deluded and proud

but can you just imagine harry sobbing into louis’s shirt because “larry is the biggest load of bullshit i’ve ever heard” and louis is trying to comfort him because he didn’t tweet that, but harry’s still hurt and all but finally louis says something like “i love you and you know that. larry is the best thing that has ever happened to me” and omfg i should start my homework already

People who don't ship Larry shouldn't hate Larry shippers...

people think we think Larry is real because “they blinked at the same time” or they “accidently touched” NO. that’s not it. we do our research. and it isn’t like we’re sending them messages telling them they’re faggots or something. we have our little tumblrs to just pray and wish and hope they are real. it’s just our opinion on things. it isn’t just a simple touch. it’s everything they do. sorry i’m deluded. 

Addressing Problems

(WARNING: This post contains Anti-a couple of the shippers belonging to a certain ship and if you all don’t like those things than leave, please! Thank you! =) Now, let’s begin ^_^)

Well, hi there, everyone! I am well-sensei and to be honest, I’m a little angry right nos.

Why? One might ask?

Well, to explain, it all begins with my post titled, “In Defense of Sarada Uchiha” that I posted this morning which can be found right here:

After a couple of hours, I decided to check the notes that I received on the post as I always do and upon checking, this is one of the notes that stuck out to me:

That’s right. That rude message came from a user called uchiha—sakura, a certain user that I’ve had problems with ever since I created this blog four months ago.

And this is my reply to her. Mind you, there was no cursing and I was very respectful and courteous to say as I said for her to not to comment on any other posts of mine since she's had a habit of doing that, as seen here:

Now after telling to politely stay off my blog, she followed up with this message:

She said that I “implied that Sakura meant to hurt Sarada” but if you all go back to my post, not one time did I say that Sakura wanted to hurt Sarada.

However, she then said “my ass was blind” and how “she doesn’t give a fuck about what I have to say.” Then she concludes her message with, “Fuck you and let’s all pray you have a nice, damn day.”

What I don’t understand is why she was so rude and nasty to me because in my post and reply, as seen above, I was as polite as possible.

But whatever, let’s move on.

This is my response to her uncouth reply:

I told her that I might never go to the Sarada tag if it’s full of people that’re as rude and nasty as she is. I also told her that she should learn a thing about resect and to have a better vocabulary than profane words and to enjoy her life but stay off my blog if she hates my words that much.

She then responded like this:

So, apparently, I “pull bullshit twisted lies out of my ass” but she then says how great her vocabulary is.

Ironic, much? XD

I ask this simple question:

How do I “pull bullshit twisted lies out of my ass” when I use ACTUAL MANGA PANELS?

That’s how I replied to her!

She then follows up with:

I “mindlessly misinterpret the manga and twist it for the sake of my arguments” apparently?

Okay, once again, how can I do that when I use CANON MANGA PANELS?

I’m quite truthful with my information but she’s too arrogant to admit when she’s wrong as stated below:

And then she ends up insulting me, once again -_-

My words to you uchiha—sakura are this:

How dare you come onto my post insulting and cursing at me? I was very respectful in my post and insulted NO ONE.

Heck, I even put a small warning at the beginning of the post like I always do in hopes of AVOIDING conflict.

And then to see how you say how I make up the information that I present and how “blind” I am.

You know something? YOU’RE the blind one that’s oblivious to the facts presented before you, not me.

I use ACTUAL MANGA PROOF in my arguments but you’re such an arrogant wench, you don’t want to admit when you’re wrong.

And you know something else? You’re nothing but a pathetic bully that has a sense of “superiority” about yourself and when you’re not right, you lash out at everyone who dares to say something different.

To be perfectly honest, I feel sorry for people like cheridori and imaginationisvirtue. They have to deal with irritants such as yourself and manifestationofuchihalove is right about you.

In fact, thanks to manifestationofuchihalove and her suggestion, I’ve reported you for harassment because I’ve told you MULTIPLE TIMES to leave me along but you chose to ignore me.

Now I will leave will you with this for the last time:


Now, I have another person to deal with.


Ugh! Oh my gosh!

