“What’s interesting is that although she was a woman’s woman and refused to be treated differently from men at a time when women routinely were, she never liked the idea of being called a feminist. Like many of her generation I think she believed that feminism meant anti-feminine, that it meant that she couldn’t be free with her sexuality, or you couldn’t be womanly if you were a feminist. I don’t think she ever realized what an incredible feminist icon she was.” - Naomi deLuce Wilding

Jeeves and Sapphire

So we have like 20 asks in our inbox on how to get Jeeves and Sapphire and I really don’t feel like answering them all (also bc I already answered around a bajillion of these already) so yeah the new cats are, at least for me/some ppl, really hard to catch, I can’t really help you since I’m not a wizard, yet. All I can do is tell you that I got them so far with Deluxe Tuna and Bonito Bitz with the Fairytale Parasol and the Tower of Treats. If you have tips or got them with a different type of food pls write a reply! Would be highly appreciated! Thanks!


btw I ordered a new phone and have to start all over again soon ahhhh ;____;