Some of you never studied a game through youtube and wikis instead of playing and it shows


no mercy au of deltarune where the player kills everyone in the dark world and susie thinks it’s a bad dream, until they both wake up and the player starts on the lightners too. susie tries to stop you. it doesn’t go well. 

au by @krispdreemurr and dialogue by @starryeyedgiant! both excellent writers, so check them out!

transcript under the cut

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this was supposed to be a drawing……………….. i got a little self-indulgent.
BUT to be fair, I see this happen a lot in RPGs and DnD stuff, this was almost a missed opportunity tbqh!!!


i dont animate often… but when i do…… i never finish them

1st: was supposed to be a spiderverse animation test with miles but i never got down the defining features so its a vague figure swinging across the screen lol (12/24/18)

2nd: small jevil animation that was inspired by some that @spudinacup did as well… i might continue..  (12/20/18)

3rd: spur of the moment animation of my character Moon Man (10/11/18)

4th: another spur of the moment project of another one of my characters Mr.Moon, and an example of the longest time ive ever taken on an animation. i was so close to actually finishing this… i really was. anD OF COURSE AFTER ALL THIS TIME I ONLY JUST RECENTLY REALIZED THAT THE EYE IS ON THE WRONG SIDE WHEN HE TURNS AROUND MMMMMGDI (8/5/18)

5th-7th: sample animations that were meant to be for an animation meme (but of course that never happened lm a OOOOOOOO (5/8/18)