dem socks though

okay but like, there are so many things to love about this official art of the anko family
  • well, first off, ANKO FAMILY
  • little adorable kid iceland too cute


  • little icey also holding dadmark’s hand
  • denmark has a little cat on his shirt

  • also can i say that this picture completely sums up denmark and norway’s relationship? Lots of people only see the ‘cheek-pinching’ side of their relationship, thinking that norway doesn’t care about denmark and only ever screws with him, but they don’t notice the hand holding part, they don’t see that, behind all the teasing, they love each-other so damn much

  • icey is turned away, trying to look all indifferent like ‘ugh guys i’m six years old, i’m not a baby anymore god’ but irl he’s holding den’s hand because he’s a cute little nerd
  • check out dem knee socks though