dem fries

noah fence but ex larries are like ex-McDonalds stans who said they dont eat there anymore cuz its unhealthy and literally belittle anyone that eats there as if they making sum type of change in the world but in the end they didn’t change shit cuz no one asked for their opinion nor do they care for it and McDonalds is still gonna be the most successful fast food restaurant in the world cuz dem fries are bomb

With work, family, friends, setting up Dem’s clinic–essentially, working through dozens of bureaucratic bullshit contracts Dem was supposed to fill out to get both his permit and obtain his business license–the baby on the way and everything else, Evan and Dem definitely had a lot going on lately, so to say that they had been kinda stressed out would be an understatement; honestly, who could blame them? Stress was inevitable: that was a given, particularly now that they knew that they were gonna be parents, so, in the interest of not totally losing his shit and keeping the stress from piling up, Evan had taken to channeling his ‘nestling’ instincts into working on the baby’s crib and making a budget for redecorating one of the guest-rooms for her (or him–but, come on. It was definitely a her–sucks to be you, Dem)–he knew that they still had plenty of time for that (and, seriously? a budget? talk about unnecessary.) and that it was a drag to do, and he knew that they would probably not stick to it, but feeling in control of the whole baby situation and their finances and making plans for his family was definitely helping squash anxiety in the midst of the emotional and mental distress writing his book and half a dozen meeting with his publisher were causing him.

Regardless, Evan could barely believe the course that their lives had taken; after everything that had happened, to think that they were finally achieving some long-term happiness, that they were starting a family together, surprised and delighted him; he was about to burst with excitement–and seemingly, so was Dem. For days, he’d been making plans and doing some serious online research. He included Dem in everything, too, of course, making sure he knew just how excited he was about their baby, despite the bouts of stress and anxiety they’ve been dealing with.

“–is it too early to be getting serious about a baby name? We don’t even know if it’s a girl or a dude yet–” he wondered; they were currently several miles down Bellmore, off the highway at the restaurant their baby’s mother worked at, getting dinner after a long day of running errands around town–Evan was feeling exhausted, but he was also buzzing with excitement, too: baby talk did this to him; he didn’t care how silly he seemed, or even how childish. This was a huge milestone for both of them, and he was so glad to share it with Dem. “you still wanna call her Pom, weirdo?” he gave him a funny look, then casually stole one of his fries.