dem spots

[Fox Allistair books it down the sidewalk of Beacon Academy as he tries to escape the sound of approaching footsteps]

Fox- [thinking] No,no,no,no, not again]

[Coco Adel runs up behind fox]

Coco - [passing Fox] On your left [runs ahead]

Fox- [stops, signing angrily] Come on !

Coco -  [flips around, running backwards] [shrugs] [turns around and spots Velvet]

Velvet - [walks slowly towards Coco, carrying a basketball] Hey Coco ! I’m back from the gym =D

Coco - [spots dem abs] [stops in her tracks, goes completely rigid, blushes and crushes her water bottle flat, dousing herself in its contents]

Velvet -  Coco ! [drops the basketball and runs over to Coco, worry in her eyes]  Are you all right ?

Coco - Y…yeah [gulps] I’m alright

Velvet - What happened ? I’ve never seen you react that way before

Fox- [walks up to Coco and Velvet, signing] We just had a really long run. She needs a shower

Velvet - Oh….

Coco - Yup ! That’s it [waves hands around nervously] Nothing else going on here

Velvet - OK  ^^ I’ll see you back at the dorm [merrily goes on her way]

Coco-  [collapses to her knees when Velvet leaves her sight] [face completely red]

Fox-  [smiles] [signs] You ok

Coco - [breathless]  I didn’t know she had abs

Fox- [signs] So what if she has abs ?

Coco - Velvet has a 6 pack…….Velvet’s shredded 

Fox-  [pats Coco on the head sympathetically]




[Coco Adel stands in the shower, cold water cascading on her back as she tries to banish the gay thoughts from her mind, in an effort to regain her composure]

Velvet - [standing outside door]  Coco, are you OK ? All the hot water is gone by…..

Coco - I’m fine !

Velvet - [standing outside door]  You want me to come in there ?

[Coco faints]

Writing Requests are OPEN

I don’t know if you remember me @sketchhungry , but I asked if I could do something on one of your comics a while back.


Okay, I swear I remember someone in iRaincloud’s Picarto chat the other day saying they liked pie more than cake, and I thought it was Deagle. So I made both because… Well, I can! And my memory’s faulty. >w>;;
Edit: Fixed for just the cake pic. >w>
Edit2: Bah, I’m flippity-floppy. xD Put it back the way it was. lol

I’ve been wanting an excuse to draw this adorable pegasus, and no better excuse than a birthday, amirite? :3 (I hope I got dem spots/freckles right.)

Happy birthday, askdeserteagle! :D