dem butterflies


Arai Yoshihito from Butterfly Storage / 「バタフライ・ストレージ」 荒井美仁 (あらい・みに).

… Also known as “bae lifts more than you” (even when injured).

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anonymous asked:

Oh dear. How embarrassing! I just wanted to comment that I love your blog. And that you are a theater actor, right? I just want to know what is your favorite theatrical work. [Personally, my favorite is Dracula]... I am so sorry! And I do not speak english and I do my best. Greetings from Argentina.

Hi! First thank you so much! I hope you are pleased with the Jhintent…got it? Jhin and…content? *sweats nervously*
Yes I am,partly to my university stuff. I want to be a stage director but RL has other plans right now,not bad plans,it’s just that I am not into working in the science field or getting a PhD or anything. Enough of that😣
I love opera’s tbh. My favorite play will always be Pique Dame by Tschaikowsky! Le Nozze De Figaro is beautiful too, as well as Mozarts ‘Die Entführung aus dem Serail’, Madame Butterfly and Turandot. I could go on like that🙏. The only opera I never ever want to see again is 'The knight of the Rose’ because I have worked on that and it was total crap.
Beside operas I like the 'classic’ plays like Hamlet and Macbeth. And when it comes to musicals I am all about The Phantom of the Opera and Hamilton.
Jhinlicious greetings to you,friend!


I like any combination of the three, so this sums up my video. My guilty pleasure was the last part with the fan arts.
The art credits go to~~
Kudos to you if you recognize what the end music is from.