1. Having to listen and contain your anger in church when the preacher says “All gays are going to hell”

2. Going to a Christian College and staying in your dorm having to act straight

3. Hearing about some Bitch named Deltrese!

4. Being on the phone with your gay friend and having to talk about your relationships as a “straight guy” in front of your roommate.

5. Being in a Christian college, getting on social networks, seeing fellow students who are gay and sneaking around knowing their secret

6. When your christian “friends” talk shit about gays

7. Having thoughts about which guy would be better in bed, but you know it won’t happen because they’re straight

8. Watching a movie with your friends and a hot guy comes up and you have to hide your immediate horniness

9. When someone you know is gay, but is “straight” in front of other guys, but does gay stuff to them as well

10. Seeing your hot friend and wishing he would just come out of the closet

11. When your friend knows you haven’t come out yet, but they tell everyone anyway

12. Trying to talk to your hot straight friend, but his girlfriend is all over him

13. Hearing your straight friend talk about the intimate relationship they have with your crush.

14. Knowing you get to partner with your crush on a school project

but can’t do anything but sit and keep to yourself… but you still flirt with them…


…I’m not the only one that finds it odd that Keisha Fabo is upset at Terrell for fucking some bitch named Deltrese, yet when she goes to discuss the issue with Breadquanda, Breadquanda mentions how she sucked his dick and yet Keisha doesn’t even bat an eyelash at that.

So are Keisha, Breadquanda, and Terrell part of a cuckold?


this is relevant right now