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steff mckee or daniel jackson

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// HOLY OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM, BATMAN! Are we going all Daniel Jacksons? Or is this a Spader vs. Spader question? I mean, okay let’s be honest here. I love Steff. I do. He’s definitely the best John Hughes villain. And rping him made me love him more. But… he’s not nearly as fleshed out as Daniel (regardless of which actor’s playing him). I guess I’d say I think Daniel is the better character overall – but I love them both. Just for very different reasons???


I had a snack and in the middle of eating it I was like “Haha Coco’s like some Y ang Velvet cross”

and well

(Yeah so I didn’t think the designs out too much and Yang’s gem would be where her symbol is on her default outfit so on her right chest while Velvet’s is on her left chest bc you know heart so sorry Coco you have to wear the cleavage window sweater (it’s ok you have an extra arm there too))


This is another one of the first tunes we wrote on this album. I love Mr. Nick Kovach’s wailing harmonica solo and the space-jam outro. The title came from the constellation handkerchief again and Elliott just ran with the theme of eclipses. Originally this had a guest verse by MC Pinan and I even tried adding some vocoder - you’ll have to catch the live set to hear his verse.

old photo from 2007

I came across this old “Boardmembers” photo on a hard drive this morning. Had to post it. We still have most of these keyboards and pianos in the studio now. Actually we just got the Fender Rhodes back over the weekend from our good friend Josh Rampage. Of course we’ve added a few more synthesizers (and a Hammond organ) over the years too ;) I think an updated photo is in store for 2011.