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Sediment flow and delta formation experiment

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She never thought she’d see the day.

Zema had thought that she was the only one like her in this quadrant; after all, with all the travelling she had been doing, she hadn’t run into another Splice in…well, since she left the lab. But just from looking at them from the back-the ears, the strange hair color, the air of utter strangeness-this had to be another one! Finally, someone like her to talk to!

Running up to the creature, Zema put her hand on his shoulder, yelping suddenly “Dr. Herzog’s lab, Delta Quadrant! Were…were you there? Do you remember me?”


Delta quietly took his Notes, he knew this subject like the back of his hand, however he knew his lab partner would ether take notes no one could understand, or no notes at all. To be honest, he’d rather work on his Programming Project, however he did not want to be disrespectful to the Professor.

Glancing at his Lab partner, Delta lightly jabs his partner in the side, Annoyed that they Fell asleep in the middle of a lecture. How Tucker managed to fall asleep at all still baffled him. the Professor loved to yell, yet Tucker was out like a light. Earlier in the Year he was Sympathetic to Tucker, thinking he had horrible Insomnia, but Caboose had been quick to tell him, in that Innocent caboose way, why Tucker was so Tired.

“Tucker, this is important. you should be paying attention.” Delta whispers