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The wolves will come


This is supposed to be Truth or Dare drawing, but then it turned out to be a meme then Ships.

Drew in streams.

Paperjam © @7goodangel

Fresh, Error and Geno © @loverofpiggies

Ink! Sans © @comyet

Bitty Fell!sans © @fucken-crybaby

Cross!Sans © @jakei95

Dream!sans © @jokublog

Reaper! Sans © @renrink

Goth © @nekophy

Pallete © @angexci

MelGanz, Ganz, Gzpap and Alpha © @golzy

Ok guys I fucking love Teen Titans Go, I think it is hilarious and the comedy writing is killer and the animation is actually excellent. I was a huge fan of the original animated series in high school, and although I was skeptical of TTG at first, it’s been fun to see the new show taking the characters in such a weird and silly direction. Although, I’m not a huge fan of the new style/character design, but I think it works with the overall feel of the show (and anyway a lot of the background art is super gorgeous.)

ANYWAY, been having fun drawing and exploring Raven recently! I really like the idea of her being powerful/badass in battle, but also a shy/socially anxious prickly nerd who uses sarcasm and grumpiness as a defense mechanism. I also love to draw her with muscular legs because DEM LEGSSS