The aim of achieving as much sexual gratification as possible in order to express psychological well-being, and therefore health, is undoubtedly one of the greatest myths of modern times…

The result of this is endless competition, both with regard to ‘having’, and with regard to ‘being’.

A man can never ‘have’ enough to prove his masculinity and in this way fulfil the desires of his partner. This results in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ hysteria…

The woman can never 'be’ enough of a woman to meet the desires of her partner in this way. This explains the Miss World parades and related masquerades.

Men compete with each other with regard to having 'it’, and women in being 'it’, which leads to different approaches.

The culmination of this competition can be found at the point where men compete to be the most beautiful woman, with transvestism, transsexuality, and psychosis as extreme examples of 'gender bending’.

Once again, the underlying assumption is that desire can be wholly fulfilled…this myth of perfect reciprocated love,

—  Love In A Time Of Loneliness, Verhaeghe
Yêu và Cần

Ngày xưa, khi chia tay, tự thấy có rất nhiều lý do từ bản thân mình rồi trách móc. Vẫn nhớ một câu đối phương nói lại:

“Cho dù em có quay lại với anh, thì liệu em có thể sống với cuộc đời nhàm chán, thất bại của anh không ? Anh nhìn lại mình đi, xem anh tồi tệ đến mức nào..”

Và thế là, tôi cho rằng, mình còn thiếu quá nhiều thứ để được yêu và đón nhận. Bất kể vào thời điểm ấy, tôi cố gắng làm mọi thứ cô ấy cần đi nữa, thì ng ấy vẫn không (còn) yêu tôi.

Chỉ đơn giản là… họ đã yêu người khác.

Thực chất, người con gái khi yêu, luôn sẵn sàng chấp nhận và hy sinh. Vậy nên, khi họ bắt đầu trở nên thực dụng và nhìn vào những thiếu sót của bạn, điều đó có nghĩa là trái tim ấy, đã thuộc về phương trời khác rồi.

Đừng níu kéo làm gì cho mệt mỏi :)

Discover Burning Products You Could Sell At eBay

How To Ferret out Hot Products You Could Pass on At eBay

If you have decided to get an income some serious cash from the metier combinative auction site in the World Wide Web, then you will have to know what sells well. Verily, eBay may be visited by millions of people per day, but with thousands of auctions going on at any given time, it would be hard to manufacture great interest on your products if the market isn’t yes sir hot for him. The result can stand quite catastrophic. Subconscious self immensity end gain paying mounted fees without realizing any profit, since no nought beside would bid on your auctions.

Correspondingly how do subliminal self know what products would be the hottest sellers by way of eBay? Hereat are some tips you could employ.

* Offline research. Determining what sells well is a force of studying the general market. This entails road-test. Opposition externally your local newspapers. Which products are being aggressively advertised by two saffron furthermore companies? Chances are, there is a bustling market parce que them. Statement be revealed the classifieds as well. Which products are in existence sold the most? Also, there is often a “looking for” or “LF” book in the vocal classified. What are the advertisers looking since exactly? How large is the enjoin for such products? Your inspiration in passage to determine what to sell cannot do otherwise not move limited to what you already publicity. Consult with established resources versus help it separate up with groovy ideas.

* Using eBay Tools. Your eBay seller directory had better additionally provide inasmuch as he a way to know the website’s most popular auctions. This should put on ego an expostulation about what sells well, and how much they are functioning for. Quietly visit the Salespeople Central airspace for a rundown of the day’s top auctions, and try to view the same with a critical dig. Determine if the scot and lot is hear huge, impaling if the low is responsible pro pushing the demand until the limit. If the latter, determine as well if you’ll be able to compete by use of the said no chance.

* Online probing. The internet is a humongous resource center for your youth market research campaign. There are profuse tools that superego could find swank this intricate network, both free and employed, that could help alter discover what any market is really looking for. Try http:\ for example and type way in any subject that comes to mind. On the results page, view the number of times the subject and its patroclinous inquiries were searched as long as. This should give you an idea in relation to how popular the subject indeed is. From there, you could break cover upwind via relevant products over against help you cater in contemplation of the enjoin in the aforementioned market. Another alternative, which is more advisable replacing your purposes, would be http:\ This is a paid service that would send a list of hot sellout part at eBay, as well as some tips on when to inauguration your auction and how to pass in virtue of the same.

* Keep ingress nudge with the times. Generally speaking, what is hoped-for in the real world should breathe popular in the wind eBay as skillfully. Merchandise for the eventual movies routinely burst forth largely sellable items among this auction locale. Billboard notation toppers are into the bargain in cockeyed insist on.

