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so guys, the reservations are open, for those of you who don’t know.

and also, if you would like to start planning out your character, the app is going to be free-style, so get on that shit.

we may be opening sooner than i expected now that we have some beautiful staffers who i love 5ever. <3

so if you would like to reserve a face, just hit the ask button and they are all yours. it’s a first come, first serve.


so you have your regular humans, but who cares about them, right? But humans have many forms, so let me just dive into some of the cooler aspects of being a human.

gifted humans

there are some humans born with a gene mutation that causes them to develop a strange gift. the gift, or power as many prefer to call them, vary from the ability to control fire to duplicating oneself a million times. the gene mutation often goes unnoticed until the person is around seven or eight. that is when strange things begin to happen around them. there are cases in which this is delayed and the more delay there is, the more likely that their powers will develop very slowly. a child who develops their powers on time typically becomes stronger with their powers as they age. they often learn to control them by the time their in their late teens. late bloomers often don’t gain control until early adulthood. although gifted, these humans are just as vulnerable as a normal human. their lifespan is about 115 years and they can be killed by anything. that is, unless they possess the ability to heal or immortality.


possessed humans

sometimes, a person is taken control of, possessed. if a person is possessed, it is almost always done by some sort of demonic creature lurking. the demon will shadow over the person until it slowly seeps in and takes full control. during the time that the demon is only clinging to the body, it is slowly killing the person’s spirit. once the spirit has been consumed, the demon may enter the body. once inside a body, they will remain there until the body dies. although almost all cases of a possessed are a demon taking hold, there are a few cases in which a ghost takes control. if a ghost takes control of a person, their spirits will merge and the person who is possessed will know what is going on. possessed humans are the same as normal ones, they can die the same way any normal person can. they often die around the age of 50, however, because the demon slowly sucks the life from them.



if someone dies without finishing their business on earth, they can become a ghost. ghosts can have anything from a vengeance against someone to needing to let their loved ones know they’re in a better place. ghosts can make themselves visible when they want, they can walk through walls, and do all sorts of normal ghost-like things. ghosts can either be friendly or angry. they are not able to be killed, though they can be exercised if they are possessing a person. now, ghosts can actually be any supernatural creature that dies with unfinished business.




the lovers who can kill with just the right amount of sexual tension. a succubus is a female, an incubus is a male, but they are the same creature. they have sexual relations with the opposite sex, generally, though there are cases in which they will have sexual relations with the same sex, as well. they are beautiful, charming creatures who lure their victims with just a touch. they can turn anyone on, really. when they have sex with someone, they essentially take that person’s life energy little by little and could kill the other person if they’re not careful. by taking the life energy, a succubus/incubus can live forever. much like vampires, they need to have sex to live. if they do not take energy from someone for a long time, they begin to age rapidly and could die. usually, they have several partners in order to keep from killing, but there have been cases in which they can have one partner. that being said, if they only have one partner, they risk one of them dying. if they are in a relationship with someone of the same species, they must have sex with others in order to gain energy, because they cannot take the energy from another incubus/succubus. it is possible for them to fall in love, but however they sometimes choose to have multiple relations in order to keep them both alive.



skinwalkers are humans that are born with the ability to change their shape. originally, there were native americans who were able to take on the shape of animals by wearing the pelts. they used these abilities to protect their tribes. after the tribes began to disappear, the genes were passed onto their children and soon the ability to change into any animal was eventually lost. now, skinwalkers can change into one animal, and they have to have a token (pelt, skull, foot, etc.) of said animal in order to take the shape. if they lose the token, they lose the ability to transform. skinwalkers age much slower than humans by about fifty years. when they are in their animal form for extended times, they don’t age at all. the average age is hard to know because of this, but the oldest known skinwalker is about 700 years old. if a skinwalker remains in their animal form for too long, they eventually forget they are human. they’re able to speak to other skinwalkers through telepathy when in animal form and can sense each other when in human form. most travel in large families, or packs. they have heightened senses and animal-like reflexes. they also closely resemble their animals in their abilities. they heal quickly, but they can be killed by decapitation.

skinwalkers have some kind of native american in them, because that is where the species originally derived. it doesn’t have to be much, but just enough to have the gene.

staff search

hello. i am posting this because i am on the hunt for some staff members who are willing to work with me on fleshing out the plot idea i have involving some supernatural creatures.

the type of people i am looking for is someone who can help skin and code. i am decent at it, but everyone loves custom stuff - which is something i am not able to really do. i could also use someone that is good at coming up with creative ideas to go along with the creatures in store for delusionary.

if you are interested, it’d be great if you could reply here or send an ask with your experience, what faces you would use, and what sort of plots you would like to see.