Now as a small recap for you guys, he shoved his nose into the little argument between uchiha—sakura and I.

He decided to leave this nice message for me:

Now, who the hell are you to call me a “little chicken” as well as a “weeaboo”?

And I’m a sheep?

Who’s the one sending hate to others over PROPERLY TAGGED CONTENT?

Because it sure as hell isn’t me.

I’ve invaded no tags because my post is PROPERLY TAGGED but I bet you can’t comprehend that, right?

In fact, I doubt you even know the meaning to that word.

And about me “playing victim”, I’ve never once played victim. I’m just stating my annoyances in meeting unpleasant people such as you and uchiha—sakura.

And my “kraken friend” naruto699700isnotcanon? I feel sorry when she has to deal with losers like you because that’s what you are.

Speaking of victims, drop the victim complex, it’s pathetic.

You know you started that drama with my “kraken friend” weeks ago but you don’t want to admit it as you’re so arrogant.

Pathetic. That’s what you are.

And for someone that’s “not important and not worth your time” I apparently am seeing as how you’re talking about me with that other imbecile heavencuteness96 but I’ll deal with her in a little while.

And also, you don’t tell me “weeaboo friends” “the truth” and you know it!

All you do is send RUDE messages to everyone and according to various people such as manifestationofuchihalove, NaruSasu Prevails and others, you’re a well known cyber bully like uchiha—sakura which I believe, based on how you spoke to me in our “little discussion”.

This is my response to him and his rude message:

I simply stated what was right and how my post was properly tagged and for me to just leave me along and this was his follow up message:

He insults my friend by calling her a “delulu fangirl” yet wants to act confused when I put him on my “Ignore Idiot List”?

People like you honest disgust me and you remind me of all the boys who used to bully me when I was little.

Also, when I said to not comment on my posts, I didn’t say that because I was “scared”

Speaking of “scared”, have you figured out that no one’s scared of you? Quite the contrary, actually we all laugh at you and how idiotic you portray yourself to be.

Also, I’m a “deluded fan girl”? Well, guess what? This “Deluded Fan Girl” is a proud Karin lover and there’s nothing that you or any of the other Karin haters can do to stop me.

And guess what else? I’ve reported you also for harassment! You’re a well known cyber bully like uchiha—sakura, as stated by manifestationofuchihalove.

And before you say, “I was just telling the truth!”

Maybe, but you were extremely rude with how you did it and you know it so spare everyone the tripe!

And lastly, heavencuteness96:

I’ve seen you before on one of my Pro-Karin posts calling her a “comic relief character.”

Heh, what a pathetic and frankly overused argument.

My message to you is:

I read the manga with my own two eyes not “with my ass”, Thank you very much.

Now, unlike the two morons above, I won’t report you but if I see you on another of my posts talking about me like that, I will report you. Just try me.

Now, you all might wonder what the reason for this post was, right? Well, it’s to let all of my friends in the NaruSaku/SasuKarin/ItaSasu and NatuSasu fandoms to watch out for people like these.

I love you all so much and I don’t want you all to get a headache with these losers.

Now, whew! With that long post, I feel so much better! ^_^

Why? Because as I typed this post, I came to a realization:

I’m Seventeen Years Old and tomorrow is my high school graduation ceremony! =)

I realized that I’m too smart for these morons to get under my skin! They’re all probably sad, miserable people with no friends who go online to social media to bully and harass people that they’re jealous of.

So, I refuse to let these idiots get to me anymore because I AM and WILL always be better than these scrooges. ^_^

I’m going to college to major in electrical engineering or nursing so you haters of mine that I experienced today can just scram!

Or, as stated by one of my favorite television characters, Drake Parker:

External image

Now that wraps up this post! =) It was long but worth it XD

It felt so good to deal with the rude morons in my replies even though I was quite polite.

And to the mail and replies I received from people standing up for me and telling me to not let them get to me:

Thank you! ^_^

It really cheered me up =)

Now, to any of the SasuSaku shippers, please understand, I didn’t mean all of you guys, just the rude ones that I mentioned in this post =P

Now until my next post, see you all later! =)