Wrong But Right

Liam: (CEO of rival company) You rolled out of bed as Liam grumbled a protest. “Don’t go.” He whined playfully with a smile. You shook your head slipping on your teal silk blouse that luckily wasn’t wrinkled. “I’m supposed to go to a meeting with Daddy today.” You reminded him. You were the daughter of Delvin Mane. Owner and Founder of Mane enterprises. Being daughter of the CEO and his only child you had big shoes to fill. Shoes you would wear when you run the place. “With whom?” Liam asked, sitting up the sheet falling from his upper half. The defined sight tempted you out of your clothes once more. “Universal Update.” You answered slipping you pants on and buttoning them. Liam stood from the bed naked and walked to you. You couldn’t help but blush. He kneeled in front of you. “No. I really have to go.” You told him closing your thighs together tight. He let out a sexy chuckle then pick up a teal pump of yours, placing it on your foot gently. “Oh,” you said. “So you haven’t even told him you were seeing somebody yet, have you?” Liam asked snapping the clasp on your shoe. “You know it’s complicated.” You whispered. He shook his head bitterly. “Its been complicated for 2 years, Y/N. You need to tell him,” You knew how true that statement was and you did want to tell your father about him. But you father hated any form of competition and Liam Payne was the ultimate competition. “Baby,"  You tried. Liam snapped the other shoe on. "I mean it. I love you and I’m tired of hiding. If you don’t tell him, I’ll take matters into my own hands.” His resolve was firm. You nodded.

Niall: (Brother’s Best Friend) You yawned and scratched your stomach as you walked down the stairs after waking from your nap. “You’re a little cheater.” Your brother joked, nudging Niall with his shoulder. “You just suck.” Niall replied with that smile you fell for. “Where’s mom and dad?” You brother and Niall looked back at you. Nate, your brother smiled at you. “They went to the movies. Mom left you some spaghetti. Its on the counter.” You nodded and walked to the kitchen. Unwrapping the plate and placing it in the microwave you waited for it to finish. “Baby,” Lips moved sinfully against your neck causing you to giggle. “Stop, Nate could see.” You admonished pushing Niall away. “I’ve missed you. Just a kiss?” Niall pouted. He caressed his cheek. “No, babe.” The microwave beeped and you went to open it. Niall caught your arm and pulled you to him. Placing his lips softly onto yours. He cupped your face lovingly in a slow kiss. “Hurry up with the pops!” Hearing Nate’s voice you quickly pulled away from Niall and tried to act natural. “Damn. You move slow.” Nate brushed past you to the fridge getting a few cans of pop. “Let’s go. We’re online.” Niall followed your brother out but not before giving you a lustful look.

Zayn: (Sisters Husband)
“This is it, Y/N. I’m getting married. Your sister Macy smiled at her reflection. But you couldn’t help but be jealous. "You look beautiful,” You forced out fixing her dress. “Doesn’t she! She’ll be the prettiest bride in history.” Your mother cooed at Macy like she was a baby. “Zayn is the luckiest man in the world.” Your dad said from his seat across the room. You swallowed the guilt you felt. You and Zayn had been sleeping for 7 months now. And you were in love. It started when Zayn found out that Macy cheated and came to you for a shoulder to cry on. And that night led to other things and it became a big mess. Macy begged his forgiveness and he gave it but you  two still carried on. There was a knock at the door. “Its time everyone.” The wedding planner called. Then the rush started. Everyone one going this way and that way until the brides maid began down the isle. And as if the situation wasn’t fucked up enough, you were the Maid of Honor. As you walked down the isle with one of Zayns friend you felt bitter. This should’ve been your wedding. You should’ve been Mrs. Zayn Malik. You finally took your place you spared Zayn a glace to see him looking at you sadly. You felt your eyes well up as you looked away. Subconsciously putting your hand against your stomach. Not realizing Zayn caught the action.

Harry: (Teacher) “Brutus thought Caesar was not fit to run Rome, why?” Multiple hands flew to the air emitting a smile from Mr. Styles. “Y/N?” You felt your heart speed up when you realized you had his full attention even if it’s just for the smallest minute. “Brutus thought Caesar was to ambitious and that, in Brutus’s eyes, made Caesar unfit to rule.” You gave a sheepish smile at Mr. Styles. “Perfect. Yes, so tonight for-” The shrill ring of the lunch bell rang. “No homework.” A cheer went throughout the room as everyone left. You slowly put all of your binders away as Mr. Styles walked to your desk. “You did great today.” You smiled up at him. “Thank you, Mr. Styles.” He smirked. “It’s just us, love.” Harry tipped your chin up leaning down to peck your lips. “Its just us.” He murmured and you giggled. “I’ve got to go to lunch.” You told him slowly getting up. “Eat here with me.” He suggested with a smile. “People will notice.” You whispered. Harry shook his head with that same smile. “Let them,” He said caressing your cheek. You stood on your tip toes to give him a quick kiss. But as soon as Harry wrapped his arms around you. You knew it wasn’t going to be quick.

Louis: (Priest Apprentice) The church was cool and empty except for a lone man. The stained glass bringing in streams of light. You slowly walked down the isle making your way to the lone man. “Louis,” You whispered. He lifted his head from his prayer and gave you a small smile. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” Louis wore is church suit with his hair slick back and neat. A sight for sore eyes. You shrugged. “I leave in a few hours. I wanted to spend my moments with you,” He smiled. “And I guess Him too.” You gestured to the church. He chuckled, looking to you apraisingly. “Are you excited for New York?” Louis kept the respectful distance from you as you sat next to him. “Yeah, I’m ready. This is my big break! My books will be all over, I’ll have merchandise and movies.” You said dreamily. “But I’ll be missing one thing.” You said looking forward at the cross at the head of the church. “What?” Louis asked. You smiled at him. “You.” Louis looked at you. And knew he would miss you just as much if not more. “Kiss me.” Those two words set of a bomb of pent up emotion. Before you two knew it the soft kiss turned passionate. Soon your clothes were off and so where all bets.

I know its been a long long time since I’ve wrote but im back in full swing I have a lot of ideas. Please give me feed back. For my Coffee and Cream fans I’ll hopefully be posting next week.

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