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Need some Voltron requests? Shallura + quintant, Klance + fly, Hunk/Pidge/Lance BrOTP + party, please?

Shallura + Quintant

    It was Shiro who noticed, it was always Shiro who noticed when things were bothering her and Allura honestly wasn’t sure whether that annoyed her or warmed her today, turning to meet him as he slipped away from where the others were still excitedly replaying the battle.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Allura tried to reassure him, even offering him a smile that would have fooled most people…but he wasn’t most people and he stared at her, silently demanding the truth and after a couple of minutes she sighed. “Sometimes it feels as though you’re all part of a circle, one that I can never be part of it.” That was how it should be…they were Voltron after all, and maybe in the past it would have been easier to accept, but with her people gone and only the Paladins and Coran to call family, the distance frightened her. She was caught by surprise when he pulled her into a hug, usually he tried to keep such displays private, but this time his arms tightened when she tried to pull back.

“You’re part of the circle too, you’ve always been,” he murmured in her ear, and there was such certainty in his voice, reinforced by the distant growl of the Black Lion that she could do nothing but nod, even if deep down she wasn’t convinced.

Klance + Fly

“You would’ve loved this…” The words crept unbidden from his lips as they always did when he was confronted by something that he knew Lance would have loved, wide oceans, sometimes the same colour as the ones back on Earth, sometimes a dizzying array of colours that always reminded him vividly of Blue’s ice. This time though they seemed more poignant, more painful, and there were tears in his eyes as he made himself look out of Red’s eyes, drinking in the sight of Earth stretching out below…familiar and yet strangely foreign after so long away. It was a sight he almost wished that he hadn’t survived to see, because it felt wrong…so wrong to be flying above their home planet, to be seeing it, to be within reach and to not have Lance at his side. Lance should’ve been there, flying by his side, whooping at finally being so close to home…he should have been able to turn to display and see his boyfriend, see the soft smile that always spoke of a longing for home, to see the tears that he knew would have been shimmering in blue eyes at this moment.

Hunk/Pidge/Lance (Brotp) + Party

   At some point it had become a tradition amongst the three of them. It had been Hunk who had started it, breaking into Lance’s room with Pidge in tow on the anniversary of the day they had all started at the garrison, bringing with him food and recollections that other two were stunned to realise they were beginning to forget. That had been the start…after that it had been Lance who had raided the kitchen for anything that Coran hadn’t made, retrieving the other two from their lab, reminding them in a soft voice that it was a year since they had left the Garrison. The next time it was Pidge, for once willingly abandoning her work to hunt them down with food and invitation to play on the games system she had managed to construct and that night they had stayed up late, marking what would have been their graduation day at the Garrison. Sometimes the others would dip in, bringing food and staying to hear tales of their life before Voltron, but it was understood that this was something for the three of them, a tradition followed each year on the days that held most meaning for them…a way to cling to what they’d had, and a wish that one day they would get to go home.

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.337:

“The image is the cover of volume 33 that will be out in April. The coloring makes it look like Alibaba, but it’s actually Sinbad.

I hope you enjoy Magi this week. It’s a chapter that continues with Judar and Sinbad. Judar is someone who doesn’t seriously speak of his inner conflicts to others no matter how close he is to them. He might spit it out to a corpse or an illusion, but basically, he always ponders over them and deals with them himself. He doesn’t sound like someone who consults others or argues about them. It makes one wonder how he ended up that way. He contrasts with Hakuryuu who demands the naked truth from others or the rational Aladdin.”

Weak, noncommittal language allows readers and listeners to hide from reality, weasel out of accountability, interpret facts in whatever way flatters them most. Stark truths demand either action or an admission of complicity.

you know, i’m usually chill and do not Care about what the latest problematic™ thing is in this fandom or what new/old discourse is happening, but since it has reached me and i do care about this….

it appals me that, in this unnecessary j/lec vs m@lec ‘’war’’, and after the ‘issue’ of jace’s behavior towards alec in s1 has been brought up, i had to read with my own eyes something like ‘’after all magnus has treated alec better than jace ever did’’ …….

and i just want to say, everyone ships whatever they want and prefer whichever character, but for a fandom that has been so butthurt at any breaching of canon, how has this very crucial, important, canonical soul-bond between jace and alec lost its meaning and is so often reduced to ‘’brothers’’ or ‘’unhealthy/problematic/whatever’’ instead of regarding it as the very complicated, multifaceted and long-standing bond that it is??? outside of the ships, but as this relationship that is of such importance for BOTH characters in-canon????

