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Sword Art Online II — Episode 14: Phantom Bullet - Preview Screencaps

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Hey guys!

Today was the Dengeki Spring Festival 2014! Many people like me were looking forward to possible SAOII news because there was going to be SAOII stage during that event. So we got a new key visual for SAOII featuring Shino (in real life) and Sinon (in game)! Look at how precious Shino and how cool Sinon is!!!

Once again, it is confirmed that SAOII will air in Summer 2014 (July). The TV anime series will be on the following broadcasting stations in Japan: TOKYO MX – チバテレ – tvk – テレ玉 – とちぎテレビ – 群馬テレビ – MBS – テレビ愛知 – テレビ北海道 – TVQ九州放送 – BS11.

So far, they only revealed that volume 5 & 6 (Phantom Bullet arc) of the original light novels by Kawahara Reki will be adapted!

Sword Art Online II – TVCM 02 (May 29)
Featuring SAOII OP Theme song “IGNITE” by Aoi Eir.
“IGNITE” OP Single release on August 20th.
Next SAOII Teaser scheduled for June 5th.