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PSA: Everyone in the UK eligible to vote... VOTE!

Theresa May called this election because (at the time) she had a good chance of winning. By doing so she could run with a mandate, something she didn’t really have before because she was never elected. She also hoped to destroy the opposition.

This election is so important. By voting you can defy expectations.

And if you don’t vote, because ‘your vote won’t make a difference’ or 'your not interested in politics’, don’t complain when you realise a Tory government will fuck you over.

Moderator: “It would obviously be historic if you were elected President, the first female President. It seems that young women aren’t rallying to this potentially historic moment. In Iowa, women under 30, Senator Sanders beat you by 70 points. […] Why do you think that is?”

Hillary Clinton: “[…] I’m going to do everything I can to reach out and explain why good ideas on paper are important, but you’ve gotta be able to translate them into action to get results for people. I have a lot of experience doing that. I think I can deliver positive change for young people in our country.”

Here’s my problem with this. She’s not taking young people seriously. She’s saying we have good ideas, but they’re foolish ideas and it would be foolish to want Bernie Sanders to join us in fighting for them. We’re dreaming too big for her. I understand the value of being practical and pragmatic, but without big dreams we don’t really have anywhere to go. 

And these “dreams” we have for our lives and our country aren’t so foolish. We want to be able to afford to go to the doctor? We want to go to college without spending the next 30 years paying for it? We want to make enough money to not live in poverty? Are those dreams really so foolish? Should wanting these things mean that people in power have no reason to take us seriously?

Kit Harington: „Ich kann auch andere Charaktere als Jon Snow spielen“

„Game of Thrones“ machte ihm zum Star, auf ewig will Kit Harrington jedoch nicht auf die Erfolgsserie reduziert werden. „Ich möchte, dass die Leute sehen, dass ich auch andere Charaktere spielen kann“, erklärt er spot on news.

Von seiner Mähne hat sich Kit Harington noch nicht getrennt. (Quelle: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

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