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8 Things To Remember/Know About Pursuing Membership

1. Find the right org for you, not for your friends!

Take the time to properly research and understand what it means to be apart of an organization. Attend different events and socialize! Just because your friends are interested in an organization, doesn’t mean you need to be too. Also, ensure you are joining the right org that lines up with the image, reputation, and morals that you have. You need to be able to whole-heartedly represent any organization you’re apart of, and if it is NOT you, don’t do it.

2. You were an individual before you became interested in an org

Do NOT feel you need to change who you are as a person, just to be able to pursue membership for a specific org. Any org you are interested in joining should be accepting of you just as you are! If you feel you need to talk a certain way, act a certain way, or be someone you are NOT, you need to find the org that is! Being a part of any organization is about standing together as one, but appreciating the differences of each unique member. 

3. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for grad chapter

Many people are interested in the undergraduate experience of being in a D9 org, but grad/alumnae chapters do just as much and stand for the same things as UG chapters! So if you want to join an org but they’re on moratorium, they are not on campus, or you do not wish to be apart of the UG chapter on your campus, you can wait and still experience the sisterhood/brotherhood, personal growth & development as you would experience in a UG chapter.

4. We’re human, too!

When interacting with members, please remember that we are ALSO college students just like you! We aren’t Gods! We’re people! If you talk to us with respect and maybe even a little humor, we’re not gonna blow you off. If you are not discreet, then portentially. But if you attend an event and are just talking to us, we’re not gonna bite! Don’t put extra pressure on yourself just because you are talking to a Greek member. If you weren’t interested in Greek life at all…would you still be so nervous?

5. Expressing interest is not as scary as you think

When expressing interest, you are just stating that you are interested in pursuing membership. That is it! As long as you are doing it one on one with members, there is no right or wrong way to say you would like to seek/pursue membership. As long as you get the message across, you’re solid. DO NOT SAY YOU WANT TO BE AN XYZ, YOU ARE GOING TO PLEDGE, OR THAT YOU ARE A FUTURE XYZ. Even if you are legacy, there is still no guarantee. Just don’t.

6. Event attendance does NOT equal expressing interest

Do not expect members to assume you’re interested just because you attend events or socialize with them. Pull up your pants, be social, and state what you are interested when the time is right. Events are open to all of campus, so just because you attend 7/7 events last semester…that means nothing unless we understand why you were partially motivated to attend.

7. Not all chapters or organizations do things the exact same way

Each organization does membership intake differently! Just because you see a message or “hear” that things work one way, do not assume that is consistent. Until you are TOLD what you need, everything else is basically a possibility!

8. All NPHC Organizations are non-hazing organizations

Simple. That’s it. Don’t ask about it, don’t talk about it. Do not go into pursuing membership THINKING you know everything and how things will and won’t go. 


Obtaining membership is an awesome experience, but if you are given the opportunity to do so and you eventually become a member, remember: Not to let your letters change you! 

While I am Verita: the President of SGRho & NPHC, I am also stillVerita: the athlete, student, friend, daughter, sister, coach, Girl Scout volunteer, softball team manager, and sassy, sarcastic ass bitch! Your membership becomes priority as far as scheduling, commitment, and loyalty, but it is NOT the only thing that defines you as a person! There may also be times that you shouldn’t put your org before other personal commitments and relationships. Stay in contact with your friends, family, and those who love and support you, especially those on campus. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments and journey, but stay humble and remember who helped you get there. 


Is This Seat Taken?

I had this draft sitting for a while, so I decided to dust it off!
I really love college AUs tbh

Title: Is This Seat Taken? College!AU
Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader
Summary: Reader avoids ex-boyfriend, Oliver Queen, by kissing Barry Allen
Word Count: 1,328
Warnings: alcohol mention, implied sex

Your name: submit What is this?

             "You did not tell me this was at-“ you began.

           "I know!” replied your friend, wringing her hands. “I’m sorry. It’s just that Tommy invited me and I forgot that it was going to be at Ollie’s and…”

           Her voice trails off. You couldn’t blame her for wanting to come here; Tommy Merlyn could get a girl to do anything. But being around Oliver was the last thing you wanted.

           "It’ll be in and out, I swear,“ she said.

           You let out a sigh, resting your head back on the car seat. You were parked outside the frat house of Delta Psi Beta. Led by your ex, Oliver Queen, the fraternity was full of guys just like him, and it was a group you hated being around.

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