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...The Brighter the Stars (Pt 2)

Summary: It is said that true love can overcome any obstacles. For Lucy, who has dreamt of finding true love for almost all her life, she longed for the day where she would finally have her fateful encounter with her destined on the other end of her red thread of fate. Love could never bring her pain, or would hurt her in any way. This she thought, and lived her days by as a normal high school student. Till she met Natsu… Exorcist AU part 3. Nalu.

AN: I hope no one’s lost/dead/out for blood yet cause here come part two (or three in this AU) of this chapter! I have to say, i hella enjoyed writing this AU as i’ve always really liked, or more like obsessed, over things like myths and legends, folklore and historical thingamabobs since ages ago. So when @nanakoblaze came up with this AU, BAM!, so many ideas came crashing in, it was really hard to just settle on one! So i hope ya’ll enjoy reading this as much as i did writing it! Ciao! 

You can find the rest of this AU here and check out for the amazing cover art of this part on @nanakoblaze​ page here if ya haven’t already did!

Parts : 1 , 2 , 3

Lucy brought the collar of her coat closer to her neck, her breath fogging up in front of her, muttering curses as she glared heatedly into the back of the all too smug looking kitsune in front of her – looking extremely toasty and fine despite only wearing his ever present white scarf and gold-trimmed blue robes combo, the cerulean gems on his headband and ear ornament glinting almost mockingly at her as the skies were anything but that bright blue.

“Of all things, the last key just had to show up during our school trip, in a shrine, up a bloody hill!” She growled, trudging through the ankle deep snow begrudgingly, “And in the middle of winter! I’m so gonna give Gray a piece of my mind when this is over.”

A single brow lifted, and Natsu chuckled in amusement, “What did that pervert even do to you?”

He existed.” Lucy replied darkly, crushing the snow beneath her feet particularly hard for extra measure.

Somewhere back at the dorms, a certain snow yokai felt a shiver run down his spine.

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Exceed!FT- Kitten Nap Time

Something I wanted to draw for a while, and for a while I mean about– two days. So I took the time to draw this up between convention stuff and commissions, but it took waaay longer than I thought it would. So.Many.Pillows!

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