dem jackets


1/12 of my EXO’s fave MV looks : D.O. for Call Me Baby.

Before the veto comp, Jacket told Dem that he was Kevin’s target but she is going to vote out Ika regardless.

 After Dem won the veto, he told Kevin that Jacket told him he was Kevin’s target.

 Kevin, who wanted to work with Dem if Dem stayed but also thought Dem was a bigger threat to his game and wanted him out, confronted Jacket because she screwed him over.

Jacket lied, badly. She said Dem misunderstood and that she was just trying to motivate him. Jacket pushed for Karen to be the renom. Ika told Karen that Jacket is trying to get her otb and Karen is going to get Dillon to campaign for her.

Kevin wants to renom Jacket and is considering getting Dem/Will/Dre to be the three votes to keep Ika. He would want to work with Demika if they stay.

anonymous asked:

The white pants and backless top is still the hottest Lady Shiva look. Saucy as fuck.

This TMNT-looking thing? I’m asking ‘cause the only other one I can think of would be the Bruce Lee look from Question #2, but that one wasn’t backless. It’s not a bad ‘un, mind.

Tell you what’s hot tho’: the Arkham Origins design with the jacket off.

Dem arms, man. Sadly there’s no in-game model of it, but there is enough concept art to get awesome artists like liefeldianabomination to draw it:

Like a messiah, it sets the microphone on fire.

tikkunthisfuckingolam  asked:

ok...... but real talk... one equestrian to another......... when are we gonna have the show jumper (dem breeches and show jackets tho) obi-wan and hot mess speed-demon barrel racer anakin au......

Ok but are we talking like Hunter-Jumper Obi over crossrails/straight rails where the goal is to make urself & your horse look Fine™ or we talking like ACTUAL Jumper just hauling ass over fences as fast & high as you can get?

Personally I think Obi would def be a hunter-jumper if not just a Hunter because that’s not as wild as actual jumpers.

I like barrel-racing Ani if we’re going an english vs western route, but then we miss out on the opportunity for Ani in classic english tallboots.

Hm… Maybe Champion Barrel-Racer Ani trying to get in on the English circuit? Coming to Obi for training? I like that.

We’d need show names for their rides tho. Gotta come up with some good ones.


☠〖ᴇᴠɪʟ ʙᴏʏ ɢᴇɴɪᴜs〗☠
  ❝ Uh, human ? You think you’re SPECIAL cause you’re
     not ? ❞ If Jack thought about though, he kind of was.
     This guy looked totally awesome ! It was actually kind
     of frustrating, that someone who seemed so intriguing
     would talk down on him like before he even knew him.
     But it was nothing new, ❝ Look St. Peter, I tried
     summoning a demon MONTHS ago ! If you’re here for
     my soul, it’s too late for THAT ! There’s nothing here
     for you !