I guess no one will share this but you will share a fight or something indecent amongst our people. Two african american female pilots. Captain and first offcer,the flight attendants are also african american. Shout out to DELTA AIRLINES for affording these opportunities to our very well accomplished women.


I don’t believe this

This is an actual thing that will be used on actual airplanes

I can’t decide if this is the worst or best thing I have ever seen


Delta why

1950s Douglas DC-8 | Delta

The interior of Delta’s first DC-8 jets was inspired by the sky and sea. Douglas aircraft artists, working closely with Delta, created the interior scheme for the DC-8. Throughout the cabin the ceiling was finished in a fabric called “Cosmos,” depicting the stars and planets on an oyster white background. The overhead storage racks were “gold enmeshed in a white sea net.” The “Delta Imperial” custom floor carpet was a beige color highlighted with light blue. - Via