deluna: the series

  • lead researcher: and for this test we'll be using SCP-447-2 as a lubricant, so-
  • me: I see,
  • lead researcher: if you'll just go ahead and remove SCP-882 from its seawater bath, we'll apply the substance to the rusted areas and document the results-
  • me, putting my pants back on: okay
  • coworkers: what
  • guards: what
  • me: what
Tangled: The Series

Some thoughts.

Firstly, why does Cassandra calls Rapunzel, ‘Wraps’ ? What was their first meeting like? Is that ever seen on tv?
Secondly, does anyone get the sense that Cassandra has like a major crush on Rapunzel? Because I super do.
Thirdly, Varian reminds me so much of Eugene and I am secretly hoping they are related or at least somehow knew each other somehow.
Fourthly, I love the show, and yes, I am majorly getting judged for it at college lol

About Seth MacFarlane Pt. 11

What’s next for Apple Music and Beats 1: Original content, revamped apps, more Beats, live events & much more

 Mar. 24th 2017 2:37 pm PT

“Apple Music is about to be a whole lot more than just music, for better or for worse depending on your view-point on the subject. Carpool Karaoke will launch first next month and Planet of the Apps sometime this spring.” 

There you go, people, we have a potential airing date!!


Bad romance The series

Tangled Episode 2 Continuity Error?

I’m loving the Tangled series, and episode 2 was pretty funny, but I noticed a huge error that does not go with what we’ve previously seen in this show. As some may know, the ending to the prequel movie “Tangled: Before Ever After” featured Rapunzel’s dad find out about her hair growing back, and to keep her safe, he forbid from ever leaving the castle alone. Yet episode 2 had Rapunzel roaming around the town center alone throughout the episode. She definitely didn’t look like she snuck out either, she was casually roaming the market, and such. Did the writers forget or something?

I honestly can’t complain though, the show would get pretty tedious if she had to constantly sneak out before her father knew she was gone, but it just raises so many questions. Remember how in Tangled: Before Ever After, she was constantly being surrounded by guards whenever she tried going through the town? What happened to that? You’d think after what happened at the end of that movie, that Rapunzel would be surrounded by guards more than ever, yet she wasn’t? The show would get very annoying if that were the case though, and I’m glad they’re able to make episodes that don’t go that way, but it’s still strange to suddenly see that conflict go away, without any good excuse for why Rapunzel is suddenly able to freely roam around. 

  • lead researcher, over the testing area intercom: D-69420, please approach SCP-071's containment chamber and report to us over the earpiece's 15-second delay what it is currently manifesting as for research p-
  • me: oh aho-ho no problem my dear lads seduction is my field of expertise ;)
  • lead researcher: Approach and interact with SCP-071 with no further derailments, please.
  • 071: [indiscriminate screeching noises]
  • me: *unzips jumpsuit and tips fedora* how d'you do tonight, m'anomaly? These plebeians bothering you? You've probably been starved of human contact with a Nice Guy such as myself, allow me to demonstrate-
  • lead researcher: what
  • guards: what
  • 071: what
  • me: what