delusional headcanon

I’ve been trying to make sense of Kimberly asking Trini for a drink of water after they just meet and Trini actually saying yes. (Cause I definitely wouldn’t share a drink with someone I just met) Anyway, what if it isn’t the first time they met?
Obviously they both find where they all met a comforting place cause they kinda had their own routines. That probably wasn’t the first time Kimberly swam in that pond thing and that probably wasn’t the first time Trini had her metal yoga session.
So what if they had met there before. What if they had already shared some moments. What if that’s why Trini was so offended when Kimberly said they had English instead of biology together. Because even though Kimberly doesn’t talk to her at school she never thought she would deny her to her face. What if that’s why Kimberly is so concerned about Trini being okay after the fall. Because she knew she messed up a good thing and is trying to get back in Trini’s good graces.
What if the donut shop scene is them making up and Kimberly taking Trini on a real date.

can I have all the betty/veronica and archie/jughead fan fiction, please? 

like, imagine the four of them just being so relaxed, neither of the couples having to hide when they’re together. 

betty and veronica stroking each other’s hair and murmuring sweet nothings.

jughead trying to concentrate and write his novel but getting distracted by archie sitting behind him and kissing his neck.

and the four of them going out together all the time and it’s the perfect set up so they don’t get questions that they don’t feel like answering. i mean, they don’t intentionally hide who’s with whom but it makes it so much easier to not be worried about a little town like Riverdale when you can always just use heteronormativity to your advantage.

I just love beronica and jarchie so much and their OT4 friendship gives me life <3

  • -team Taka visiting Konoha pt. 1-
  • Sakura: Okay, I have a shift at the hospital so I'll let the two of you talk alone. See ya later!
  • Sarada: Love you mama!
  • Karin: Bye Sakura!
  • -awkward silence-
  • Sarada: ..
  • Karin: ...
  • Sarada: So... you're really not my biological mom, right?
  • Karin: No! Oh gosh no. I only helped your mommy give birth to you. And I picked out your glasses when Sakura was worried why you haven't started reading yet.
  • Sarada: What relationship do we have, then?
  • Karin: I'm not good with children but... I could be your aunt! I'd love to be your aunt actually, you get to enjoy all the pleasures of spoiling a kid without having to push it out of your body, forever ruining your vagina in the process... (Sarada freezes)
  • Suigetsu: Never say never, that's my motto babe~
  • Karin: Shut up! All of this is your fault anyway!
  • Sarada: (still coping with the v-word) Mama suddenly doesn't seem so dirty.
  • Suigetsu: I wouldn't be so sure about that either kiddo, have you ever heard her and Sasuke-
  • Karin: (dragging him by the ear out of the room) I said shut up!

Free folk and kneelers are more alike than not.

Alys Karstark and Val + parallels (requested by anonymous)

Headcanons that Cinder found a heavily encrypted file while looking through Ozpin’s personal desk computer, but instead of secret plans, it’s filled with random thoughts and gossip about the staff, students, and everyone else.

“Qrow switched my coffee with decaf this morning. Next time he riles up winter, I’m going to let her kill him”

“How do so many of the huntress fight in heels?? I couldn’t even stand straight when I tried wearing them.”

“While team JNPR are all over the place in terms of effectiveness, their groove levels are through the roof, but Glynda says I can’t pass them just for that”

“That short, quiet girl from Atlas with the black pigtails and green eyes gives me the creeps.”

“The old man shop owner’s Union is breathing down my neck again”

“Apparently trying to stick Magnets to Ironwood by chucking them from across the room is "irresponsible” and “unbecoming of a headmaster”

“The following is an essay examining the possible romantic relationships that can be formed within team RWBY. I shall analyze each and hopefully come to a conclusion on which is most likely, so that I can win the faculty betting pool this year. I’m sick of Oobleck always winning”

Cinder is disgusted, amazed, and reads it evening before bed.

spreading solace

last day of practice, makki and iwaizumi do their last arm-wrestling battle and iwaizumi lose on purpose and everyone knows iwaizumi lose on purpose but they’re pretending to not know and mattsun is like, “guess you aint the man that i thought you were iwaizumi” and makki is like, “i wanna thank my family and my teammates and myself for always believing this day would come” and oikawa is like, “now iwa-chan should treat us ramen” and iwaizumi whoop his ass just like always because oikawa and him are going to the same university anyway so there’s no need to create melancholy memory with him.

