dem splits

Also last point, to the people calling me a liar about how a possible third-party run by Sanders could split the Dem vote in half and thus give Trump the presidency, i give you my examples i presented:

1912 election:

Roosevelt quits the Republican Party and joins the Progressive Party, Roosevelt, a former Republican with Republican leaning views, splits the GOP vote and Democrat Woodrow Wilson wins most of the electoral votes as a result. (this was even in a time when the GOP dominated the presidency until FDR, Woodrow wouldn’t have won without the split vote.)

1968 election:

George Wallace, a Democrat, leaves the Democratic party and attracts southern Democrats who had segregationist views to his third-party run. Look how close the vote was between the Dems and the GOP, the Democrats barely lost the vote to Nixon because of the third-party Wallace run and his millions of third party votes away from the GOP.

2000 election:

Very, very tight election race between Gore and Bush, but it was made worse when Nader attracted liberal voters away from the Democrats, Nader was on the ballot in 43 states and DC, and he made enough of an impact to lessen the Democrat’s vote against the GOP, Gore’s popular vote was not enough to win as many people in those 43 states voted Nader instead of aiding the Democrat vote.

So yeah, call me a corporate, paid-by-Hillary crony or whatever the fuck you wanna call me, but this is just basic history and this is no conspiracy bullcrap, it’s just basic truth. :/