as in, (and i repeat, please don’t read this as a competition/comparison to further a ship war instead of the contextualization that i’m trying to make) alec and magnus have known each other for less than two months at best, and their ‘’road’’ to each other has also not been all rainbow and roses, 

(on the matter of that quote of magnus treating him better than jace, has everyone conveniently forgotten that they’d seen each other twice before he acted all salty over alec’s marriage as if they’d been together for years?? and i don’t say this as hate for god’s sake, i’m giving the other perspective and reminding that none of those characters are perfect and if you start blindly judging and overly criticizing one, know that there is content for the others too)

while jace and alec for TEN years - in those years we know they became friends, best friends, family, parabatai - so to say ‘’…than jace EVER did’’ as in judging jace and alec’s relationship out of the FRACTION that we’ve SEEN of the time that they’ve known each other??? (and in this case even less than that, only s1, because s2 is a whole different matter???)

thay HAVE their drisagreements, their ups and downs,

(and honestly, whoever has someone they care about, have you…always been perfect with each other, never argued, hurt each other, accidentally or not?? and after, you just stop caring?? -i’m obviously not talking about abuse here-)

and, as of one of my recent posts, i’m the first to criticize and not like jace’s behavior in s1, but as other people have said in my replies, this is also something that has an explanation that is very complex (re: his abusive past) which is also something that i actively chose not to delve into because i’m not a jace expert, i don’t relate to him as i do alec so i often don’t get his behavior, especially in s1, so other people should definitely talk about that, but even then, to stay stuck at that point of their dynamic erases the fact that any relationship of whatever kind is a two-way street and both jace and alec have been in conflict with the other and have treated the other not in a stellar way, no matter who was ‘’right’’ or not (and the fact that they’re both two emotionally stunted people didn’t help them deal with it in a ‘’healthy’’ way)

so to try and see only the negative aspects, erase how at the core of their differences was and is always this deep love and care for each other as two people that chose to tie themselves together for life, is a cruel disservice to this very special and meaningful bond. 

By All The Gods

By all the gods of sacredness and beauty, I love you.
I’ll not apologize nor make excuse, only stand by truth.
Right, wrong, I care not any longer for I’ve foraged heart.
I’ve found the foundation of reality there and it dictates.
Truth demands real and real demands love for you, like or no.
I am yours, rather your ideal or dream, I’m who dreams you.
Let me go if you like and see if you find another who’ll lay life down.
Another for whom you are their waking and sleeping thought.
Because by all the beautiful sacred gods of truth, I love you.

That scene from ‘Manhattan’ (with bad quality screencaps)

I’ve wanted to analyse this scene for a while and finally got the chance to do it. This scene really pushes my buttons where Neal is concerned.

We begin with Emma realising that Bae is Neal and having a breakdown, demanding the truth and Neal agrees to tell her. Okay, fair enough.

This is where is gets bad. He suggests going to a bar and starts walking away before Emma had the chance to agree.

I want to discuss the choice of venue-a bar. It’s a public venue where Emma cannot make a scene. He could have taken her into a side alley, but he chose to suggest a public place that would require her to sit and listen. And maybe have a drink.

Emma is angry and states she is not going to drink with him, a reasonable request. Neal doesn’t listen and continues to walk away.

He does not take her feelings or desires into consideration She flat out said no, but he made it so that she had to follow him and go to the bar in order to hear what she wanted to hear. He makes it so that everything is entirely on his terms.

The final nail in the coffin is “You can keep yelling at me when we get there.” Completely patronising way to speak to the girl who you abandoned.

This scene shows Neal’s lack of respect for Emma’s desires and emotions

And perhaps even scarier is that some of the comments on this scene were how they are “so married” and “act like a couple”. This is not cute or sweet. It’s disrespectful, manipulative and just cruel to do that to her.

Evocation of the Black Mother

Call to Her for Rites involving: 

Darkness, chaos, the esoteric, the infernal, “demons,” but on a more personal level: things forgotten, the subconscious, fear and the primal aspects of the psyche. 

