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moonlitarchangels  asked:

Hey could you help me find a fic, levi is a police officer that answered a domestic abuse call and it turns out to be eren yelling at a spider.

Hey! I’ve found a fic that’s along the same lines, except Petra answers the call & it’s a cockroach. Maybe this is it?

Code 273-Delta
Summary: When Levi and Hanji respond to a police call for a violent domestic disturbance, the last thing they expect to find is a gorgeous, emerald-eyed brunette facing an invincible opponent.



Halo Reach Classic Helmets (Classic Helmet req pack)

I know 343 did this to the run up for the launch of the Classic Helmet req pack but screw it, i like taking screenshots! Going from top to bottom we have…

  • Mark V Delta [Legendary]
  • Military Police [Ultra Rare]
  • EVA GEN1 [Ultra Rare]
  • CQB [Rare]
  • Pilot [Rare]
  • Operator GEN1 [Rare]
  • Security GEN1 [Rare]
  • EOD [Rare]
  • Recon GEN1 [Rare] 

Next! Power Rangers Special Delta Force!



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