I don’t understand how people think Percy isn’t in Hufflepuff???

Percy’s fatal flaw: Literally being TOO loyal

Hufflepuff’s main trait: Loyalty

Conclusion: ??? Percy’s Hufflepuff???

with cas living at the bunker this is the easiest time to make destiel canon okay like u could do it in aNY filler episode. like, the episode starts and sam is walking through the bunker looking for dean to tell him about a case and they meet in the hallway outside of dean’s room and dean’s like, “yeah, what’s up?” and as they’re talking cas just slips out of dean’s room in the background wearing boxers and dean’s shirt and he’s yawning and sam just stops talking and stares as cas walks out of frame and so dean’s like, “dude, what?”

and sam just shakes his head and is like, “nothing, don’t worry about. so anyway, this case…”

one last scene of glenn walking up to two vehicles, a red dodge challenger parked next to an rv. 

a man wearing a fishing hat stands at the front of the rv, faced away. he turns around, smiles, and asks: “you wouldn’t happen to have a flathead with you?” 

glenn stares in shock, dumbfounded, elated.

out of the rv steps hershel, beth, lori, t-dog, andrea, amy, jacqui, jim, sophia, noah, tyreese, bob, abraham, his parents, sisters. everyone who has gone. everyone who is here.

beth grins, holds out a baseball cap, and says: “we’ve been waitin’.”

glenn runs to his family, smiling and laughing.

Sakura in early part 2 could dodge Sasori’s multiple puppets with no help, was trained by Tsunade since the end of part one to evade her own taijutsu and in the war she was able to dodge Kaguya’s chakra arms which both Naruto and Sasuke said were super fast and would absorb the victim in an instant. She is evading Hinata Hyuga whom she already outclasses in speed and who is not even close to Sasori, Tsunade and Kaguya. This whole idea that Hinata would run up to Sakura and shut down her chakra network while Sakura just stands there, doesn’t evade and fails to attack is just a delusional headcanon tbh. Ironically as well Sakura is the one who can end Hinata with one touch (super strength) not the other way around. Sorry about that.

Kook admitted that he’s pretty stubborn by nature,right?

What if Kook wants to tell the world that Jikook are together but the staff tell him otherwise so he gets kinda rebellious and starts making physical contacts with Jimin, initiating all the PDAs and bighit is just so fckn done they let the members do the job of separating them.

Of course Jimin is so oblivious to the whole situation at first cause he tends to zone out all the time but he kinda figures out something is wrong by the look Hoseok throws at him every time him and Kook are together and he’s like,

“Jungkookie I know you love me but can you tone it down a notch?”

Before Kook gets offended Jimin wraps his arms around his waist and says “ I mean we have all the nights to ourselves”.

Kook gives up and they pinky promise to spend every night together because they can’t handle being so far apart from each other during events.

Sometimes they can’t help themselves but be in close proximity during the day but other times they don’t really mind cause they have the night to themselves.

This is Only for Lightis Headcanons and no Disrespect to Other Characters or Ships, Ignore if you don't like it

Going to delete this later anyway but I wanted to write it down somewhere. I know that Lightis won’t ever be canon and they could only possibly meet in a possible Dissidia or KH game so please no hate even though I don’t ship Noct/Luna. I appreciate these two characters individually and I wouldn’t bash anyone’s shipping them.

