Exclusive Q&A with Sesugh ‘Uhaa Nation’ Uhaa: Why he’s 'here for the long run' 

When the WWE Performance Center announced the signing of 11 new recruits earlier this week, perhaps none of the NXT prospects generated as much buzz as Sesugh Uhaa. Previously based out of Atlanta, the 27-year old — a six-year veteran who competed on the independent scene under the name Uhaa Nation — has cultivated a devoted following stateside and abroad, and for good reason.

Combining the musculature of a bodybuilder with the agility of a cruiserweight, Uhaa defies conventional wisdom and might just epitomize what it means to be a next-generation WWE Superstar. It’s simply not common for a man boasting deltoids the size of bowling balls to routinely bust out standing moonsaults and Shooting Star Presses in rapid succession.

A week after his arrival in Orlando, Fla., caught up with Uhaa to discuss his path to the Performance Center, his growth as a wrestler and why NXT is “the best place to be.”



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