“What’s interesting is that although she was a woman’s woman and refused to be treated differently from men at a time when women routinely were, she never liked the idea of being called a feminist. Like many of her generation I think she believed that feminism meant anti-feminine, that it meant that she couldn’t be free with her sexuality, or you couldn’t be womanly if you were a feminist. I don’t think she ever realized what an incredible feminist icon she was.” - Naomi deLuce Wilding

Corporate Outsourcing Created China Power, Condensed US Wealth

“Gutting the job market in the US for five decades by sending our jobs overseas was one of the biggest factors in this mess. Who do you think gained anything from that move? It sure as phuc wasn’t the people who are trying to feed their families and losing sleep over the future. The ONLY people who gained anything out of that trend are the people who own the corporations that sent those jobs away and the workers in the countries they sent them to. In effect, the corporate mentality I’m talking about has crippled the US and strengthened China into a world power, while enriching a tiny handful of people in the US whose money does not flow to the rest of the economy, but stays tied up in Wall Street. Well, Wall Street and un-taxable accounts offshore, as well.” - Danny DeLuc

All this talk about working hard, bootstrapping your way up the ladder, is all relative to US corporations putting that ladder in China.

Jeeves and Sapphire

So we have like 20 asks in our inbox on how to get Jeeves and Sapphire and I really don’t feel like answering them all (also bc I already answered around a bajillion of these already) so yeah the new cats are, at least for me/some ppl, really hard to catch, I can’t really help you since I’m not a wizard, yet. All I can do is tell you that I got them so far with Deluxe Tuna and Bonito Bitz with the Fairytale Parasol and the Tower of Treats. If you have tips or got them with a different type of food pls write a reply! Would be highly appreciated! Thanks!


btw I ordered a new phone and have to start all over again soon ahhhh ;____;