The first thing EXO does when they get their powers

Kai: *Teleports to dogs…*

Suho: *Throws water at all dem thirsty hoes*

Luhan: Come to me my love! 

Xiumin: *No longer has the power of frost because he is TOO HOT… HOT DAMN!*

Sehun: *Breaking wind… blowing you away with the booty… farts*


Chanyeol: *Accidentally sets everything on fire* Whoops…

Tao: *Stops time. Robs Gucci store.* 

D.O: *Stomps on Baekhyun’s dreams.*

Lay: *Heals all the ovaries he’s exploded.*

Baekhyun: * Baek don’t need no power*

Kris: Deuces SM!

So I have a class in the everglades

And just some backstory: In the early day’s, when Florida was still being settled, birds used to be shot for their feathers, which high class ladies would wear in hats. Prostitutes started to do the same thing, and because of this, the ladies stopped, and the practice was ended. In effect the prostitutes helped save birds.

So we were talking about this in class, and the teacher goes “Who helped save the birds, indirectly?” I immediately responded with “Dem hoes!”



Sam Wilson Hoe Playlist

Hoe // Ludacris

Break Your Heart // Taio Cruz

Freakum Dress // Beyonce

Motivation // Kelly Rowland

Get on Your Knees // Nicki Minaj

I Invented Sex // Trey Songz

Sex with Me // Rihanna

Tie Me Down // New Boyz

The Hills // The Weeknd

Can’t Be Tamed  // Miley Cyrus


Once Upon A Time // Mariah Lynn