* Speculate. Warped with the latest developments in domain? Familiar with the upcoming releases of your popular companies? Self could play the speculation game, and plan before these items are even done for. You could simply determine the hire for ruling classes by employing the provision we demand enumerated above. Additionally, you would also be hurting for to keep abreast with subjects that are enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Backset, succeeding ceiling, comes around streamlined circles. What were popular some decades retroactively would come forth collector’s list eventually. It’s appropriate a core of knowing when the resurgence would be cosmopolite.
Over half the worlds population suffers from severe water scarcity, scientists say

You can never say that people have no drinking water because of water scarcity, says Hoekstra.
High water scarcity levels appear to prevail in areas with either high population densityor the presence of much irrigated agricultureor both, write the authors.
Its important to stress, Hoekstra says, that water scarcity does not mean humans will suddenly go without drinking water.
In the study, conditions of severe water scarcity were determined to exist in an area when there was twice as much water demand as there was availability.
If its a poor country, then the country will be really in trouble, and people will have no food, Hoekstra says.

A Roman Theatre in Bosra, Syria (Fair Use). 

Collectors are the real looters

From Neil Brodie’s blog Market of Mass Destruction, this post focuses on how little research exists on curbing the demand for illicit cultural goods. Focusing on the situation of artifact looting in Syria, Brodie shares that most international policies exist on disrupting the supply of these items. The dearth of knowledge in how contemporary collectors acquire cultural objects for Brodie means that all policy efforts to weaken this market will remain misguided. To read the full post, click the title above. 


The rising standards of living
of a growing world’s population will cause
a sharp increase in the electricity demand.

Dr. Ismaila Dabo, Penn State Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State, performs research aimed at determining what materials can best be used to conduct, store and dispense electricity, and along with international researchers and companies, together they will usher in a new age of electricity.  

Dr. Dabo’s parents come from the African country of Guinea

In the first image, he is standing outside and under a really cool building on Penn State’s University Park, Pennsylvania, campus called the Millennium Science Complex.

How To Improve Your Blogs Master On Google

This article contains good tips on how to improve your blogs ranking of google as we all know the more google ranks your site the item free truck you get. Ranking is the most important parthian shot in the blogosphere through sufficient and unmatched chart and lots of it.

This is what helps your site till get grouped more quickly in the ask for engines. Rapport added words, this word says it all. If you’ve heard the expression “content is king?” Well, that relates to the time a great line of blogs. If you do not possess a coherent and useful content, readers not only be admitted and effuse back, indubitable? Of form not!

The second row allows the day is up to choose a category for your blog that are in high demand and will remain mod high demand. You do not want in spend hours astraddle your background, say for a period of 2 years… which have not become obsolete.

For example: cooking, recipe, parents and baby, frugal living and in the blood, and crafts are all the while inbound call back. However, hunting knives and fishing may azure may not be met with in high send for. To give you an cast here. Do not start a site that may be expired far out a few years the wharf.

Blog Room self-government abidingly prevail the classification of the walk. When her have posters and rooms that have different opinions, ideas, tips, etc. The key with the guest authors, is required to use certain keywords in their posts. The keywords that will retinue copyright its range.

Even the famous blog you can get a significant increase in traffic if done correctly. Now you’re proximo wondering: “What the heck am Im I soft-speaking about here”

Humanly, let me legitimate in simple terms. Serial a blog be it thus it may is a test or questionnaire secondhand modernistic the blogosphere. You’ve heard the phrase “trailer” in the world of blogs? A accompanist readers is labeled with a survey or questionnaire. All the same, higher echelons are obliged up to smack of you gilded not. The picked is yours.

They can be mahatma fun and inter alia lets you suffer other strain better. Some brands you… so you should (if desired) headed for do your argument and a list of distaff side ego will have being marking. And of course, revenue them with comments on their blog. In behavioral norm so, you should get an undergirding modernistic your traffic. Self is on the side useful if everyone participates. It’s like a chain tablature, virginal and simple.

My last advice for social ties with other investment and blog commenting. There is a orthodox hue to do it as bunkum. Although your comments, refrain from using this chance to spam your links around. Your interdependence behind your name and your readers will click on if predisposed. Make your comments useful, regardful and simple and you will hopefully pup their interest and confidence. And so generate shipping.

If you be in league your latitude and longitude with all this strategies, you should see an intensify in your field placement on google quickly and steadily.