While she can be sharp, her teachings are rooted in cosmic understanding – she is the ever-present, the one who sees all, but remains passive and patient, biding her time until her force might be unleashed with catastrophic fervor. Do not fear her – for despite her power and frightful epithets – she is nonetheless a great, maternal force. “To understand, one must be demanded – for Truth is an elusive concept.”

Offerings, including but not limited to: 

Blood – of most any variety (dark wine will also suffice), meat (raw or otherwise), black candles (turned upside down), ashes, water – rain, sea, spring, river, lake, black soil, obsidian, sulphur, spiderwebs, etc. No fire or lit candles.

Ideal locations for workings:

 The darkness – night, caves, empty fields, near water, anywhere dark and secluded, but even a dark room stripped of as much light as possible will do.

To Call Her

Gather a collection of offerings, a square of black cloth, and (optionally) a bell with a low, vibrational tone – a gong or singing bowl would also work. Before the working, on the black cloth, mark her Seal (above) in ash (chalk or paint would also suffice). Upon this, the offerings will be presented. It is important to do this beforehand, as the working should take place in complete darkness (or as complete as can be arranged). Given that this should be done blindly, there is no hymn to be sung or prayer to be read – instead, speak from the heart. Ask her to come, trust your intuition and delve into recesses of the mind. Present a desire, ask for her help, ask for her presence. While those with Sight may catch a glimpse of her, she prefers to remain shapeless, present as a serpentine energy – one that coils about in the shadows and reassures the practitioner. Do not fear, but trust the Darkness.

Once the connection has been made, you might make a plea to her. What that will be is entirely dependent on what you need, but do so honestly – there are no secrets, she knows – do not try to mask your true intentions or desires, for they are already apparent to her. Be forward, be genuine and she will do what she believes is right.

When you are through, leave the offerings for her. Leave the scene by taking three steps backwards, turning and walking away without looking back. If you choose to work within a dark room, leave through the door, at which point, you may reenter and turn the light on to clean up. The offerings should nonetheless be left somewhere dark (a basement would do), remote, or buried.

It is recommended that upon the completion of your request that you leave another offering to her as a gift of thanks.

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If Rebecca happens to bring up drugs in the conversation with Aaron or anything kind of hinting that she knows then Aaron will probably realise Robert went to her... I honestly can see Aaron piecing the ONS together for himself then at some point demanding the truth from Robert...Just a thought.

I do wonder if Aaron will figure it out and when Rob finally tells him, he’ll admit that he knew. 

Where they go from there is anyone’s guess. 

Them actually staying together and working it out? THAT WOULD BE A TWIST. 


I wasn’t going to address this, and I’m not going to @ anyone


FIRST OF ALL! I don’t know why you didn’t approach me or at least tagged me so I could explain my opinion. Anyways.

Aja is beautiful, talented, established, etc etc. No one’s contesting any of that. My point is >> instead of WHINING, because there’s no other word for that, why don’t you become the bigger person and teach people a lesson? Why turn this into a narcissistic demand? The TRUTH is there will ALWAYS be people tryna take you down. That’s what Drag Race tries to teach us> to be strong enough to take ANYTHING that life throws at us to turn it into something meaningful. Which brings me to Aja’s post> yes, she’s being insulted, harassed, blah blah blah. IT’S FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA. You don’t know these people. To take to heart what they say through a screen is pathetic. Just log off.

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That’s why I say they don’t make queens like Alaska anymore. She could have at least meme’d herself and turned it into something positive, but no.. Just turn your phone off girl. Go out and sip a drink. I’m sure she has the “privilege” (whatever the fuck that means) to do so.


Again almost on the eve of the 7th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, we must stand united together, as the one voice in the strong defense of our Idol.

Most of you probably have heard about sick revelations published on some website, but purposely I’m not going to mention the page name and url - out of respect for the MJ that they deliberately trampled.

Stop this lies and hate, we demand truth! We’re tired of injustice, but we never stop fighting for Michael.

We believe in his innocence, which was adjudicated by an independent court. Not guilty on all charges - this was the final sentence and no one can tell us that it could be otherwise.  All persons (including tabloids, media and internet) who spread false information, try to deny a final court judgment of 2005. And this is the real scandal that returns like a boomerang for 11 years. The worst part is that Michael died in 2009 can not contradict whole lies. We the fans do it for him now.

