dem big eyes

thatgirlonstage  asked:

I read through your twitter and am hardcore in love with you Stardust AU, but I have to admit when I first saw the title I immediately thought Lance = Tristan bc he WOULD run away across a magic wall to impress a girl; I also may have wanted Keith to say "Of course! Nothing says love like the gift of a captured, injured man." Also just, pissed off Keith riding a unicorn grumbling about idiot Lance

Yes! I agree, their personalities fit a bit better the other way around if you’re following canon.  Honestly the reasons I did mine with Keith-Tristan and Lance-Yvaine was bc 1) Sarah and I decided to do opposite things for More AUs 2) Lance sparkles in canon 3) MOUSe SCeNe W/ TINY KeITH MOUSe AND DeM BIG OL ANIMU eYeS 4) I just wanted to make Keith vault over a short wall like “haha fuck u old man” honestly fdjakljd.

And then. Angst happened. Whoops.