for anyone defending this incredible idiot. There’s enough hate on this planet already. You see Trump gaining power, you see Erdogan building his “empire” and hating on Europe. You see far right parties gaining more and more power in Europe. It doesn’t need some idiotic youtuber who wants to provoke more hate just for views on his videos. Please, Tumblr, just once don’t believe everything you read on Twitter and read a bit more about the story. 

The Adam Saleh incident with Delta Airlines got me so upset honestly. I’m tired of people sugarcoating and defending whites. I sincerely believe and know that all white people are inherently racist. If we don’t call it for what it is and shame and ridicule them, nothing will change. When you come from such a disgusting past with no real acknowledgement or repercussion of the crimes you’ve committed throughout centuries, of coarse you’ll be left with people that still has that disdain and superiority complex for anyone who’s different from them. They create terrorist and now they’re “uncomfortable” when someone is speaking another language? The Audacity! It doesn’t matter if it’s 2016, 2020 or even 2050. I don’t think anything will change unless white people are held accountable for their actions and they acknowledge their past (and the present) and don’t downplay history. This is why to this day, this shit still flies.

How can you use the plight of your own ppl for profit like this is some kind of joke then have the NERVE to cause an uproar for getting kicked off the plane like you don’t be doing the shit all the time on purpose (I’m pretty sure they knew EXACTLY who he was & that’s why he got kicked off) … do you know how many ppl can’t fly in the US because of dumb shit like their last name & you pull this SHAME ON YOU.

did I ever tell anyone of the time when I took a flight with Delta airlines and the video they played before the flight that talks about safety and whatever was literally just memes

I mean

look at this