I dunno, you could agree or disagree or send me comments about it and I’ll answer XD You can talk to me about the whole Lightis headcanons thing without fear of anyone bashing Luna as she is included. Hell, we can arrange a Light/Noct/Luna thing

Playing with the idea of Luna having romantic feelings that Noctis cannot return:

- Noctis may have feelings for Luna for when they were younger but when he grew up, those feelings change as well, people change

- Luna had a rough childhood where it felt like she had nobody to lean on emotionally and relied on the happiness of her childhood memories and dreams/ promises that she made with Noctis so it’s natural she would love him as much as she does. Noctis is her emotional clutch but being in love or having a silver lining doesn’t make her a weak or abnormal character

- Luna is mentally more mature and prepared for the trials in her life than Noctis. Since Regis sheltered Noctis from the cruelties of the world that Luna endured, it can be assumed that Noct wouldn’t know how to cope or handle his situation but fortunately, he has his friends and allies whereas Luna may only have a few to call allies and herself

- Maybe Noctis had loved the memory of Luna when they were children but Luna has changed dramatically in her ideals and personality, hence loving a shadow. Same thing for Luna loving the boy that became a man

- Noctis loves Luna as one would love a sister or a sibling and therefore cannot return how Luna feels about him, a unrequited love

- Luna loves him romantically, but it is a political marriage, perhaps she knows that Noctis doesn’t feel the same way and feels guilty that the arrangement puts him in an awkward situation. But she knew that the union would help both their countries. Maybe she has no idea that Noctis doesn’t have the “confidence” to return them or she had faith that he would have it one day. Either she or Noctis are ingrained with tradition and the workings of politics

- Noctis knowing that it’s better to marry his best friend than a stranger, hasn’t told Luna about how he feels so that it doesn’t affect their marriage

- Noctis is in love with someone else or he doesn’t feel romantic love; Luna’s the not-love interest and there’s more going for her role than that destination

If I had to incorporate Lightis ideas, maybe Noctis would have a strong connection to the heroine of the past by their spiritual ties. Noctis, when he encountered his near-death experience saw visions or “met” Lightning in his dreams and fell in love with her visage. Ever since his near death experience, Noctis began seeing her in his dreams and because of that became the reason why he’s afflicted with insomnia. Maybe he would read about her in history books and become obsessed with her image and story. Light in her timelines and her world caused a ripple effect that affected Noctis somehow. Poles apart in the world Light had created, these two are on the same world. Should Light have ascended to levels of divinity, she plays a role in Noct’s survival and his journey to reclaim his throne and the two communicate. If Light is still alive in this world and forsaken being a goddess, she would pass down her knowledge and her blade to Noctis, wishing him luck and all the strength he will need, advising him to lean on his friends and not to abandon their company. If not any of those above and Noctis begins to have doubts and pours out every single emotion imaginable about not being strong enough, Light will snap him out of it and tell him all about her story and how she overcame her obstacles and even if there was nobody alive left on his side, he won’t ever be alone. I just want them to meet so that they could give each other a good pep talk and give each other advice, to help each other when one of them is down and become stronger for what’s to come.

Sorry if this has already been pointed out by some of my fellow LawNa shippers, but I like to think here :

Law is actually pointing not at Nami but her cleavage, cause that’s were she’s put the vivre card. XD I just have a picture in my head of Nami smiling cheekily at him while putting the card into her bra. XD

black-sun-dreamer a réagi à votre billet “Ichigo during the last arc =already in love with orihime”

You mean the Lost Agent arc?

The thousand year blood war arc actually . 

I think it went like this : 

first arc= lowkey crush like he find her pretty and funny but that’s it 

Soul society arc =real crush he begins to know her and think she is an amazing person 

Vizard arc = The crush is turning into something more but he doesn’t know it 

Hueco mundo arc = He’s in love with her but does not realize it yet because he is not accustomed to this feelings and he’d rather not think about this kind of stuff because he has crazy tons of self esteem issues because of his hollow and shit and he probably think he does not deserve her 

Timeskip = Slowly coming to the realization that  he does love her . Does not dwell on it because he feels worthless about the loss of his powers and feels he cannot protect her and is not good enough 

Last arc = regained his powers , is confident in himself, made peace with himself over his hollow and his powers . In this last arc he allows himself to reach out to her much more often . He consols her twice,he pulls her close to him to put her out of arms way, he’s kinda showing off when he show her his new hollow form ‘this time I’m still me’ , he smiles this big smile at her because his hollow is not a menace anymore nor for himself or for his friends , he asks her to protect him in battle because he knows how strong she has gotten BASICALLY I think in this last arc he let himself be in love with her because he dealt with his self esteem issues