Fat acceptance?

Ok so i have seen the “obesity crisis is funded by the diet industry” theory….but what if fat acceptance is funded by the junk food industry? I can’t be the only person who thinks this surely? Get a grip people. Stop finding excuses to not look after yourself. I struggle with it but i am fighting like hell to get the best me possible. I owe it to myself, my daughter and my partner. Im no use to anyone if i cant even walk without needing a rest. I am the reason i am overweight. I will be the reason i get to a healthy weight. My feels are mine to control. Take note sensitive fatties its possible to make a change and be happy.


As long as Camila is wearing this Pearl Ring


As long as The Sun & Moon is her header


As long as she’s still on her journey to the MOON


Camren is real. Is, was, and always will be.

Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. We’re all rooting for you. We’ll support you, no matter what.

A wise man once said, “Get the girl”


CamRen Theory

Bear with me, I am completely delusional but here it goes… I think that Camila and Lauren are/were inlove with each other. What I’m saying is that they’re not gay at all, they’re just deeply in love with each other. Love is love, we don’t have to label it. In my scenario, I think that Camila fell in love at first sight with Lauren with “Seeing you singing at the booth” thing, meaning she saw Lauren first. I can’t imagine a scenario where Lauren would fall in love at first sight with Camila because I think Lauren didn’t fancy women back then or maybe even now. Camren was more gravitated towards deep love, not just towards preferences as in sexuality or gender. As time goes by, little did Lauren know that she realized there was something in between her and Camila. Little did Camila know that maybe her feelings for Lauren grew stronger and developed into something deeper. During this process, Lauren starts to realize the growing feelings towards Camila, though still making jokes about it to convince herself that this was all for jokes and not real. However, there was a time when she got defensive about it and people started to look into it too deep. Believe me, if I were shipped with someone else and know that there is nothing going on between us, I could joke about it all day long without being offended, knowing that there will be no consequences. You could tell that when interactions (other than camren) happen between the group, they all just laugh it off and move on and see it as a growing friendship and nothing else. For Camila and Lauren, they have this nagging feeling at the pit of their stomach that there will be consequences if they interact at all, even a simple hand gesture, lip biting and eyesexing can make us all delusional. Maybe, it also makes them delusional because emotions sometimes can’t be controlled. So, what if one of them actually confessed something, that cannot be taken back by the other one? Something that made the tension grow bigger and more confusing, making each other question, is it safe now to joke about it, knowing that the other one has actual feelings for the other? If one of them knew about it, then both of them will avoid anything to spark those feelings again, and this is when the camren break up happened. And I think that it might’ve been Camila who confessed it. Want to know why? She’s been so passionate about love yet she doesn’t show that she is in a relationship of any kind and the only way you can make someone so crazy in love, is when the other one doesn’t love you back. I know I’ve been there; making poetries, being so sappy and romantic yet you can’t have that kind of relationship with them because the other one doesn’t love you back. So if it was Camila, she could’ve accepted her liking Lauren for more than friends because she reminds her fans constantly to be yourself (I know the other gorup members does it too but I just… idk I’m trying to make a point here). What if she accepted the fact that she does have those feelings? But she knows that the other one will not accept it or can’t accept it? Everytime when camren interacts, I see Camila being so cool and calm about it when you look at her face but you can see her reaction towards the interaction seconds later or maybe in miliseconds or the reaction happening somewhere else around her body. You could say that she is an open book but for me, Lauren is much more open about it than Camila. Unlike Camila, her reaction is almost immediately or shown in a mix of reactions. Because why? Because she is the one confused. Sometimes it happens in a sequence of events. Especially that incident when an interviewer asked Lauren “Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe?” And Camila screams “Me!” And you can see Lauren’s reaction being a mix of feelings. Especially if you slow-motioned it. Holyshit, I was blown out when I saw the slowmotion version. It went from happy, to flirty to confused to ridiculousness. I don’t know, it was so… too much of emotions, basically. To explain the interactions between camren, in the midst of questioning and confusing each other out, emotions start to control them where we, fans, see the exchanging looks, lip bitting and all that stuff showing, without their conscious mind knowing that they’re doing it. There are times when it was just friendship kind of deal but there were those heartwarming stares that they give to each other that makes us think “Damn, I wish someone would look at me like that.” It’s such a beautiful love story that I wish it happened to me. Fanfics have proved that this is the best love story that could ever be written. With beautifully written fanfics such as Do I Wanna Know confused the life out of me because I couldn’t even distinguish between the real facts with the fictional ones. Obviously, we don’t know what really is going on but we can’t help but be so fucking delusional sometimes. Here’s to all the camren shippers out there. It’s like 1:00am right now and I just needed to express my thoughts towards camren. To CC and LJ, don’t let anything ruin your happiness. Actually, that goes to EVEYONE.

President Obama continues his refusal to acknowledge that Islamic Terrorism is quite real and will continue to threaten our freedom and that of others until something is done to put a forceful and permanent lock on their questionable intentions.

  • sheo was like boyfriend/girlfriend last year.. getting to know stage.. 
  • sheo now is like a married couple.. 
  • sheo next year will be like a soon to be parents

fanfictions do come true.. lmao!