We don’t agree to hurting us with the lies, we don’t let to hurt Michael’s children and rest of the family! We want the truth on the lips of the world not the fake. Remember that he is, he always was innocent!

Please share this immediately. Show your love and support for Michael Jackson, cause he always stand for the right side.


i really really don’t have the time to get into it right now (gotta leave for work in five min.) but thinking about this post [link: here] and i think for me, part of the problem is a Truth thing

i was Catholic. not just ‘going through motions, practicing because its what i know’ Catholic, but hardcore, genuinely believe, seriously considering joining a religious order Catholic. and Catholicism demands a belief in Truth.

and i did. (do?) believe that Truth.

and i had to turn and walk away because it was the option i had to take, when faced with the fact that whatever i believed about this Truth, hundreds of thousands of others did not, and what they believed conflicted directly with my own, personal, trans & queer truth.

guess it ties in a lot with some of my thoughts on trans people and our relationship with truth & honesty & lies, for that matter. and now i gotta run.

Femslash Crossover: Michaela Pratt / Iris West (The Flash) 

Iris West is persistent. Michaela doesn’t know the woman, but she knows this to be a fact as she’s been trying to dodge the reporter (and her ever-present recorder) for the past three weeks. No matter what time she leaves the courthouse, or which exit she takes, Iris is there pestering her with questions about her client and the lawsuit being brought against him. Iris demands the truth, and promises not to give up until she has it. Growing increasingly frustrated with the situation, Michaela takes it upon herself to confront Iris at her place of employment, finding pleasure in catching the other woman off guard for once. She expects there to be a confrontation (maybe even a bit of yelling and threatening), but Michaela is pleasantly surprised by the invitation to dinner she receives instead.

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Hello lovely Admins! I've been reading your blog for almost 2 months but It's my first time to talk to you (urgh so exciting Q.Q) I really enjoy your work, it gives me a smile every day! So I wanted to ask for a reaction to: How would San.E Loco and Giriboy react to you going back to the us for a couple months and finding out from your brother you're 3 months pregnant - but for Jay, Simon D and Zico ~ thank youu

Jay: He would laugh at first, telling your brother it’s a stupid joke and dismissing it completely. Of course when your brother insists that it’s the truth, he’ll be shocked; part of him still hoping it’s just a stupid elaborate joke or something. If he can, he’ll go to America to see you. If not he’ll call you and demand the truth. After hearing that, he’ll be in obvious pain, not understanding how you could keep it from him and he’ll tell you just that; his anger overtaking the pain for that moment. Once calmed down, he would ask you to come back so you two can work it out.  

Originally posted by zicosbae

Simon: He would be pissed the fuck of. There’s really no other way to put it. Simon puts a lot of value into things such as trust and honesty and the lie itself would be enough to aggravate him, but something as big and life changing as this? Oh no. He would literally do everything in his power to fly to America that instant to talk to you face to face. He would figure this decisions is as also his to make, not only yours. 

Zico: He would be in pure shock for a bit; confused by emotions of shock, anger, sadness,… it would be difficult for him to decide what he feels the strongest and how to handle this situation. He would start calling you once he had found the power to speak again, demanding to know the truth and begging you to come back that instant to work it out. He would know that something is terribly wrong between the two of you for it to come this far of you not telling him and it would pain him. Still, he would want to figure it out; for you, for him, but especially for the child. 

- Mint

Craving social interaction but desperately needing time alone. Longing to connect with others but being terrified of opening up. Wishing someone could understand me but running away from those who start to. Demanding the truth while keeping secrets. Hating people for hurting others but loving them for their flaws. Wanting to help others but hurting them instead.

Opening the door to my heart then slamming it when they approach the threshold.

Author: museaway
Artist: MyColour
Rating: Mature
Length: 18k
Pairings: Dean Smith/endverse Castiel (a mild form)
Warnings: None
Tropes:  A/B/O dynamics, secluded together somewhere, Dean Smith ‘verse

Dean Smith has experienced passing attraction to other alphas before, but never dreamed he’d act on it until he falls in love with his best friend. Even though he’s certain that Castiel has no interest in him beyond friendship, Dean can’t bring himself to move on. But when Castiel is outraged by a derogatory comment at work, he shows up uninvited at Dean’s lakeside cabin to demand his help, and several truths come out.

Link to fic | Link to art