dem eyes and eyebrows


@fluffymoe tagged me to post 4 selfies! I was gonna do something else, but I figured now was a good time since I have makeup on haha. I like wearing red eyeshadow because it makes my eyes super green (’: But I don’t do it often because I’m lazy. 

And yes, I have candy corn earrings that say “I’m The Treat”. Those are for a special someone, but not until later tonight ;)) hahahaha. Until then, this is the Face That (Weakly) Refuses To Love Obito. But only for like a few more hours. 

so if you all feel comfortable with posting selfies, you should!! I love seeing your beautiful faces!!! I’m only tagging people I know who’ve posted selfies before either here or somewhere else. If you aren’t tagged but want to post some, feel free to say I tagged you!!  @thetoxicstrawberry @raendown @thefoxthief @broccoleesbushybrows @shiranuigenma @pyroinquisitor @kujyou12 @cassandrasdreamworld @syndellwins @starrydoodler (and my angelic anna, you can post more selfies too because I love seeing your face all the time 💖) also @bubblegumbbg !!! can’t believe i forgot you omg AND I FORGOT @malazuzu22 I’M SORRY ZUZU I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE