cute things girls do
  • when they’re already smiling and u look at them and they smile more and their cheekbones get higher and!!!!!!!!!
  • dimples!!!!!!!!
  • when their hands r cold so they stuff them in pockets
  • bonus points if its the pockets of an oversized hoodie
  • when they have hot drinks and the steam rises and they get blushy cheeks
  • bundling up in scarves so u can only see their pretty eyes
  • when they’re sleepy and nodding off and 1000x more adorable
  • when u make a joke and they laugh and their eyes light up!!!!!!
  • when they’re talking about sth they rlly love and they smile super big and their hands are everywhere and they’re super happy
  • when they love their pets!!!!!! and can’t stop talking about them!!!!!
Eu sempre tive medo de me apaixonar, de me apegar e depois ficar sozinha. Mas na real? Eu realmente tenho medo de não me apaixonar. É, isso mesmo, de um dia ler um texto super meloso e não sorrir ou pensar em alguém. Ou de um dia perceber que não tenho pra quem escrever textos ou deixar aquele “bom dia” na caixa de mensagem toda manhã. É isso, tenho medo de me guardar e ser esquecida aqui.

Talita Milani.

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Sebastian and Ciel reacting to a dimensional traveler that appeared out of thin air inside their manor and they have knowledge on the mystery cases and storyline :)

Sebastian, Ciel:

  • Unsurprisingly, Sebastian is not the one to be overly shocked by such incident. He, himself is a being that can be considered by many as supernatural so his mere appearance can cause a lot of confusion in people’s minds, that is why he kind of got used to everything paranormal - or at least to what humans call by this name. However, he will still see your sudden appearing as something highly unusual and will be interested in it, fascinated even after learning about your knowledge, but he won’t let you know it. It is him who should be the one in the center of attention when it comes to such things, not a mere human.
  • Ciel, on the other hand, won’t believe you at first. It may sound ironic but he will demand a proof if you want him to accept the truth, no matter how impossible it seems, since he doesn’t take anything for granted just by hearing about that. He is a realist, after all.
  • DO NOT tell them about 2CT, never, you will get immediately killed after sharing this kind of revelation. If you want to get Ciel’s trust, you will have to think about something else, something safer, like mentioning his favourite dessert or a simple quirk. Gaining Ciel’s trust is absolutely necessary if you want to ever receive any positive reaction from Sebastian and you should want it - if earl won’t be pleased by your story, he will feel endangered by your knowledge and will order to get rid of you.
  • DO NOT have it out with them. Leave a little bit of mystery and do not be too pushy when it comes to sharing your knowledge, this way you will quickly lost their interest or you may even get considered as a mentally ill person. Be careful what you say and do around them in those first days in the manor, you will be very carefully observed.
  • Summarizing, you will need to be really, really careful in such situation because one false move can get you killed. You will have to be cunning and attentive, openly showing that you do not have bad intentions, nor wish to tell the world about earl’s secrects.
  • After some time, when they will both accept you as the guest, you will have a way better time with them. Ciel will be hesitant about letting you participate in one of his investigations, not only because he will think it can be too dangerous for you but also because somewhere deep inside his head there will be a tiny voice telling him that you may actually know more and therefore come out better than him. As the Queen’s Watchdog, he can never let something like this happen, so prepare for some interrupting while you talk or simply pretending to not listen to you at all. Other than that, if you will manage to be useful and not cause troubles, he will greatly enjoy your company and consider you as a good partner for such situations, even though he didn’t realize he wanted one before.
  • Ciel will never ask you for any solutions, only your current thoughts, prefering to solve every mystery on his own and he will get absolutely furious if you will casually say something like: “Madame Red is Jack the Ripper” or “It was mustard gas from the beginning” which will result in him being all flustered and not happy in the slighest. He will let you be his company, not take his place.
  • Sebastian will appear not amused by your presence, you are not the only one who knows many interesting things, after all. Being a demon, he lived through more than you even without such magical ability and it should be you to ask him about the events of the past, not him asking you about the future - he will live to it eventually. Still, he will be pleased if you will decide to exchange experiences with him - for you to listen about his stories and him to listen about yours. No matter how greatly it will amuse him, he will never ask you for more, prefering to let you wait until you will come to him. Who is the dimensional traveler here?
  • Oh, but he will love your presence. It is very rare for him to meet humans who can actually catch his interest in any other way than their soul and you will be one of them. He will grow fond of you more and more after spending time with you, constantly longing for something new to hear since you will be the one who can surprise him, bring a jot of forgotten adrenaline to his veins.

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Headcanons on what Sebastian and claude would do if they both take romantic interest in the same person?

Sebastian, Claude:

  • At first it may all seem like fun, innocent game but you should be aware that there will be literal war going on between those two demons, while they will be fighting over your attention. Obviously, none of them will even try to keep you being oblivious about what is going on around you and so they will make sure that you know about their affection, just in case there will be a situation when you will have to chose one of them, that is why you should be cautious and attentive, noticing all their movements.
  • From the beginning, Sebastian will act as if it doesn’t bother him in the slighest or even as if he is not willing to participate in this conquest, however, it will be caused simply by the fact that he won’t want to believe that someone like Claude could actually have a chance in winning your heart. He will remain in a state of denial but will slowly develop a competitive spirit, most likely after noticing that his enemy was taking it as an opportunity to get closer to you. Still, he won’t act as if he feels endangered by his presence, no matter that in truth he probably should be - being too indifferent toward you wouldn’t bring him victory, after all, just as acting as if he has everything under control.
  • As much as Sebastian would want to be this way, Claude will be the one to act rather rationally and calmly take further steps in his plan of having you all to himself, really not bothered by the second demon. He won’t push you too much nor demand a lot from you, giving you time and space, thinking that this way he will certainly appear as a better one than Sebastian who, unlike him, will surely start alluring you by showing how great partner material he is. Claude’s method would be probably more successful at the beginning but later then he will realize that underestimating Sebastian’s charming skills is a huge mistake.
  • They will avoid times when there will be you three together, even if for a single moment. Such situations will only bring a lot of anger from them both and if it will ever happen, you yourself will most likely be the one to want to prevent any further meetings of this sort, since there will be nothing more than passive aggressive insulting each other.
  • “What a lovely necklace you are wearing, my dear, is that possibly a gift from Mr. Faustus?”
  • “Yes, indeed, I bought it from a very unique seller specially for her since only such rare jewerly perfectly matches the colour of her eyes, just like none other.”
  • “Why, of course, I have no doubt it is a particular piece of gold, especially because I am almost certain I have accidentally noticed you buying it on a flea market last week.”
  • “Shall I start to worry not only about your sight but also your well beings? I had no idea that you attend to such places.”
  • However, when you won’t be around things may start to differ and take an unpredictable turn out of events. They probably won’t use force on each other unless given a serious reason for but they also won’t have to control their demonic sides which leaves them unlimited possibilities of what could they do. Still, they both would rather prefer to avoid each other and focus rather on you but if there will ever happen something where one of them will accidentally hurt your feelings or make you feel bad, then the second one won’t hesitate to pay him a visit and (figuratively or not) punch him right in the face only to later take an opportunity of this event and lure you into getting more and more distant from his enemy. They are both nothing more but patient predators, always ready to attack, waiting for the rival to slip up.
  • The result of such complex situation is absolutely unpredictable and will depend both on your behaviour and the level of their affection toward you. They can either try fighting for life and death for you, try to steal you from one another, set you against the second one or - in the worst possible scenario - kill you to solve this conflict and never step upon each other again, although such solution will most likely result in eventual encounter. There is no good advice to how act while being put inside such conflict but if you will eventually chose one of them and openly admit it to him, he will protect you with his whole self, that is why waiting and delaying the decision will only make it worse and harder to solve.

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Undertaker, sebastian and Ciels reactions to helping their s/o babysit their little nephew and once their s/o isnt there for a moment the kid just turns evil and glares at them, calls them names because they dont want the boys to touch or kiss the s/o???

That was so much fun to write (❛▿❛✿)

Playful sounds were echoing in the room filling it up with positive vibes and an aura of overwhelming joy when you were trying to find your little nephew between all the furnitures with your eyes blindfolded with a long scarf. When he offered you to play this childish game, you thought it will be way easier than it now appeared to be and your bruised knee (since when was the table standing there?) already reminded you of it with pulsatory pain. Not that you minded, it has been almost an year since you saw him for the last time and started missed him. The boy never let you get bored with the variety of his ideas, different games to play which necessarily had to involve you and those cute, handmade gifts from him. For such a young boy, he seemed to be very talented already and watching him grow up was surely a great pleasure for a proud auntie you were.

After a few attempts of finding him, you finally managed to catch the boy just when he was about to jump on the sofa but ended up in your arms, wriggling and laughing out loud in a breaks of repeating how this one shouldn’t count and eventually stopped complaining when you tickled him and took off your blindfold.

“All right, all right,” you sat him down on the said sofa and watched him pout at your sudden seriousness. “We will play one more round but first, I am going to bring something cold to drink, fine? I can bet that you are even more thirsty than I am.”

Your nephew, still pouting, nodded slowly, as if he still was not completely convinced. You smiled to him and put the scarf on the nearby armchair, finally turning to your boyfriend who was simply observing your games, not really wanting to participate for the whole time.

“Keep an eye on him for a while,” you stated and before he could offer you some help in the kitchen, you were gone behind the doors, leaving him alone with the young boy.

Undertaker giggled when he felt the strand of his long, white hair being sligtly pulled. He was used to the way they would fall everywhere, sometimes disturbing his actions or even sleep when they got tangled but nevertheless he enjoyed how they were giving him a substitute of privacy and helped to hide the scars, so he never complained. The next pull was, however, a little bit more stronger and if he was not a grim reaper, it would probably hurt him. Turning his head toward the young boy who was now holding a fist of his hair, he didn’t let the smile to drop, still amused after watching you two play.

“You are quite mischievous, aren’t you, little one?” he wondered out loud.

Your nephew’s face was not all brighten up with joy as it was barely few moments before you left, he was now staring at the Undertaker as if he was trying to kill him just with the gaze.

“And not really talkative to the strangers, huh?” The grim reaper swayed forward and then backward on the edge of simple, wooden chair, giggling once again when recalled something funny you said this afternoon.

“You’re weird,” the boy commented straightforwardly.

Undertaker busrted with short laugh.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that already but tell me, who isn’t weird at all?”

The boy frowned and let go of the strand of his hair, letting it fall down on the floor, then crossed his arms, still glaring. After thinking for a while, the grim reaper leaned slightly to the younger one, baring his teeth in an amused smile when a simple thought crossed his mind.

“Could it be that you are jealous of your precious aunt?” he inquired.

There was a spark of shock visible in your nephew’s eyes but it disappeared as fast as appeared, leaving him frowning even more than before.

“You’re a freak,” he stated with slight disgust.

“You have no idea how righ you are.”

The boy turned around and stamping loudly approached the Undertaker, probably wanting to finally see his eyes, still covered by the white bangs. He didn’t have an opportunity to do so since just when he was inches close to him, the grim reaper stood up and placed his long, black nail on the boy’s forehead, stopping him in the middle of the walk as if he was a clockwork toy.

“No peeking, little one,” he hummed.

It seemed like Undertaker had a perfect answer for literally everything your nephew was doing, moreover, he was having a lot of fun with him and his attempts of hurting his feelings. However, he was not the one to give up easily.

“I bet you’re ugly, that’s why you’re hiding your face.”

“Well, you are not wrong,” the grim reaper giggled.

“Too ugly to date her.”

“And yet, she is there.”

“Because she hadn’t seen your ugly face.”

“Oh!” he laughed. “She saw way more than my ugly face, little one.”

Just when the boy was about to say somethig more, you opened the door and came back with few cold drinks. Seeing those two facing each other, your nephew clearly annoyed, frowning, cheeks reddened with emotions and Undertaker holding his stomach when he was trying to hold back the laughter made you immediatelly think that you missed something very important which you didn’t necessarily wanted to know about.

Sebastian would have sighed if it was not about his perfect butler appearance. Instead, he just looked at the boy who was still sitting on the sofa which now looking way much bigger with such a small human on it, and after a while stood up up from his current, comfortable position on a chair in the corner of the room. Approaching the child, he put the most gentle and kind smile he managed to on his face, hoping that you will be back soon and he won’t have to deal with him for longer than needed. He had enough of human cubs for the next hundred years, after all.

Your nephew, however, seemed to be well-educated and rather polite boy so spending few minutes with him probably was not going to be as bad, as Sebastian thought. Sitting in front of the boy on an armchair where you previously put your scarf on, the butler realized how wrong he was after hearing the first sentence said directly to him:

“You’re a spawn of satan.”

