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Amos Preps Y Kant Tori Read ‘Deluxx’ Reissue

Fresh off the success of 2016′s deluxe re-release of Boys for Pelee, Tori Amos is preparing to give similar treatment to 1988′s band effort, Y Kant Tori Read.

Stuffed with outtakes, alternative versions, jams and unused finished tracks, the eight-CD, three-DVD Y Kant Tori Read Deluxx will come out on Halloween and be followed by a 30th-anniversary tour in early 2018, the singer/pianist said in a news release riddled with clever spelling errors.

A limited-edition, throw-back edition will also be available on 10 LPs and five VHS tapes.

“Synth-pop was my first love and I still love it,” Amos said. “I’ve always regretted the fakt that Y Kant Tori Read didn’t get the attention it deserved and my hope is to rektify that situation.”

Long out of print and a sought-after collectors’ item, Y Kant Tori Read disappeared almost immediately upon its release. After its failure, Amos broke up the band, similarly disappeared and re-emerged as a solo act with 1992′s Little Earthquakes.

She’s been one of music’s most enigmatic and eccentric artists ever since. But Amos says “the real Tori is the one who kant read.” She professes anger at the studio executives who’ve been manipulating her image for the past 25 years and says she longs to revisit her days as an illiterate, corset-wearing dominatrix.

“I’m not some sophstikated, kutting-edge intellektual,” she said in the release. “Y Kant Tori Read represents the real me and I kant wait for my fans to hear all the musik from the sessions that produced it.”