Today is a special day/night for my pledge sister Kat! She renews her vow with her husband John! I really wish I was in Hawaii right now so I could celebrate with you! But know that I wish you both a life full of happiness, joy and love. It’s been over a year since I last saw you, I miss you a lot. I hope you have an unforgettable night filled with laughter and joy. I love you psis! ❤💍💎💋👰😍😘 #dchil #deltachilambda #pledgesisters #alwaysandforever #specialday #wedding #imissher

Happy Birthday to my pledge sister @danalitz ! 🎉🎈🎂 You’re old now lol. But I guess I’m next. I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay out of trouble and don’t get too turnt up lol. I miss having you around because you make my life interesting. Youz a bitch doe. Jk. I lub you lots. 😘❤️ K bye see you in a couple of weeks, and have a splendid day! #happybirthday #23now #oldfart #imissyou #dchil #deltachilambda #pledgesisters #whenindoubtvalencia

Happy 20th birthday to my little! 🎉🎈I hope you have an awesome day! I wish I could be in AZ right now to celebrate with you. But it’s okay, enjoy this special day. 😊 I know we’ve been through a lot together, but in the end we overcame those obstacles and became even stronger. Please know that I’ll always be there for you despite the distance. School is approaching soon and it’s gonna feel weird that I won’t be there, but make me proud! Study hard in school, look after @santiago1129 and @momo2294, and make sure Eddie takes care of you or I will hunt him down lol! 🔪 I will visit soon though and I can’t wait to see you! I miss you and love you lil, have fun today! 😘❤👑 #happybirthday #stillyoung #bigandlil #princessiris #dchil #deltachilambda #royalfamily #NAU #imissyou

“Our sisterhood is not a destination, but a journey.” This describes how I feel with my pledge sisters. We’re the Chika Chika Yeah Champion Charter Class for a reason! I love you girls so much. When I graduate, it’s gonna hit me real hard. I’m going to be pretty sad. We’ve been through sweat, dirt and tears together. You name it! Without you girls, my life isn’t complete. Sounds cheesy and shit, but forrealz. I’m so proud of where we stand today because we worked hard to earn all of that! We’re a group of strong ladies that will continue to grow. Missing our psister Kat. I love you ladies :) <3 #DChiL #deltachilambda #sisterhood #charterclass #gammachapter #greeklife #psisters #ilovethem #champions #love @ashley_french12 @sheriluong @taaaano @taramarieeex3 @ti_mai @danalitz @hernamesliz