Sebastian freezed and so did the smile on his face. For a single moment, he could swear that he felt his heart beat slightly faster in a sudden realization that this young man was actually able to recognize him, to see through his disguise which he still didn’t take off even in front of you, to bare his secrets, to…

The demon coughed once, twice and looked at the boy again, this time straight in his eyes, focusing on guessing his true intentions. It was impossible that he could know it, no, it must have been some kind of joke and all he had to do was to talk about it with him before he could eventually reveal this secret to you.

“What makes you say such a strong words?” Sebastian asked, not affected by the nephew’s gloomy and averse stare.

The boy didn’t reply at first, he let the demon to wait patiently in silence and wonder what may the true answer be. Just when the butler thought that he won’t hear another word, the reply appeared and hanged in the air between them, heavy and uncomfortable.

“I don’t like the stuff you’re doing to her.”

For once, Sebastian thought that maybe he would want a glass of water also, he was clearly not ready for a conversation like this one. Adjusting his tie, he decided to not get fooled, now almost sure that the boy didn’t truly recognize him but saw or heard way worse things… Before he said anything more, he had to analyze the situation; your nephew couldn’t be that smart and he was probably assuming wrong.

“The stuff?” Simple, stupid question, way lower than his actual level but he was talking to the child, human child, wasn’t he?



Well, maybe he was that smart.

“Young man, it is not-“ Sebastian couldn’t end the sentence because the boy interrupted him right in the middle.

“I don’t want to see you close to her ever again, you trash, or else…”

The demon didn’t recall you having any kind of pocket watch but you seemingly didn’t need one to be in a right places on a right time which was now proved again by your presence in the room, the salver with drinks in your hands. You didn’t notice the way your nephew looked at Sebastian, no wonders, in the exact second when you opened the door, his expression changed completely, the image of innocent boy painted on his face once again. The boy happily jumped off the sofa and run to you to get his glass of juice, leaving the butler sitting still in the same place, completely confused.

“I see you were talking?” you asked him, handing your nephew a drink. “He is not that scary, isn’t he?”

The butler stood up to immediatelly help you with the salver.

“Oh no, you were completely right, my love,” he stated with a kind smile. “He is purely an angel.”

“You’re too short for her.”

Ciel almost spit out the tea he was currently drinking, hearing those words from the young boy who was so nice in your presence – until now, that is. He slowly put the teacup on the table and looked at your nephew who was now staring at him deadly.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard. You’re not much taller than me.”

The earl felt something similiar to the big bump growing in his throat, making him unable to speak nor think properly. He never had to deal with such situations before, not to mention with somebody – willing or not – close to him. In any other moment he would just walk away or demand getting rid off those who dare to insult him in so humiliating way, today was different and the hardest was that he had to be nice to the child sitting on the sofa. It is your nephew, he repeated himself in the mind, he can complain to you later.

What occupied Ciel’s thoughts the most was the reason why would he say something like that? Obviously, he didn’t want to insult him in front of his dear aunt but nevertheless he hadn’t given him any reason to act this way. He was a little bit proud, of course, but it couldn’t be the exact reason for this behaviour.

Not to mention that for the whole time he was spending with your relative, he was wearing those short heels which made him appear taller than he truly was. Is it possible that he was that short…?

Ciel cleared his throat.

“The height is irrelevant in an adult relationship, you will understand when you grow up,” he stated seriously, not wholly convinced about the truth of his own words.

“But you’re not an adult.”

If there would be somebody who could read in minds, he would certainly hear Ciel snap in this moment.

“Of course I am,” Ciel objected. “I am the head of the Funtom Corporation, the head oh the Phantomhive household, it makes me be an adult no matter how old I am.”

“But it doesn’t make you taller.” Vicious smile creeped upon the young boy’s lips who couldn’t not notice the change in Ciel’s attitude and tone of his voice.

“I-It is highly inappropriate to say such things to an earl,” he stuttered and immediatelly cursed himself internally for that.

What kind of child was it? Where did you take him from? And why the hell weren’t you coming back for so long? He had more than enough and didn’t want to participate in this conversation anymore.

“You’re my aunt’s boyfriend, I can speak what I want.”

Your nephew started slowly waving his legs hanging from the sofa and this only proved that he was having a great time. Ciel opened his mouth and quickly closed it, not wanting to offend the child but wishing he could shut his mouth with one, strong command which made him seem like a carp picked out of the water. However, for the next minutes the boy was quiet which let Ciel believe that he is done with insulting him and his problem was solved by itself. He quickly changed his mind when he heard him muttering something more under the breath.

“And you wear heels like a girl.”