Then why would you STEAL her theme and say harsh things about her? In fact you’re actually the silly one here, it’s so obvious that the theme you’re currently using belongs to Jovana, even the coding’s match up they’re all at the same place her codes are at. You’re actually more pathetic than silly at least if you were being silly you would know when the joke was over and would have already changed her theme off your blog.

Hope you feel good about being UN original.

deluxee replied to your post: what would happen if i just ate fruit and worked out a bunch?

this is possibly the stupidest answer ever, like for everything do you only reply with ‘your hair will become thin blah blah’ go read a book like really dumb highschooler

Are you KIDDING me? Do you know how many nutrients you need to survive you’ll be missing if you only eat fruit? Your hair WILL thin out. It’s a reality.

Stop trying to make yourself seem superior to me JUST because I’m in high school. Be a little more mature please and thanks. If you’re an adult, act like one. 

deluxee asked:

What's a good site to find a suger daddy?


I’m super sorry if you sent this a while ago—tumblr never told me I had a new message!

Honestly, I’ve had the best luck with WYP. I’ve had some great experiences with SA, but with WYP it’s more upfront and even if the date goes badly, you’re still walking away with cash. SA is definitely the current breeding ground for toooons of salt and it takes a while to wade through it-however if you land it, you land it and normally it’s great. I’ve heard is also great but I haven’t actually explored it too much.

Hope that helps! xxx

deluxee asked:

vote number 21 (: good luck!

thank you doll!


if you could vote for me at beautiful Rachel’s BOTW poll ! click the little “+” next to dream and vote for me, le-infini !

Send me your vote number here, and you’ll get anything from the following:

  • screenie
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  • etc.

please help ! i’ve never been anyone’s BOTW !  

sophisticat3d asked:

LOL she's obviously not the brightest bulb at all. I mean on the internet when you receive hate you have plenty of time to think of a witty answer. She is kindergarten level :P

No the thing that I don’t get it’s that she’s supposed to be 20 years old!? She’s not even a teen anymore to be acting like that & not even some teens would act that way smh.. Hope she finally GROWS UP someday…