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(1) okay so i only recently read up on psychosis symptoms about a month or two ago, but i have a lot of them, i think. these have existed since i was a child but have gradually gotten stronger over years. for instance i've had this huge delusion that i (my soul) am one of several seraph-like beings all connected through a spiritual bond that i'll only feel when i meet another one, and all of us have a deeply-embedded spiritual ability to bring about the apocalypse of whatever universe we're in

“(2) and it just feels… right. like i don’t want to cause the apocalypse and it’s sort of distressing knowing that i have that power lurking in me, but at the same time i have some form of nostalgia for the others, like we /need/ to be around each other, or that it would be comforting. i also hallucinate every now and then; things will flash in my peripheral or fly past me when i know its impossible, i’ll feel things crawling on me when nothing’s there, sometimes i’ll hear a voice i’ve never”

“(3) heard before say “hey!” next to me, and i get seemingly pointless precognition (is that the term? when you get a minor view of a future event and then it happens later on) of pointless things (standing in a particular spot [that ive never been in], seeing a post ive never seen before) and i can distinctly remember that ive seen it in a dream or daydream. i also (audibly, when im positive that im alone) talk to myself (sometimes saying responses outloud or in my head), and i can sense when”

“ (4)specific creatures or people are around without seeing/hearing them (like a sixth sense thing). i’ve had the lurking fear that i won’t live past 16 (i’m 16 in two weeks so imm really distressed about this) for a couple years now too. sometimes i feel like every vague post is about me, or that people ive never talked to are talking badly about me with their friends. theres other stuff too but it falls into the other symptoms i mentioned before; am i psychotic or is this just paranoia/etc?”

Hey anon!
So i can’t diagnose but yes this sounds very much like psychosis. Hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. 

I urge you strongly to try and seek help, your delusions seem to be causing serious distress. (self-help) (self-help)

Talk to someone near you about what your experience so you can stay-in the moment. Create a crisis plans  you can stay safe. 

Thank you for taking care of yourself

-Admin A

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Mortals end is boring, follows
boring reasons. Usually it’s wounds and diseases their body can’t confront. And what is an immortals end? Your body has no fear of every kind of wound, you don’t need to feed it, no disease can take it, no ages.

 However, there’s always a catch. In this realm, at least.

 End of mortal is distant and known to come when needed. Your end is always here, with you. It is in your head. You named it the Delusion, the curse of your kind. A creature, invisible to other eyes, comes asudden, it exhaust not your body but your mind until you turn into nothing, until you become insane, until people kill you for your crime.  It takes you home you was stolen from, child of the Desert. An end a poet would envy.

Why otherkin aren’t delusional.

Identifying as otherkin is not a delusion. I think that many people who say “calling yourself otherkin makes you delusional” do not have an accurate idea of what being otherkin is. In many cases, they don’t have an accurate idea of what a delusion is either.

If otherkin were claiming that their bodies were physically non-human, that Steven Universe is real on this plane of existence and they physically arrived here from the gem home world, or that they can physically shift into a centaur, that might be classifiable as a delusion because if these things were true, they’d be demonstrable, and they’re not. I’ve only seen a small handful of people make such claims during my time in the otherkin community, and most of those people were relatively new community members who were either trolls or deliberately embellishing to sound cool.

Most otherkin believe that spiritually or mentally they are non-human. Ask yourself this. Is a person who believes he lived human past lives delusional, or is it only delusional to think you were non-human in a past life? Is belief in reincarnation delusional all by itself, or does it only become delusion (in your mind) once a person starts talking about remembering past lives? Is a person who observes that her mind works differently than most people’s automatically delusional, or is it only delusional if she compares her unusual mind to that of a cat?

Delusions are not just uncommon or unprovable beliefs. They are believes that do not follow a logical A to B to C progression. Remember, delusions are a sign that your brain is not working right, not a sign that you’re following a belief system that other people aren’t into. A psychiatrist once told me that he saw a patient who believed that a d’jinn was harassing him at night. The psychiatrist observed that there was logical thinking going on in the patient’s mind (specific things were happening that the patient did not have another explanation for, the patient observed that those occurrences matched what he had read about d’jinn, and then he concluded that a d’jinn was causing the disturbances), even if he was not sure that he believed in d’jinn.

Interestingly enough, delusions are often a lot less unusual-looking than being otherkin or living in a haunted house. For example, let’s say that Cheryl’s husband comes home at the same time every night and is very loyal and attentive to her. She believes he is having an affair, but she is not basing this belief off of anything she is seeing or perceiving. Her husband is not acting distant, he is not coming home late, he is very loving and affectionate, he never has unexplained absences, etc. Because there is no A to B to C progression in Cheryl’s thinking, a psychiatrist might wonder if she was delusional. EVEN IF SHE WAS DELUSIONAL, the purpose of therapy would be to help ease Cheryl’s concerns and to get her to a place where she was no longer suffering. The point wouldn’t be to go “YOU’RE DELUSIONAL YOU SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE, OFF ACCUSING PEOPLE OF SHIT! YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PERSON!” on her blog.