Eu sempre tive medo de me apaixonar, de me apegar e depois ficar sozinha. Mas na real? Eu realmente tenho medo de não me apaixonar. É, isso mesmo, de um dia ler um texto super meloso e não sorrir ou pensar em alguém. Ou de um dia perceber que não tenho pra quem escrever textos ou deixar aquele “bom dia” na caixa de mensagem toda manhã. É isso, tenho medo de me guardar e ser esquecida aqui.

Talita Milani.


Myde (Demyx) in uniform suggested by melodiousmullethead

by Me (Tuesday, October 14, 2014)

I couldn’t resist so I drew even Dilan and Braig. I wanted to do it as a short comic but unfortunately I could not because I felt bad and I could not think clearly. Besides, I had plenty of sleep. I’m sorry… Maybe in some time between (maybe when I’ll be better) I’ll try again and I post also Aeleus because I love him too, of course! ♥


“Grandma, I’m scared.”

“Listen carefully. You’ve been taken over by a ghost…I’m talking possession.”

A rarity in and of itself, Evan had been in exceptionally good spirits for the past couple of weeks. Granted, he was a little down over not having enough time to spend with his boyfriend of late—or, at least, not as much as he needed—but he was feeling good; things were great and for the first time in years, he felt like they were working out just the way they were supposed to. So, for all intents and purposes, he was, honestly, happy; Dem made him feel stupidly giddy. He smiled and laughed a lot more than he had since he had moved to Chicago 5 months ago and felt more relaxed and laid back, too, calmer, somehow— the shift in his demeanor was noticeable, almost infectious. There was something about him that seemed more authentic, and he rarely felt the urge to complain about things that bugged him anymore—he just couldn’t find it in him to care; Dem did this to him; it frightened and enthralled him, the intensity of the love he harbored for him. Things always just seemed so unimportant compared to Dem and the intensity of their relationship and their feelings; he honestly wasn’t willing to waste any time or energy to dwell on things that didn’t really matter. Presently, he was mostly just interested in spending as much time with his boyfriend as he could, especially since it had been a sort of busy week.

Thus, the moment he got off work on Thursday evening, he headed home to take a shower and put on more comfortable clothes—just jeans and a nice shirt—before immediately heading downstairs to Dem’s; he hadn’t really seen him since Monday evening so, needless to say, he was practically buzzing with excitement. In his current state (or, really, as a general rule when it came to Dem) Evan didn’t know the meaning of the word patience, either; he was a ball of tension, practically bouncing in barely reined-in excitement as he knocked on Dem’s door with a stupid grin plastered on his face, flooded with relief that he was gonna be able to actually hang out with his boyfriend and hopefully spend the night with him tonight.