Beep bop beep boop! Here’s my half of an art trade I’m doing with the wonderful @cdraws-and-ships! Featuring their AWESOME Delusion Tax AU!

I had tons of fun drawing this and coming up with what Christine would look like as a squip c: Go check out the AU, it’s hella rad!

Lauren welcome to your tape!

So lets get a little delusional?!?!

Camila gave an interview where she said that “i have questions” was written one year and a half ago, she said that at first it was gonna be just an interlude but decided later that she wanted the song to tell more or something along those lines. Then she went back to finish the song when she “coincidentally ran into the person that inspired the song”.

Now in a most recent interview camila stated that she finished the song in January/February.

So its clear that it was around that time when she ran into the inspiration for the song aka her muse aka you know who!
But it doesn’t end there. who else was at studios recording new music? around january/february? 

and who else was with steve in February? 

This is just one of many coincidences, lets also not forget that lauren was also recording with halsey who has “links” to camila as well. And 5h was also recording in the studio at around the same time and they are in the same label so?!?  

I truly believe this song in particular is about lauren, im sure there will be other songs in her album about 5h and her departure etc but i dont think its “i have questions”. i dont get friendship vibes from the song lol especially with the whispers at the end. Thats it! Bye!

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When nothing exists and life is an illusion but there’s also multiple universes but it’s all just false and a dream caused by you being the universe keeping itself entertained but there’s also bugs inside you digging around but what if you’re just a ghost but what if i this is a dream but you can see yourself in the mirror except that’s Not You™

G: I started small seria of BilxDip pictures, using Lin’s interest  and random keywords as my inspiration. I really can’t draw fanart for myself, I’m usually loosing interest when I’m alone in my girlish fan-dreams. But I’m not alone and I’m happy about it xD 
This one is about ‘Delusion’. Enjoy!

“We don’t share clothes” “Please dont make assumptions” “Very separately single” These bitches better be trippin. 😂

FreshDream child.

This couple even exist??

Fine. He is a energic person, likes to make other laughs. He looks self-confident, flirts and says things(?. but later he just screams alone because the shame uwu. He do it again later.

Feel free to ask about him. he doesn’t have name still… i think delusion it’s a good name. (Thank mikiiblu)