s capable of, and honest about how he sees himself. And we’ve seen that.

We’ve seen it on the Flash.

We’ve seen it at the start of Legends.

We’ve seen him be honest with himself about his motives.

And his priorities. Time and again.

We’ve even seen him admit to changing, even if he took a while to vocalize it, waiting until he was pressed.

So… Len is in alignment with himself, in a lot of ways; the evidence stacks up. He admits to being a criminal, he happily takes on the mantle of being Captain Cold when given to him, and doesn’t deny that he’s an opportunist, doesn’t pretend to be more noble than he actually feels. For the most part, he accepts himself, and even if some things give him pause, he doesn’t outright deny them when they’re true, like having no rejoinder to being a ‘lousy villain this week’, which Barry calls him out on being in 2x09.

But I think confusion about this alignment comes in when we see him saying things like:

Which is so obviously disingenuous. Or even things like:

Which don’t appear to be his true motive. But note that when Len says things like that, it’s to convince other people of something or it serves some end. And while there may be some ring of truth to lines like this (particularly that he probably does want a chance to steal things across history), that doesn’t mean he’s not in alignment in himself, only that he has multiple motives that converge, and isn’t sure yet even why he’s been invited on this trip to the future so he latches on to the motive that’s most accessible to him, especially when it comes to convincing Mick to join him.

And when he does change? When his motives have shifted? Len doesn’t deny it when he’s called on it.

So it’s not that Len can’t or won’t lie (he does), or that he’s always forthright with people (he’s not), it’s that he doesn’t tend to lie about who he is and how he sees himself, to himself or to others (when pressed). He isn’t in denial or self-deception, and he resolves his own internal conflicts by making a choice and going forward with it and owning it.

And though he doesn’t see himself as a hero, even if he feels a sense of honor (which he doesn’t ever deny), Len does experience a change, a desire for more, and he admits to it, sets himself on that course. And he’s admitting he wants the legacy involved, the notion of being a Legend, even if he’s saying it in his own way:

Len is also almost always upfront about his motives for doing something, whether he’s only somewhere to save Mick or whether he’s pushed to admitting why he really wants the maximillian emerald, he only lies in order to manipulate and get his way, not to obfuscate the truth from himself. So he always knows why he’s doing something, even if that motive ends up changing. Again, when it comes to who he is, he’s not a character out to deceive others (unless they’re a mark and he’s working a job), because he’s not interested in not being himself. He’s Leonard Snart, he’s Captain Cold, and even if he protects his emotions and makes sure to have a tough front, he’s never gonna’ wear a mask and hide who he really is.

He’s also not gonna’ lie about what side he’s on, even when that side has changed: whether it’s Mick’s side, his own side, or the team’s side, once he’s made up his mind, the rest of him is in alignment with that choice and the consequences of it.

Beyond that, on an identity level, I think some people don’t quite know how to examine this apparent ‘alignment of self’ within Len in the sense that we see his Cold Persona, his ‘Snart’ self, and then the more vulnerable Lenny/Leo side, and we might interpret that as: he’s not aligned, he has all these different aspects of himself. But having different aspects doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t mean he’s not admitting who he is. He’s always admitted that he’s had a “rough childhood” and his father was (tongue-in-cheek) a “sterling role model” and that he does what he does in the city he does it in simple because he loves it, the city is his home, and he’s “very good at it”. Len’s not denying his identity or his history to anyone who asks, even if he’s not about to show them his vulnerable side. His Cold Persona is still part of him, still something he enjoys, a tool but genuine, an expression of self. It’s not hiding any of him, it’s just augmenting what’s already there.

Finally, on the notion of how Len is conflicted over becoming a hero, denying it but doing heroic things, I don’t know if that’s the same as not being himself. Len is on the Waverider because he wants to be. He’s on this team and doing what he chooses to. He’s aware of what he’s up to and when his aims start to change (I think that he cares more about the future once he sees the potential destruction of Central City the first time they mess up the timeline, realizing what’s truly at stake). And he’ll always tell you who he is and why he’s doing what he’s doing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t layers to it, pieces of the puzzle he’s still working through in his head before he’ll vocalize them to others. But he tends not to deny things when asked outright. 

And while it may be easy for us who analyze him to try to see contradictions of a self divided, to try and find those gaps, consider him in relation to others. Consider Barry, who wears a mask and lies about being the Flash when asked to his face if he’s the Flash by someone with evidence that he is. Consider Cisco, who tried to hide his powers because he was afraid of the implications and didn’t want them. Consider Rip, who lied to the whole team about his aims and goals and continues to do so. 

Were any of those people Leonard, he’d tell whoever accused him of being the Flash “yes that is who I am” and accept and investigate his own powers if he had them, and tell the team his goals up front if he intended to work with them as a crew (and not as marks). He’s also direct when working with a crew or on a team (even if he lies to Mick, he admits to lying to Mick and why), and he demands transparent communication from others:

For the record, I’ve been trying to write Len this way for ages (though I don’t always succeed, because internal conflict is fun to work with). I attempt to capture how he likes to be honest, if only with himself. How he acknowledges when he starts to develop feelings or attraction for someone, how he’s not in denial of those parts of himself whenever he becomes aware of them, aware of himself being pulled in different directions or conflicted. I mostly try to write him as someone who knows what he wants, or figures out what he wants fast when he doesn’t already know. And if he can’t admit something, it’s because he’s still processing it and figuring it out inside his own head. 

So I don’t think these quotes of Wentworth’s fly in the face of how we characterize him generally, it’s just that we have to examine what Wentworth’s statements really mean.