delusions of the fury

Pray for Me
Harry Partch
Pray for Me

Pray for Me - Harry Partch - Delusions of the Fury, A Ritual of Dream and Delusion

Harry Partch (1901–1974) is one of the most original artists and musicians of the twentieth century. In search of a musical world far from European music, the American composer not only invented his own tonal system, but also designed and built instruments of idiosyncratic beauty to play his music. Called the “Don Quixote of Music” by contemporary critics, he is today considered a highly inspired music philosopher and pioneer who was one of the first composers to almost exclusively work with microtonality. The encounter with his unheard sound world full of lightness and humor makes possible the discovery of masterpiece Delusion of the Fury (1965/66) – his last large-scale opera and at the same time the highpoint of his artistic work.

Based on Japanese and African myths, he develops a piece between dream and madness, that integrates all theatrical means, light, movement, and song with the extraordinary presence of his instruments in a theater without a precise setting, where temporal layers overlap. A view of a culture that seems strange and yet familiar to us. Partch spreads out in all four directions a “ritual net” that celebrates the reconciliation of the living with death and life. 

“It is difficult, to speak with people of subjects for which our
languages do not have any words yet; where our whole language is
arranged onto the opposite; where the impressions of the senses
insure us from youth incessantly the opposite, and onto that our
abstract terms, intelligence, logic and reason are built; where our
whole cogitation system, even our Inner Consciousness is basically
shattered; where all our feelings, thoughts, judgments, sciences,
our first basic principles as doubtful, to be supposed to appear as
delusions, where it seems fury, the opposite against a whole world,
to maintain against his inner and external feeling. However with
this all We want to dare submitting our thoughts, and with human
being tongues to report things, that we hardly presume in the
distance through our highest reason to ourselves, but which we will
never develop in this figure completely and clearly; We want to see
who is strong enough to work itself out of this general delusion, at
making itself rid onto a time of the body and the senses, to
transfigure itself, and to think into another world.”

- Adam Weishaupt

Loki's Lullabies

Title: Loki’s Lullabies
Chapter/One shot: Part 2 of 3 (?)
Original Imagine:
Imagine you are one of the violinists in Stuttgart, Germany where Loki obtains the eyeball. He kidnaps you. Later, he tells you that your job is to play him lullabies every night because he has trouble sleeping.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: kidnap, brief mentions of torture, This was originally a one shot, but Loki had other plans. Roughly follows the plot of Avengers, but from Loki’s point of view.

Part 2: Loki’s POV

I paced my pathetic excuse for a holding cell waiting for Fury to return. It really was just a big plastic box. S.H.I.E.L.D thought they had won, captured the big, bad Loki, put him in their state-of-the-art prison in the sky. Little did they know, this had been my plan all along.
Stealing Amelia had been a fringe benefit, though. I couldn’t help myself. She was so innocent and utterly fearless.
I had been drawn into the room by her violin, and when I saw her, I almost felt bad for what I was about to do. Almost. 

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