deluxe american standard


More shopping at Cosmo Toronto this week:

  1. Is that a Custom Shop Relic Tele in Burgundy Mist?
  2. I usually don’t even consider black guitars…they are not easy to photograph well!  But I love this Custom Shop ‘68 Relic.  If the price weren’t >$4,000 I would have already bought it!
  3. Heavy Industry on the North side of the city…
  4. This is another example of the MANY variations being introduced for the 60th Anniversary of the Stratocaster this year…it’s an American Deluxe, but have you ever seen such a headstock design??  Me neither!
  5. Ditto…
  6. Highway 407 - the electronic toll highway.  Cameras read your license plate and send you a bill.  Seriously.  Also: the most expensive toll road in North America.  Owned by a Spanish company.  No joke.  The government used to own it but they “privatized it” (i.e. sold it to a private company) in the 90s.  Smooth move government…this highway generates a FORTUNE in tolls because no one wants to sit in traffic on the other crappy highways around here.  Now that’s good government eh?  build something that makes a staggering amount of money and could help lower taxes…but sell it for next to nothing to a private company so THEY can make all that money.  F*cking brilliant conservative philosophy strikes again - and the taxpayer gets f*cked as usual.  OK, rant over.
  7. That '68 Relic again…
  8. A Custom Shop “Custom Deluxe” model in a colour called “Candy Tangerine”.  Just looking at it gives me cavities!  :D

Tuesday night guitar shopping this week at a great store called Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill Ontario, just north of Toronto (Canada).

It’s always interesting to visit this shop…they are huge.  They even have a special room upstairs for the high-end stuff.  And man, they have some seriously high-end stuff!

  1. It’s a Les Paul sandwich!  Custom Shop Strat (top left) and Select Tele (top right).
  2. Fender - I have to say - you guys are really getting experimental with the finishes!  So many different ones have popped up on various lines over the last year or two.  Here’s an American Deluxe in a new copper-gold colour.
  3. (see above)
  4. An American Standard in a hand rubbed finish…also interesting!
  5. Custom Shop early 50s Tele Relic.  Note to self: black ‘guard on blonde with round string tree = early 50s on a Telecaster.  Just an FYI if you ever see one in a pawn shop…  :D
  6. RORY!
  7. Here’s another look at that Rack-O-Strats.  I heard a sales person saying that some of these were Olympic White and Sonic Blue (or Daphne Blue???  Damn I can’t keep this stuff straight!!) rather than Surf Green…
  8. Another example of an interesting new finish on an American Deluxe.
  9. This might have been an American Std. HSS (rather than a “Deluxe”) but again…another new and different finish.  Thanks Fender for keeping things interesting!  :D