lovin that early game play yo

I have mostly completed Demersa and Orion’s bios but I haven’t determined where I’ll be posting the character directory yet. So they exist, I didn’t procrastinate actually making them, they’re just kind of in limbo atm.

In the meantime, you can look at Dem’s mask doing a thing:

Stain’s I haven’t done, so I’ll catch up with that before starting the next 3. Luckily Stain doesn’t have a lot of dynamic poses to illustrate for obvious reasons, lol.

This week the chosen bio is Cleo and the two selected by rng are Vespa and RoughHouse

*Swats at the hand petting him.* I am not supposed to be adorable! Stop that! 

And no, I haven’t thought too much about the pros of being a Deku, seeing how the cons are pretty big…

((Nngh I have no idea how to draw the HMS sorry ;A; also snappy scrub yes <3))